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performanceCould your team win a grand final?

Brisbane Lions

How would you feel if your favourite club chose their teams on the basis of a hunch?
What if the coach didn't spend time studying the form of the players and placing them in the optimal positions for their relative strengths? 
I'm sure you'll agree that approach wouldn't help them win many matches!  Would you still want to be a fan?
So why are we so complacent about how we select and allocate roles in our business teams?  And why do we forget to allocate time and resources to coaching a winning team?
We see managers rely on their intuition for people decisions every day.  Some are successful.  Unfortunately, most learn there's truth in the old saying 'act in haste, repent at leisure'!
Insure yourself against disappointment by investing in:
  1. Picking only top players
  2. Coaching for peak performance
  3. Acting immediately when you spot a problem

Supporters of teams at the bottom of the ladder know performance problems rarely - if ever - just disappear.  Can you afford that distraction on the way to your goal?

TIP:  Get in the habit of taking a closer look at what you need from your team.

ACTION:  Get familiar with the range of assessment reports available from Balance at Work.  There's one that suits your particular need, right now.
sampleNEW!  Full listing of assessment reports
career success 
You've probably read here before about many different uses for Harrison Assessments and you may have wondered just what we can offer.  For the first time, we are publishing the complete list of the available reports.
You can see the range of reports below.  Each assessee completes the online assessment just once.  That's about 30 minutes of testing that can provide you with all this information. 
Just click on the report title to download your sample report.  Call us on 1300 785 150 to find out more! 
Recruitment Package Reports
Job Success Analysis Compares a person to the behavioural requirements of a job
How To Attract Key points that will help convince a top candidate to accept a job offer
Interview Guide Worksheet with behaviourally-based interviewing questions
Development Reports
Development For Position A development plan for each of two traits that would most improve performance for a specific person related to a specified job
Manage, Develop, Retain Key points to effectively manage, develop and retain selected employee
Job Success Analysis Compares a person to the behavioural requirements of a job
Main Graph Report Overview of trait relationships. Requires expert training to interpret (optionally highlights traits related to a job)
Paradox Report Analysis of paradoxical behaviours (optionally highlights traits related to a job)
Summary Keywords A summary and key word descriptions of the individual's job-related behavior
Traits Definitions An individual's scores on all the primary traits listed in order of the highest score and optionally highlights the traits related to the job
Team Reports
Group Screening Compares a group of people to the behavioural requirements of a job
Team Main Graph A graphical overview of the relationship between traits for a group of people
Team Paradox Graph A graph showing a group of people plotted against each of the twelve paradoxes
Trait Export An export of all the scores from all the traits for a selected group of people (used for analyzing performance factors or organizational culture)
Career Reports
Career Comparison Compares an individual to the specific requirements of a particular career
Career Development Personalized guidance for an individual's career development
A list of careers that would provide the greatest job satisfaction for a specified individual
debFair Work Best Practice Guides
The Fair Work Ombudsman has released 11 'best practice' guides for employers.  For you convenience, we have collected the individual links for each guide.  Download them now for useful information on managing staff.
  1. Work and Family
  2. Consultation and cooperation in the workplace
  3. Use of individual flexibility arrangements
  4. A guide for young workers
  5. An employer's guide to employing young workers
  6. Gender pay equity
  7. Small business and the Fair Work Act
  8. Workplace privacy
  9. Managing underperformance
  10. Effective dispute resolution
  11. Improving workplace productivity in bargaining


quinnsIs it time to restructure?
Quinns logo 
There are a range of reasons that business owners may need to consider re-structuring their business. If:
  • Your business is experiencing cash flow problems;
  • Your creditors are demanding payment of outstanding accounts and threatening legal action;
  • You're finding it hard to remain within your overdraft limit;
  • Your bank is making demands;
  • You have inherited company liabilities as a result of personal guarantees provided;
  • You are unable to make payments to the ATO on time

then you may need to look at restructuring your business as a method of getting it back on its feet and heading in the right direction.

Taking action to get a distressed business back on track is generally the best option for all involved. Following a comprehensive independent review of the business, if it is deemed that restructuring is a viable option the next step is to determine which particular restructuring components best suit the individual situation. Some possible options include restructuring the business, the disposal of some divisions/assets that are not performing well or possible refinancing.

The range of areas that a business restructure can affect reach far and wide. Such areas can include control of the business, asset protection planning, capital gains tax, stamp duty, income tax, GST, land tax, payroll tax, estate planning and succession issues. Depending on the individual situation this can have either be a positive or a negative effect.
Specific examples include that if a sole trader or partnership decides to incorporate, under certain conditions, they may be eligible to deduct, over five years, costs incurred by them in relation to the incorporation such as legal, search or lodgement fees. On the flip side, another entity may be liable for stamp duty on the transfer of assets, capital gains tax and possible loss of tax benefits that the current business structure is eligible for.
It is said there are two types of expertise that are required in order to implement a successful restructure, traditional and contemporary. A knowledge of traditional legal and accounting practices is necessary in order to address areas such as taxation, the rights and shares of owners and the ownership of various types of assets.
Additionally, an up-to-date, working knowledge of the modern business arena is needed to aid the development of modern business models, as well as to improve workflow management and online business and leverage with third parties. This contemporary expertise assists many businesses to operate cheaper, faster and better than their competitors.
As has been demonstrated, there are many issues to be aware of when looking to restructure a business, which is why it is extremely important to enlist the help of professional lawyers and accountants.
At The Quinn Group the highly qualified team of both accountants and lawyers are well equipped to assist you with your business restructuring needs. Having all your needs met by one firm ensures timely and cost effective solutions for you business. Contact Quinns on 1300 QUINNS or
click here to email your enquiry.
I look forward to talking with you in person soon!
Until then, warm regards 
Balance at Work is the human capital expert for financial services companies of 5-500 employees.  We combine the most accurate, insightful and easy to use online testing tool with expert advice, to give managers confidence to hire the right people first, make the most of their potential and approach difficult performance discussions with ease, creating businesses that are highly competitive because they have productive and valued employees.