April 27, 2011Issue 84  

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What YOU Have to Say to Mrs. Green

We have gotten so many great responses to the survey that went out asking you to share your thoughts about Mrs. Green's World - what's working, what's not, and what you would like to know more about. First and foremost, we want to thank you for caring enough to complete the survey AND for the great feedback. The entire Mrs. Green team reads every comment so that we can be in tune with what you want to know.


So what better way to show you we care than to publish some of your comments and hopefully provide you with some answers!


"Would like to know current "green" news (i.e. new technologies, scientific discoveries, etc.)"


I have a couple of thoughts. If you are on Facebook, "like" Mrs. Green. I admit I have to contain myself and not turn people off by posting 20 things a day so I really do try to choose wisely. But I do post at least several times daily on a variety of topics. Some other great Facebook pages to follow for new technologies and scientific discoveries are Earth911 and Environmental Working Group. They have diverse, interesting content and are a great source of all kinds of information for me.


If you are not a Facebook person and not interested in going down that road, I highly recommend subscribing to an online newsletter called The Daily Green. This is a daily publication that has its finger on the green pulse - in technology, food, fashion, scientific discoveries, automobiles etc. Another great source of information for Mrs. Green.


And here's my last little tip: No matter where you went to school, consider subscribing to your alumni newsletter. If it's anything like mine, you will get current, late breaking scientific, techno-news from around the globe almost daily. Here is the link for the one I subscribe to: UANews.org


"Everyday tips on cutting pollution causing habits."


Wow! This is a big one. The very first things that come to mind are the toxins in our homes - most frequently what we use to clean with. Most commercial cleaning products (Windex, Clorox products, Pine Sol, Pledge) not only emit toxins in the air, our lungs and bodies absorb them. There is enough compelling evidence about the collective harmful impact of these products available to this consumer that I have eliminated the use of ALL of them in our home. We have replaced many of them with natural cleaning products like vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Cheaper, and no pollution.


Of course another big pollutant is your automobile - not just emissions but the toxins that escape when you pump gas, etc. I know not everyone can buy a new, cleaner fuel burning car but there are things you can do that will cause less pollution and be easier on your budget. Get regular tune-ups, drive the speed limit, don't gas it after a stop, and don't carry excess weight around in your car. Collectively, we can make a big difference on this one. (Stay tuned for more info on Mrs. Green's new wheels from Chapman Tucson: the VW Jetta TDI!)


And one of the biggest things you can actually do to cut down on pollution is to eat less or no red meat. The meat industry is pretty much a dirty business from beginning to end. It's actually a very upsetting topic to me and as a family we are exploring ways to better source our meat including more purchases at Farmers Markets where we can easily do our research. We are also focusing on cruelty free meats when purchasing at local grocery stores. But the true green skinny on the meat industry is a story for another day.


"More Products Reviews"


This is another "biggie" and the person submitting the comment did not specify what kind of products. If you are looking for reviews of personal care products like shampoos and sunscreens, or bottled water and water filters, the best site I have ever found is the Environmental Working Group. They have links to other sites with great, research-based information.


If you are looking for other kinds of product reviews, my best suggestion is actually to "google" it. You have to put in combinations of words depending upon what you are looking for and you have to be cautious about researching whether an "endorsement" comes from an independent third party or from an "interested" third party. Here is a good example of what I am talking about re: energy efficient pool filters. The site does recommend your buying their Eco-pump but it also provides the research and statistics on others as well. Check multiple sites. In other words, it's worth doing your homework.


"Aquaponics, hydroponics & gardening in Tucson"


If you live in Tucson and want to start with hydroponics, I highly recommend you start with Sea of Green and ask for Benjamin. He knows so much about gardening in general. They never try to sell you stuff, just help you make informed decisions. Benjamin also has a great connection with a specialist in aquaponics at the University of Arizona to refer you to. If you are not in Tucson, check out their website. It is content rich, easy to navigate, and extremely helpful.


For the best gardening support, I would recommend Tucson Organic Gardeners here in Tucson. They are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and willing to come speak to small groups of people who are committed to organic gardening. I am certain there are similar organizations through-out the country. Once again, my friend "google" is a good place to start.


