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February 1, 2010


The State of the Union speech has been given, the budget has been introduced, and now Congress and our state legislatures are getting into the groove for 2010. Check out the list below for a sampling of the action - and if your state isn't shown yet, find your statewide group and keep an eye out for action alerts.

Meanwhile, the early registration deadline for the National Bike Summit is fast approaching - this Thursday, February 4! Sign up today for reduced rates.


Andy Clarke
League President
National News
Senate Jobs Bill
Senate Democratic leaders have drafted an initial version of an $80 billion-plus job-creation bill that will be heavy on tax breaks designed to spur businesses to make new hires.

  • Total layout is $82 billion - roughly half the House's proposal. Half of it will be funded by TARP Funding
  • The Senate is expected to be debating a small jobs bill starting next week.
  • This bill will likely include a number of tax cuts/ incentives and likely transportation (although there is some debate)
  • Highways will make up $14 billion, transit $7.5 billion, and high Speed rail and other rail $2.5 billion - an extremely different highway-transit ratio from the past - traditionally it's 80 percent highway and 20 percent transit.
Check America Bikes for further updates.

Biking and Walking - 2010 Benchmark Report
The new report Bicycling and Walking in the United States: The 2010 Benchmarking Report, published by the Alliance for Biking and Walking, shows that lack of investment in biking and walking could be contributing to higher traffic fatalities and chronic disease rates in the U.S. Visit the Alliance Web site and the League's Blog to find out more.

State & Local News

State Legislation
Action at the state level always picks up around this time of year. Here's a sampling of some of the issues being tackled this year; let us know if your state/group should be on the list.
  • The Iowa Bicycle Coalition continues to work on the first 5 foot passing law! Learn more here. All RAGBRAI fans should stay tuned to the IBC site as they prepare to fend off farm-to-market roads bicycle ban legislation that may get introduced.
  • One Less Car is pushing an aggressive legislative agenda in Maryland for 2010 - three-foot passing law, removal of mandatory shoulder use, vehicular manslaughter and more. Come find out how to push this in Maryland at the OLC Smart Transportation & Bicycle Symposium.
  • Bike Walk Mississippi is working on updated state traffic codes regarding bicycling, adding a three-foot passing law and a cyclist harassment language and penalties. Missippi residents can show their support here.
  • Both the New York Bike Coalition and NYC-based Transportation Alternatives are gearing up for a busy year, with everything from bike parking to harassment laws on the table.
  • The South Dakota Bicycle Coalition is working on a 3 foot passing law. Find out how to bring it to the attention of Transportation Subcommittee members here.
  • Utah advocates are pushing to remove "far to right as practicable language" from their state codes and anti-texting while driving legislation. Learn more here and here.
  • Virginia Bicycle Federation has a full slate of items this session ranging from following-too-close and three-foot passing, to allowing cyclists to proceed through a red light who's sensor fails to respond. Follow their activity here.
  • Washington State advocates are working hard to pass Complete Streets legislation and Vulnerable Road Users protection. Learn more at the Bicycle Alliance of Washington's Legislative Issues page
Pittsburgh Mayor Commits to Bicycle Improvements
Pittsburgh's Mayor Ravenstahl announced a $1.1 million transportation planning effort, MOVEPGH, that includes Complete Streets and Livable Communities amongst its top priorities. The agenda tasks the City Planning Department to produce a Comprehensive Transportation Plan that will provide a vision and action plan for a more livable city that accommodates all users  regardless of age or mode of transportation. Read more.
Other News

Pro Walk / Pro Bike® Conference
The National Center for Bicycling & Walking has announced its call for proposals to present at the 16th biennial Pro Walk / Pro Bike® Conference in Chattanooga, on September 13-17, 2010. Proposal submissions are now being accepted through the on-line submission form. Find out more.
The League of American Bicyclists promotes bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation, and works through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America. The League represents the interests of America's 57 million bicyclists, including its 300,000 members and affiliates. For more information or to support the League, visit
National Bike Summit
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