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Ty Chandler coming in July
Sleep Soundly with Yoga
Develop A Home Practice
New Teachers To Check Out
Become a Yoga Teacher
Studio Supports 10K run
New to Iyengar Yoga? Start here.
Yoga Poses for Back Problems
Could you handle a 5-week retreat?
Getting the message of yoga to the business community


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Ty Chandler Coming in July

Ty Chandler

Ty Chandler

Ty Chandler is one of Victoria's most sought-after
and experienced Iyengar Yoga teachers, known  for her strong, precise teaching and her warm, encouraging style. She blends physically demanding asana work with clear verbal instruction, yet allows her students to stay connected to their own experience.

Ty has taught in Costa Rica, Hong Kong and Singapore and currently teaches in Canada at the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Victoria.


July 8-10

Friday 7-9pm

Sat/Sun 1-5pm

$195 + gst

Register by phone or by dropping by one of our south locations 


A tribute:


"Ty brings a vast wealth of knowledge, precise and easy to follow instructions, great sense of humor and an amazing feeling of wellbeing.
 - Sally Moore, 8-year student of Ty's.

Sleep Soundly With Yoga: A Workshop with Janet McAllan

Janet McAllan

Frustrated by counting sheep? Tired of being tired? Sleep is critically important to health and quality of life, yet sleep-deprivation is common. Find out how Yoga can help you get a good night's sleep - naturally! Learn a series of easy Yoga poses and breathing exercises to help you feel energized, relaxed, and ready for peaceful sleep. Zzzzz!
Sat May 7
from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Develop a Home Practice: A Workshop with Trish Robbins
develop a home practice An interactive workshop to develop your home practice. Learn how to get started and overcome obstacles.
  Discover which poses are important, how to sequence them.
How to modify your practice for low energy days. Bring a pen and notebook. Handouts will be provided.
Saturday May 28
from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Some News Teachers to Check Out
Tamara Bohach

Tamara Bohach

"Have you met Tamara Bohach yet? Tamara is such a wonderful addition to our Yoga Studio family, not to mention a fantastic instructor with such passion for her students and her practice. Please come for a Complimentary Discover Yoga class at 6pm at Wellington Square on either Wed May 4th or Wed May 11th. We look forward to seeing you!!" - Yael Lichtmann Versluys.

Leah Roubekas


We are pleased to announce that Leah Roubekas will be teaching the Mon 9:15am All Level class starting on Mon May 2nd. Come and join Leah for yoga and treats on her first day in this time slot.

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Issue: #34May 2011

  Parivrtta Trikonasana  

Dear ,

We will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary later this year!


Some of you have been coming to The Yoga Studio at Wellington Square, Calgary's longest-established studio, since it opened 15 years ago and for more than the 10 years I have owned it. Others have joined us along the way and are now among the 4,000 who receive this newsletter.

In Calgary 10 years ago there were only three studios. Now there are at least fifty, most of them teaching styles of yoga that were unheard of at that time - at least in Calgary.

Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Moksha, and so on.

At the Yoga Studio we have continued to teach Iyengar-style yoga with its emphasis on correct alignment, longer holds and the use of props for deeper opening and accessibility to people of all levels of flexibility and strength.   

What an amazing journey this has been for me to watch and participate in! Thank you for your support.

Rob Walker


Yoga Studio


Yoga Studio College of Canada Co-Director


We want you back at the Yoga Studio!

If you have not owned a Yoga Studio pass since April 1, then for the next two days only, you can buy a one-month pass for a 25 per cent discount only by phone (403 228 5808) or in person! 

Valid for Monday May 2 and Tuesday May 3 only. No exceptions. May not be combined with any other offer. Limit one per person. Subject to confirmation through our software management program. Call 403 228 5808 

Yoga Studio College of Canada Teacher Training Program  

college logo


Calgary's longest established Yoga Teacher Training Program taking applications for its 16th annual intake  

The Yoga Studio College of Canada is taking applications for its January

Yoga Studio College founder and co-director Val Petrich

2012 18-month program.

More than 400 students have successfully graduated from this program over the past 15 years.

And you too can:

    * Attain more peace, knowledge and inner confidence.
    * Increase the gift of health and vitality to yourself and those around you.
    * Grow with like-minded individuals.
    * Gain strength and flexibility through Iyengar-style yoga.

