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August 16, 2010


Congress may have left town for the remainder of the summer but they left behind a little present for us to deal with: a $2.2 billion rescission of transportation funding that could end up unfairly hitting funding for bike projects and programs. We'll crank up the air conditioning, dig into the fine-print and keep a careful eye open for news on how this will actually be implemented at the state level, so we don't lose out. Stay tuned.


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National News
Another Round of Rescissions Threatens Bikes
One of the funding mechanisms for the latest jobs bill passed by Congress last week is a $2.2 billion rescission of transportation funds from state Departments of Transportation. In many states, the DOT will likely target bike funding programs for the money to send back to Washington - unless local advocates speak up and make sure that doesn't happen. Watch for action alerts and updates on the League and America Bikes websites for more information.
Bike Parking at Airports also Threatened
The same jobs bill also included a reauthorization of the Federal Aviation program (don't ask us why...), which increases the Passenger Facilities Charge to help pay for the bill. Senator John McCain rather spitefully inserted language specifically prohibiting the use of these funds for the provision of bicycle parking at airports - and for procedural reasons our allies in Congress weren't able to strip this provision from the bill. We're not sure what the motivation could possibly be for this action. Read more here.
National Distracted Driving Summit
Attention toward the dangers of distracted driving has escalated in past year - thanks in part to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and local and state advocacy efforts (read the report here). Now is the chance to push our efforts even further. Attend the Distracted Driving Summit September 21 in Washington, D.C. Register by August 20 to guarantee your spot.
Advocacy News

Chattanooga Here We Come
The League will be well represented at the Pro Walk Pro Bike Conference in Chattanooga next month, presenting on Bicycle Friendly Communities, States and Businesses as well as participating in meetings of the America Bikes coalition and Safe Routes to School National Partnership. We'll also be presenting a Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) training workshop at  a local BFB: 212 Market restaurant. Register for the Bicycle Friendly Business Workshop here.
Update on Rumble Strips
Thanks to everyone that called or e-mailed their State DOTs regarding rumble strips. More than 1,200 e-mails were generated through our online advocacy center, deluging the folks responsible for determining where and how rumble strips are implemented on roadway shoulders. One short-term victory has been achieved: FHWA has re-issued their guidance to the states on the topic. They have also promised new technical guidance but have offered no assurances that anyone from the cycling community will be involved in the development of the document. Stay tuned for further action.
Bike Bans Update
The League has been closely monitoring and blogging about the recent bike bans in St. Charles County, Mo. and Black Hawk, Colo. Most recently, St. Charles County City Councilman Joe Brazil has drafted two bills -- one ordering safety requirements on dangerous roads and one requiring permits for rides on public roads -- countering his original bill banning bikes. "I don't want to restrict tourism and I want to encourage recreation," Brazil said. Read more about the St. Charles bike ban.
State & Local News

San Francisco Escapes Four-Year Bike Injunction
San Francisco bicyclists are happy to announce an end to a four-year injunction against bike projects. The injunction was lifted Friday, August 6. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) now can begin working on the remaining items in San Francisco's Bike Plan
Delaware Governor Signs Vulnerable Road Users Bill
Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed SB 269 into law. The bill, modeled after an Oregon law, enhances the penalty for drivers convicted of careless or inattentive driving who cause serious physical injury to cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. The new law includes sentencing guidelines such as: completion of a traffic safety course, performing up to 100 hours of community service related to driver improvement and providing public education on traffic safety, fines up to $550, and suspension of driving privileges. Read more on the League's Blog.
Oklahoma Brings Bicycling to the Classroom
Last week, 18 Oklahoma SafeCyclist Field Instructors were named, and they will begin training Oklahoma teachers to incorporate bicycling education into their curriculum. All SafeCyclist Field Instructors completed the League's Traffic Skills 101 course and many are League Cycling Instructors.
League News
League President Andy Clarke Radio Interview
Recently, League President Andy Clarke was interviewed by Mother Earth News. He spoke about the state of bicycling in the U.S., the League's Bicycle Friendly America program, League goals and transportation issues. The show will air on August 21st on the IRN-USA network at 11am Central time. You can listen online here.
League Member Discounts
Bike Florida and Rickshaw Bagworks have just joined the list of businesses across the country and on the web that offer discounts to League members. Bike Florida is offering $35 off their tours for League members, and Rickshaw Bagworks offers 10 perecent off their entire line of messenger and other bags. Find out about all the great member discounts and special offers at If you'd like to offer League members a discount at your business, contact Scott Williams at
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