August 15, 2012 / Issue 118


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Two Reasons Why Mrs. Green is Blue!


Here I go again defying all the "how to get the most opens with your newsletter title" rules. I am just not a good rule follower. Never have been, not much hope of becoming one any time soon. 
So why am I blue? And what does it have to do with sustainability? Eco-friendly? Preservation of the Planet? To me, everything. And I am not afraid to share what's going on inside of me as I write this.

First of all, I am blue because my grandchildren left today after a 12 day visit. They reminded me that the most important word in my vocabulary is family. They reminded me what giggling is. They reminded me how much fun having a pajama party on a Saturday - during the day - staying in pajamas, laughing and watching movies can be. (And yes - we did throw in a little bit of junk food - it was the movies after all!) They reminded me that there is magic in a yellow butterfly landing on your foot. They reminded me that a swimming pool is more than just for cooling off and that dunking, sneaking up on each other and playing monkey in the middle is fun. They reminded me to look at the world through their eyes and that when I do, all seems right with the world. They sustained my soul on steroids and as I write this the silence in our home is deafening. Mr. Green and I know we are blessed to have each other but in a perfect world, we would love for all of our children to live just a little bit closer. The good news is I never stay blue for long, the grandchildren shall all return and we will all be ready to make more soul sustaining memories. 
 Mrs. Green with Family and friends
Which leads me to why I am really blue. In a word? Politics. (Warning: this is a true rant) What has become of us? What has happened to civil disagreement? What has happened to the truth? Does the truth matter anymore to anyone in politics? What has happened to agreeing to disagree with respect for each other and for our differences? What do my precious grandchildren think when they look at commercials with our national leaders slamming each other? Literally name calling? How can their young minds be formed to think about intentional kindness? About respecting each other? What good are anti-bullying campaigns when so many of our newsmakers sound like bullies? How are we teaching them to talk about and through their differences? How are we helping them to imagine a world that works for everyone? Is it not our job to be role models anymore? What has happened to the greater good? Is there a way out? Is there a high road? Can the voices of those of us who really do agree to disagree raise them up and say enough already? Are we one nation, under God anymore? Do we really still believe in liberty and justice for ALL? What is sustainable about any of this? Does anyone in leadership remember we really do have a planet to preserve? And that if we don't focus on that, our oceans will be the dead seas, the west will have burned, the crops will all dry up, the water wars will have begun and we will all be watching a PBS special about the last remaining polar bears.

Here's to healthy civil discourse, to engaging in conversations instead of combat and to meeting on that field that Rumi describes as beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing. In order to sustain me, I have to believe that together we will remember that we are the land of the free and the home of the brave - not the bullies.
Mrs. Green visits Chapman Automotive & "BOB"!
Join Mrs. Green for a visit to Chapman Automotive and her UBERSTAR Michael for a look at "BOB"!

What's Going On at Sea of Green? 

With home gardening rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing past times (what is a past time anyway?) in America, I encourage you to visit a Sea of Green store near you. Not in Arizona? Not a problem because Sea of Green serves a global market. Please support them because they support Mrs. Green's mission and vision!


Gardening Tips for Your Reading Pleasure

The automation of hydroponic systems frees up your life with the ability to leave your garden for days without worrying about watering.   

-- Brought to you by Sea of Green     

Mrs. Green says "Check It Out!"

Ever heard of Crizmac? If you check them out, you will be glad you did. Here's to Crizmac's wonderful, on-purpose, bright, creative owner and her staff - Stevie Mack.  

Upcoming Shows 


MindDrive August 18

Linda Buchner, Contemporary Communications Mentor and Steve Rees, Automotive Design Instructor - Minddrive

Learning by Doing. This is almost one of those "you've got to hear it to believe it" and I saw it. What is it? MINDDRIVE is a non-profit, after school program for at-risk high school students that utilizes experiential learning methods administered by instructors and mentors. The real green skinny is what this program does to change the world. People passionate about building cars, car racing, the environment and at-risk kids got together and made something happen. By the time we are on the air, we will hear about how they built and drove an electric car from San Diego to Florida and so much more. This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.

USDA BioPreffered August 25

Kate Lewis, USDA BioPreferred Program

Say what? In their own words and I sooo get it: " The purpose of the USDA BioPreferred´┐Ż program is to promote the increased purchase and use of biobased products. The program is expected to promote economic development, creating new jobs and providing new markets for farm commodities." If they achieve their goals, the increased purchase of biobased products will reduce petroleum consumption, increase use of renewable resources and might even help to reduce the never-ending adverse environmental and health impacts. Care to join me? Hope so. This show sponsored by Chapman Tucson.


Sally Bingham September 1

Rev. Canon Sally Bingham,

Interfaith Power and Light

I have always believed in the power of one person to make a difference. Meet Sally. She has brought widespread attention to the link between religious faith and the environment - put into action through her work with The Regeneration Project and the Interfaith Power and Light campaign. Sally is one of the FIRST faith leaders to fully recognize global warming as a CORE moral issue and has mobilized thousands of religious people to put their faith into action through energy stewardship. I am so very much looking forward to hearing from Sally and talking about her accomplishments. This show sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona.


Colin Beavan September 8

Colin Beavan - No Impact Man talking about The No Impact Project!

If EVER there was a show we can all relate to, this would be the one. Following the success of his blog, book and film, which chronicles his family's YEAR-LONG experiment living a zero-waste lifestyle in New York City, Colin conceived the No Impact Project. He believes that deep-seated individual behavior change leads to both cultural change and political engagement. So get ready for your clear entry point into the environmental movement if you are not already engaged. I am so ready to talk with Colin and let the questions begin! This show sponsored by Chapman Tucson.  


Sandra Steingraber September 15 
Sandra Steingraber - author of Raising Elijah 
From Congressional briefings to the European Parliament to the President's Cancer Panel, Ms. Steingraber is an advocate for and protector of our children and our planet beyond measure. She is both deeply thoughtful, boldly honest, and a beacon of hope for all of us. Sandra will talk about her book that combines fierce love and hard science and convince us, beyond a shadow of any doubt, that protecting our children from the poisons that surround them must become our society's highest collective priority. This show sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona.

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