To register pick up an application form at Wellington Square or contact Val by clicking here or myself, Rob Walker by clicking here.

Yoga Studio a Sponsor for 10K run 

The Yoga Studio is a proud supporter of the Glencoe Club Icebreaker race for the last three years. Congratulations to the hundreds of runners who braved the icy roads for this April 3 event.  

Icebreaker runners

Participants in the aptly named Icebreaker Run


Rob presenting door prizes to Icebreaker runners

Great workshop for newbies at The Yoga Studio

New to Iyengar-style Yoga?

lynne swenson


 Is the idea of being in a yoga class terrifying? Or are you looking for a more gradual in depth introduction to our style of yoga with similar newcomers? Then our Intro to Yoga with Lynne Swenson may be just what you need. This two-hour, registered event is perfect for people new to the practice of yoga.

f you sign up for a 10X pass at the end of the workshop you will get 25 per cent off - but only on that day. Phone 403 228 5808 or stop by to register.

Sunday May 29 1pm - 3 pm Calgary JCC  



Learn the difference with Iyengar-style Yoga:


At The Yoga Studio we pride ourselves on helpful feedback and correct alignment. So Jane Mason got a pleasant surprise when she started coming here after doing what she thought was a correct triangle at another studio for a year without correction. See the differences below after a minute of feedback:  

Bad triangle

Triangle before


Jane good triangle

. . . and after correction

Yoga Poses for Back Pain 
Adho Mukha Virasana

Downward Facing Hero

Simple poses to help back pain

Seated Twist


Many people come to yoga because of back pain - and their testimonies and the research shows Iyengar-style Yoga is a fabulous therapy for this common condition. I encourage you to check out Janet MacAllan's Better Back class at 7.30 pm Wednesdays at Wellington Square.  

 Click here to read about research supporting Iyengar Yoga for back pain

"The yoga group had less pain, less functional disability and less depression compared with the control group," said Kimberly Williams, the lead investigator, from West Virginia University. 


Locust Pose

What lessons can we draw from a five week retreat
Hamish Boyd



Yoga Teacher Trainee Hamish Boyd shares his experience of a recent five-week meditation retreat.

Five weeks in silent meditation at a Buddhist retreat centre in the mountains just outside of Cranbrook. The teacher is Sensei Doug Duncan.  With his instruction and encouragement time in meditation is spent confronting the insistent fluctuations of the busy mind and coaxing my consciousness to focus only on the breath.
No easy feat, since my ego persists on dwelling on endless stories for entertainment, remembering yesterday or planning for tomorrow, but never resting in the present moment. When I begin to pay attention to this dilemma, thoughts appear like giant whales breaching the waters of my consciousness.
Concentrating only on the simplicity of my breath is like pulling myself through a slender tube sideways. But the greatest freedom comes from the greatest discipline, and that slender tube squeezes out all the excesses of my mind so whales are shrunk to minnows, and eventually they too dissolve in the still waters of my naturally still Self.
Only then I begin to experience a glimpse of "the peace that passeth all understanding." This is Yoga.
But this is just the beginning of the journey. The wheel of samsara (cycle of life and death) and suffering has no beginning, but does have an end. And that full awakening from this dream into the radiant morning of Nirvana has a beginning, but no end.
Getting the message of yoga to oil company workers
BP fair

Wendy and Tanya at the Yoga Studio booth at BP Canada Wellness Fair

It is so rewarding to go out into the com
munity to promote yoga and get such a positive response. I was thrilled at the hundreds of people who dropped by our booth at the BP Canada Wellness Fair recently and who bought passes to come to The Yoga Studio.
Thanks also to Yoga Studio College of Canada trainees Tanya and Wendy for their enthusiastic support in talking to participants.
BP has also enjoyed corporate yoga classes provided by The Yoga Studio for the last six years.


Suppport the Calgary Women's emergency Shelter


Yoga Studio South is a proud supporter of the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter.


Support the shelter by coming to  Karma Yoga classes  Fridays at Wellington Sq. at 6 pm.
Bring a cash donation. Suggested minimum $5. Classes taught by yoga teacher trainees nearing the end of their 18 month program.