June 06, 2011  

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood came through for us again today - proving that while Bike Month is officially over, bike to work day can be any day you choose! LaHood rode to work with USDOT employees following a staff suggestion that he join regular riders; he couldn't have picked a nicer day!

More good news from the Department last week was confirmation that they are not going to change their policy position on the routine accommodation of bicyclists and pedestrians in transportation projects - you may remember the furor that erupted when the State Departments of Transportation suggested DOT revisit this policy because of the regulatory burden it placed upon them...a suggestion they withdrew after hearing loud complaints from cyclists across the country! Taking action really does make a difference.


Andy Clarke
Andy Clarke, League President

National News
Complete Streets Act of 2011 
Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) introduced legislation on May 24 that aims at improving roadways to make them safer and to encourage Americans to walk or bike to their destinations. The Complete Streets Act of 2011 (Senate Bill Number S. 1056) would promote the design of streets that are safe for all who use them - including motorists, bus riders, pedestrians, bicyclists, and people with disabilities. The bill encourages federal, state, and regional agencies that receive federal transportation funding to fully consider incorporating pedestrian and bicycle safety measures when roads are built or modernized.
Transportation Enhancements Spending Report 
The National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse (NTEC) has published the 2010 Transportation Enhancements Spending Report. This report analyzes states' use of federal transportation funding from 1992 through 2010. The TE Spending report is a free download, and provides insight into your state's spending.
Nationwide Bike Month Contest -- Winners 
The League and Seal Line teamed up with a Bike Month Contest to give away their awesome bags to the 10 best creative tweeters about Bike to Work Day and to ten lucky winners who were chosen at random for posting their Bike Month events on the League site. Drum roll please, and the winners are:

Top 10 Tweeters
  1. shadalicious
  2. bikemaryea
  3. Ricktoon55
  4. TandemRevols 
  5. nikki_d
  6. davidpulsipher
  7. wxl
  8. Regned_Kcin
  9. BikeWalkDurham
  10. EugeneSRTS

To read the tweets in full, visit the Bike Month Contest page. Also, a special shout-out to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. LaHood was busy on Twitter during Bike Month and had an amazing amount of re-tweets. Thanks to everyone who tweeted!

Top 10 Bike to Work Events
  1. Bike to Work or Play Day, posted by Charles Cousins
  2. Bike to Walk and Wheel Week, posted by Brent Hugh
  3. Valspar, posted by Susan Smith
  4. Conway's Progressive Dinner Ride, posted by J Bruce
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen Ride, posted by Tammie Dodge
  6. Walk/bike Nashville Tour de Nash, posted by Pat Clements
  7. National Bike Day Ralloy, posted by Maryellen Thibodeau
  8. Just Bike Hunterdon 2011, posted by Tara Shepherd
  9. Boston Bikes - Roslindale Convoy, posted by Laura Smeaton
  10. Ride of Silence, posted by Gina Weaver

The League will personally contact all of the winners to arrange for you to collect your new Seal Line bag. Thanks to everyone for participating, and we hope you all continue to ride and have just as much enthusiasm for bicycles for the rest of the year!

State & Local News
Caltrain Update -- All Trains have Two Bike Cars 
Multi-modal transportation commuters in the San Francisco Peninsula have a reason to be happy. All Caltrain gallery trains have two bike cars, and hold 80 bikes. Some of the trains (the Bombardier cars) still carry just 48 bikes, which is why the San Francisco Bike Coalition still has an active "Bikes on Board" group to monitor the number of people getting bumped and continue to improve the service for cyclists.
Highway Safety Improvement Projects 
As part of the Advocacy Advance program, we released a new report that shows how Highway Safety Improvement Projects (HSIP) can supply the funds states and communities need for bicycling safety projects and programs. One state, Florida, spent more than $5 million in 2010 of their HSIP funds on bike/ped projects and this was one crucial factor that propelled them from 12th to 7th in the rankings. The HSIP report details the way they got these funds allocated. For further details, read the HSIP blog post.
Long Beach, Calif. Bike-Friendly Business Districts  
Long Beach, Calif. has been a Bicycle Friendly Community since 2009, and now they are launching a new initiative to create Bike-Friendly Business Districts. The program began on June 1 and will try to connect the merchant and customer through bicycling. A grant from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is providing funding for merchant bicycles, other equipment and promotional events. Find out more about Bike-Friendly Business Districts.
League News 
Seeking New Board Members
If you are interested in serving on the League Board of Directors, or if you know someone who would be a good representative for cyclists, the League Governance Committee is soliciting recommendations for candidates for the 2012 Board elections.

The Board of Directors govern and set broad policy and direction for the League. Board members serve three-year terms. Starting this year, eight are elected nationally by all League. The Board selects the remaining seven seats. Three member-elected positions are open for this election, and one current member, Amanda Eichstaedt, has served her full nine years and is not eligible to run again (thanks for your service, Ms. Eichstaedt!).

Learn more about the qualifications to be a League board member and how to apply.
Bicycle Friendly Business Application Deadline 
Is your business bicycle friendly? Check out the League's Bicycle Friendly Business program and apply for recognition. The next deadline is Friday, July 8. View the complete list of already designated Bicycle Friendly Businesses.
Job Opportunities 
Cascade Bicycle Club Job Opening -- Seattle, Wash.
Cascade Bicycle Club, which has more than 14,000 members, is searching for a Policy and Government Affairs Manager. For complete details on this position, visit cascade.org.
Bike New York -- Three Available Positions 
Bike New York is looking to hire three positions: Tour Director (oversees the TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour), Communications Director, and Summer Camp Bike Instructor. Visit the Bike New York jobs page for further details.

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