May 23, 2011  

We are in the homestretch of Bike Month, and last Friday the nation celebrated Bike to Work Day. More than 11,000 were officially registered for the D.C. Bike to Work Day event -- where the League took part in all the festivities. Remember, all of May is Bike Month so keep encouraging those new and returning riders!  


Andy Clarke
Andy Clarke, League President

National News
Bicycle Friendly States Rankings & Awards
For the fourth year in a row Washington State captures the number one spot for bicycle friendliness in the League's annual Bicycle Friendly State Rankings. Maine is number two, Wisconsin is three, Minnesota is four, and New Jersey rounds out the top five. For the complete ranking, state's perspective, and to see which states secured a Bicycle Friendly State designation, visit
AAA Partners with League to
Promote Sharing the Road 
Bicycling is on the rise and the sharing the road message needs to be in the forefront of drivers and bicylists' minds. The League and AAA want motorists and bicyclists to make safety on our shared roadways a priority. We have a shared responsibility to share the road - and the reality is that most cyclists are also motorists at some point. AAA's Share the Road is live on their Web site, and the mid-Atlantic division had printed Share the Road collateral and promotional materials available at the D.C. Bike to Work Day event.
Bi-Partisan Complete Streets Bill
Introduced in the U.S. House 
The National Complete Streets Coalition is asking their constituents to support the H.R. 1780, the Safe and Complete Streets Act of 2011. The bill is bipartisan -- Representatives Doris Matsui (D-CA) and Steven LaTourette (R-OH) introduced it. This bill directs state departments of transportation and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to write and adopt Complete Streets policies.
Urge your members of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 1780.
Safe Routes to School Noteworthy Practice Guide
The National Center for Safe Routes to School and AASHTO have compiled "noteworthy" SRTS practices into a practical guide that is available here.
Community Transformation Grant 
The Affordable Care Act created Community Transformation Grants aimed at helping communities implement projects proven to reduce chronic diseases - such as diabetes and heart disease. By promoting healthy lifestyles and communities nationwide, especially among population groups experiencing the greatest burden of chronic disease, these grants can help improve health, reduce health disparities, and lower health care costs. See if your community qualifies!
Commuter Relief Act -- Flexible Bike Benefits 
The Commuter Relief Act was introduced this month by Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and has the support from several states, including Hawaii. This bill has the potential to strengthen the bike commuter benefit and allow greater flexibility in the use of commuter fringe benefits. Under the current rules of the Bicycle Commuter Benefit, bike commuters can only receive up to $20 a month for biking-related expenses, and the benefit cannot be combined within a single month with other transportation fringe benefits. For bike commuters, the Commuter Relief Act would: increase the amount of the bike commuter benefit from $20 to $40 a month, and it would allow bike commuters to combine the bike commuter benefit with other fringe benefits - up to $200. For example, You could use the $40 bike benefit and collect up to $160 of your public transit benefit.
AASHTO Approves New U.S. Bicycle Routes
Across America 
Adventure Cycling Association and the American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) have announced that AASHTO's special committee on U.S. route numbering has approved six new U.S. bicycle routes across America: USBR 1 in Maine and New Hampshire, USBR 20 in Michigan, and USBR 8, 95, 97, and 87 in Alaska - the first official U.S. Bicycle Routes to be established since 1982. The routes are part of the National Corridor plan to build an interstate bicycle route across the U.S.
State & Local News
3-foot Bills from West to East 
This month Nevada and Georgia Governors signed 3-foot passing laws for their states. Nevada's law requires a driver of a motor vehicle to overtake and pass a bicycle or an electric bicycle proceeding in the same direction by: (1) moving the vehicle into the immediate left lane, if there is more than one lane traveling in the same direction and it is safe to move into the lane; or (2) passing to the left of the bicycle at a minimum of three feet.

Georgia's HB 101 modernizes a host of outdated bicycling laws in the state code and also implements a number of significant improvements for bicyclist and motorist safety, including defining three feet as the minimum safe passing distance for motor vehicles overtaking cyclists.
Walkable, Bikeable Delaware 
Delaware's house and senate approved the Walkable, Bikeable Delaware resolution last week, directing the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) to "create contiguous systems or networks of walkways and bikeways within and between cities and towns in Delaware in order to provide travelers with the opportunity for safe, convenient, cost-effective and healthy transportation via walking and bicycling."
Missouri's Hard Work Pays Off 
The bicyclists in Missouri are happy this Bike Month. The Complete Streets Resolution, HCR 23, was passed by the Missouri Senate. Also, during Bike Week, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Holiday Observances bill, SB 180 was passed. It officially adds Bike Week/Month and Walk to School Day/Week/Month to the State Holidays Calendar. Last but not least, the Same Roads-Same Rights specialty bicycle license plate (for your car) was given final approval by a legislative committee, and they'll most likely have the plates for sale within a few months.
Oklahoma to Create Route 66 Bike Trail 
Route 66 isn't just for cars any more. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed legislation into law last week that designates part of State Highway 66 as a "Historic Bike Trail." It will stretch from the Kansas border and Quapaw to Texola and the Texas state line. The law states that when funds become available, the Department of Transportation will create a shoulder lane for use by bicycle traffic on the Historic Route 66 Bike Trail.The new trail will have all the iconic sites along the way for the cyclists to see.
State & Local Campaigns 
Several states and cities have stepped up their bike-friendly efforts with various campaigns. Here are a few recent stand-outs.

South Carolina's Safe Streets Save Lives - The Palmetto Cycling Coalition produced a bike safety PSA campaign called Safe Streets Save Lives. The campaign was developed in response to police and policy makers stating that cyclists need to do more to educate cyclists and motorists. The campaign launched May 19.

City of Austin Bicycle Awareness PSA - The purpose of the psa is to humanize cyclists and bring to light that we all make common errors when rushing on the road. They are encouraging safety and the Vulnerable Users law that requires motorists to give cyclists 3 feet.

Fresno County, Calif.'s I Bike Fresno Campaign -- The campaign just won "campaign of the year" at the PRSA Awards (Public Relations Society of America).

2011 Northern Nevada Bicycle and Pedestrian Conference is around the corner -- tomorrow, May 24 in Reno, Nev.
Other News 
Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge
The famous 2 Mile Challenge is back fighting climate change and awarding grants to three different nonprofits centered around bike/ped or climate. Get pedaling and raise money for these organizations today.
Job Opportunities 
East Bay Regional Park District, East Bay 
The California Bay area is hiring a Trails Coordinator to assist the Trails Development Manager with the Regional Trails as defined in the Master Plan. Apply today.
Bike Florida  
Bike Florida is looking to hire an Executive Director, and the deadline to apply is June 3. Visit to learn more about the job.

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