For online support, Mrs. Green suggests: Sustainable Online Magazine. It is a treasure trove of information, beautifully presented, and in a way that is easily understood and applied. Since gardening is now the number one favorite pastime in the USA, Mrs. Green will be making a concerted effort to post more information about composting, organic gardening etc. And if you are looking for affordable, locally produced organic compost, please think of The Fairfax Companies first! Not only are they locally owned and committed to sustainable practices in everything they do, you can count on the quality of their composting materials without question.


Mrs. Green Goes to YouTube!

We are so excited about introducing our very first YouTube green news magazine. Get ready to be informed, to think about joining Mrs. Green to get your message out and yes - laugh. This is the first in a series of YouTube videos we will be announcing in the months to come. Since we know that YouTube is now the third largest search engine in the world and rapidly moving to first, we want to be right there on the cutting edge of the social media explosion in order to help get our message out.


In this premier video, Mrs. Green interviews Jason Tankersley, CEO of The Fairfax Companies, where he talks about Tank's Green Stuff! The Fairfax Companies is venturing into the RETAIL compost, mulch, top soil, and decorative wood chips business. What better way to spread the good, green word than by sharing Jason's news with Mrs. Green via our own YouTube channel. Important take-aways? All material completely made from "stuff" diverted from the landfills; the material is aged, it's organic, and it's fertile. Consider Tank's Green Stuff as an alternative to worms AND support a locally owned business.


Tank's Green Stuff - final edit

What Are You Doing to Celebrate Earth Month?

This is your last chance to share what you are doing/have done to celebrate Earth Month. Congratulations and THANKS to Andrea Foster for your submission. Andrea's submission is posted on our website and the really big news is that she has recently moved to Boston where she will be able to proudly display her Mrs. Green S'well bottle in a new community. Please take a minute or two to share with everyone in Mrs. Green's world what you are doing this month. We will randomly select the last winner at noon this Friday. Trust me when I say you will love your S'well water bottle and Mrs. Green's bag. Probably won't ever leave home without them again.  



Rosie on the House  


Three Things You Should Know About Big John the Toilet Guy

There are lots of things I could tell you about Big John the Toilet Guy, and that is the darn truth:

  1. John was the FIRST certified Green Plumber in Arizona and has been the recipient of numerous national awards.
  2. John's company (aka The Arizona Green Plumbers) provides complete residential AND commercial plumbing services.
  3. Big John the Toilet Guy offers FREE "go green" water saving evaluations.

And since I only do three, I can't add a fourth telling you that John's website plays his own version of Big John (an oldie), and that John has his own blogtalk radio show....

Upcoming Shows  


John Smith


Big John - The Toilet Guy
Mrs. Green is live at the Children's Museum Tucson for their Earth Day celebration. I will interview my good buddy and fellow world changer, John Smith. The biggest challenge for this show will be trying to cover all the great, green things John, the first certified green plumber in Arizona, has to share with us. We will do our best. This show sponsored by Big John The Toilet Guy


Michael Pace5/7

Michael Pace - The W in San Francisco, CA.
Hot, hip, USGBC LEED certified silver? Leadership level in the California Green Lodging Program? Sounds like this W, part of the Westin Hotels, has it all going on and then some. Let the questions begin. Wish it was a live remote. This show sponsored by Tucson Electric Power Company.

Chapman Automotive5/15

National Trends in the Auto Industry
Neb Yonas, General Manager, Chapman Tucson. With gas prices inching up to $6/per gallon before summer and with the impact of the Tsunami on Japanese imports, Neb will have lots to share with us about what car buying trends he is seeing in the industry nationwide. Neb has his finger on the pulse of this constantly changing, volatile, fast-paced industry.



Live broadcast from the Habitat for Humanity's HabiStore
The theme for this show is Spring Cleaning. Terry Dee hasn't figured out who all we will interview but I can guarantee you one thing - a good time will be had by all. Hope you will tune in or come on down! This show sponsored by aPriori International


Bob Schildgen5/21

Bob Schildgen aka Mr. Green! (not My Mr. Green)Bob was managing editor and book review editor of Sierra magazine for many years, and continues to write Sierra's popular "Hey Mr. Green" environmental advice column. A native of rural Wisconsin, where he grew up on a farm, Schildgen now resides in Berkeley, California, where he indulges his passions for gardening and thrift by growing two dozen types of vegetables in his backyard. Now if I can just say his name correctly, a great, green time will be had by all. This show sponsored by Chapman Tucson.


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