October 1, 2010Issue 69    

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Green Thinking
Greetings!I am not sure but I think my brain is doing a total shift to thinking in the color green. I'm glad I like the color.

This newsletter is really about thinking and questioning and, from where I sit, just being logical. Case in point: genetically engineered salmon. When you think about it, does it sound like a good thing to you?

Here is what Mike Adams, known as the Health Ranger, thinks about GE salmon:

"(NaturalNews) It's that time of year again, when the FDA gathers its experts to decide what new horror to unleash into the food supply. This year it's genetically modified salmon, a "frankenfish" pumped up with extra growth hormone genes that make it rapidly grow into a kind of super-Schwarzenegger creature that's triple the size of a regular salmon.

And you're supposed to eat this, by the way. In fact, the FDA will almost certainly allow this to be sold without any warning labels, so now when you buy salmon at the store, you'll have no way to tell whether it's normal salmon or frankenfish GM salmon."

Yes, Mike is definitely a "dark" greenie. But my thought after reading this was how are these huge fish going to swim upstream? Are they going to be like the chickens that are bred to have huge breasts and can barely walk? (In this case swim!) It made me really sad and I don't have to read any opinions about how we are messing with Mother Nature.

But this might be my favorite piece of information and food for thought (pun, pun)

"In the case of the salmon, AquaBounty has added a growth hormone from a Chinook salmon that allows the fish to produce their growth hormone all year long. The engineers were able to keep the hormone active by using another gene from an eel-like fish called an ocean pout that acts like an on switch for the hormone, according to the company. Conventional salmon produce the growth hormone only some of the time."

What is an eel-like fish anyway?

Now About That Egg Guy
Again, I invite you read this and think about it.

I read several articles last week about Jack DeCoster, owner of the egg farms responsible for the salmonella outbreak (not salmon EEL-A) in which he was quoted apologizing to a Congressional panel for what happened. Here is a direct quote:

An Iowa egg producer at the center of a nationwide outbreak of salmonella apologized to a Congressional panel on Wednesday and acknowledged that his family operation had become "big quite awhile before we stopped acting like we were small." What? Three decades isn't enough time I guess.

It gets worse:
"What I mean by that is, we were big before we started adopting sophisticated procedures to be sure we met all of the government requirements," the egg producer, Austin J. DeCoster said in testimony before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee. He is the founder of an egg empire that has been linked over three decades to outbreaks of salmonella poisoning in many states, some leading to deaths.
"We were horrified to learn that our eggs may have made people sick," Mr. DeCoster, who is known as Jack, said in a shaky voice. "We apologize to everyone who may have been sickened by eating our eggs."
FOR THREE DECADES? More food for thought: He was making way too much money to notice, he couldn't care less about the chickens, food safety, our safety or anything else for that matter - until he got caught - again and again and again. Maybe this time it caught him by surprise.

The Hunt For Green October
Hunt no more! Green October, one of our favorite activities all year, is in full swing in Tucson! We will be joining Jennie and Chris from 92.9 The Mountain every Friday in October. The locations are great, the food is great, the musical talent is over the top and the Chapman Volkswagen Clean Diesel Jetta TDI you can register to win is simply the green icing on the cake. Thank you Gadabout on Oracle for being the host of the first FABULOUS Green Friday. Check it out and join us.

Mrs. Green's "Arizona's Greenest Workplace Challenge" Well On Its Way!

Arizona's Greenest Workplace Challenge 

Arizona's Greenest Workplace Challenge is still rocking. It is not too late to submit. We have received twenty-five entries to date and they are up on the website. Keep them coming. We have already counted hundreds of votes. Please remember that you can vote every day and that by doing just that ONE thing - you are making a difference.

Rosie on the House
Did You Know?
Did you know that Chapman Tucson has been a major sponsor of Mrs. Green from almost the very beginning? And did you know that they are locally owned and have SEVEN dealerships? And that at any given time, their dealerships include 3-4 of the cleanest, most fuel-efficient, award winning models (rated by independent organizations - including the government)? Did you know that Chapman has an internal, active "going green" team that is evaluating all of the ways that Chapman can continue to move in a greener direction from the inside out? Did you know that you can see the Chapman Tucson name associated with numerous charitable events held through-out the year and that they are major sponsors of University of Arizona athletics? And did you know that Mrs. Green's Honda Insight consistently gets 44 MPG? I bet you didn't know that Chapman doesn't just sell cars - they provide you with the best ownership experience possible! Now you know it all.

Upcoming Shows

Function Drinks10/2
Josh Simon - Function Drinks. I am a self-professed Function fan. I drink one Function Lightweight every day and if I don't, I can tell the difference in my energy and my appetite. When I met Josh Simon several months ago on a trip to Los Angeles, my thoughts were:  he is so young, he knows so much, and he and his partner, Dr. Alex Hughes, are clearly committed to good health. Their website is outstanding, their branding is strong and they are doing everything they can to find the perfect compostable plastic bottle. Even though I am not Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas and clearly not Shaquille O'Neal, I am a believer in Function The Drink and Function the Company. Please tune in to have some fun and to find out why Mrs. Green is such a believer.

James Gentile10/9
James M Gentile, PhD, President, Research Corporation for Science Advancement. This is another "be sure to do lots of homework" show. Research Corporation's mission: Empowering early career scientists to address global issues through transformative research since 1912 - yes that's 1912.  I encourage you to visit Research Corporation's website for two reasons: to read Jim Gentile's bio and to read about the 2010 Scialog Conference that will be held at Biosphere 2 October 12-15. There honestly isn't an abbreviated way to describe the scope, magnitude and importance of some of the greatest scientific minds gathering to discuss solar energy conversion. You will just have to tune in to get a better understanding of this cutting edge "special stew of diversity and interaction that generates creative energy."

Doug Fine10/16
The Green Living Fair - live from the Habistore and special interview with Doug Fine, best selling author and Organic Cowboy, adventure journalist and the list goes on. I am not sure if I am more excited about doing our first live remote of the fall season, visiting with all the vendors and agencies participating in the Green Living Fair or spending time laughing my way green interviewing Doug Fine. So I think it's all of the above. Doug is a best-selling author (Farewell My Subaru), totally hysterical and has such a commitment to living a carbon-neutral lifestyle that it will knock your 100% organic cotton, fair trade socks off. I REALLY hope Tucson residents will come out in droves and that folks around the country will listen in record numbers.

Goodwill of Southern Arizona10/23
Michelle Heath, Special Projects Coordinator, Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona. Another live remote with Mrs. Green - in the Queen of Green Costume! In an effort to promote "greening your Halloween" by shopping at Goodwill for your Halloween costume, Mrs. Green will be broadcasting live from First Avenue. Tune in or visit us to learn about this organization. Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona has received national awards for excellence and provides services to the Tucson community that are invaluable. In addition to sharing all the good news about Goodwill, Mrs. Green and Michelle will announce the winner of the Queen of Green's Recycled Crown contest. Living, laughing and being green is fun. Please join us.

Technicians for Sustainability10/30
Kevin Moore Koch - Technicians for Sustainability. And I quote: "We are a locally owned, mission driven company committed to walking our talk. Since 2003, we have been installing proven technologies to meet our customers' needs, including solar electricity, solar hot water heating, and rainwater harvesting." After spending time with Kevin a while back, I can tell you first hand, it's true. Spending time at their headquarters also made it very clear to me that people who are working there don't act like they have jobs, they are clearly on a mission. Tune in to hear about TFS, their new paradigm thinking and way of being and their excitement about making a difference for the planet. Hope for the future indeed!

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