June 11, 2010Issue 61    
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How Green Is Your Toothbrush and
Update on Antibacterial Soap
(The two are not connected)

On toothbrushes (and I hope yours is NOT green) - I am not phobic about most things but the entire millions of germs on the toothbrush discussion kind of freaks me out. After all, you put it in your mouth, rinse and store. Here's what Dr. Andrew Weil has to say about care of your toothbrush:

1. Rinse the brush thoroughly after use and let it dry in an upright position.
2. If you keep your brush in the same holder as others in your family, make sure the bristles don't touch each other.
3. Don't share toothbrushes.
4. Keep your toothbrush in a location well away from the toilet - flushing can allow bacteria to travel from the bowl to your brush.
5. Never store your toothbrush in a closed container - bacteria are more likely to multiply in a warm, humid, closed environment.
6. Replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or sooner if you notice that it looks worn (look for bristles that are splayed or bent out of shape).
If you're like Mrs. Green, you may be concerned about tossing your toothbrush in the landfill every three to four months. Try these alternatives: soak your toothbrush in vinegar overnight, or in my old favorite, hydrogen peroxide. You can clean your tooth brushes in eco-friendly, non-toxic ways, recycle them properly, and make a conscientious choice when replacing them. There is a company called Preserve that makes toothbrushes from recycled plastic. Mrs. Green is publicly committing to checking them out. Hold me to it!!!

On anti-bacterial soaps - if you haven't already, please get rid of them! Numerous environmental working groups, the American Medical Association and various organizations in Europe all agree on this topic. The culprit in this case is a toxic pesticide called triclosan that is actually powerful enough to threaten children's health and pollute breast milk. It has been linked to cancer in lab animals, has been targeted for removal from some stores in Europe and is recommended AGAINST use at home by the American Medical Association.

The update? Quote from a recent scientific study: "A germ-killing agent called triclosan, found in three-quarters of liquid soaps, can combine with chlorine in water to create potentially dangerous chemicals, researchers say." Is YOUR hand soap creating toxins in our water supply? Mine is not.

May Contest Winner
Congratulations to Christine Lowe from Glendale, Arizona! Christina took the time to write a beautiful, thorough story about all she and her family have done and continue to do to live a sustainable life - up to and including planting a garden that attracts butterflies.  PLEASE take the time to visit Mrs. Green's World to read her story. Thank you, Christine, for being a member of Mrs. Green's tribe. We are blessed to have you.

Rosie on the House Tip
Did You Know?
Did you know that Tucson Green Times is the largest free-circulation monthly and ONLY monthly newspaper in Arizona dedicated to green and sustainable living? Did you know that since their first issue hit the streets in 2007, their readership has grown to over 150,000? Did you know that, in addition to providing a strong, upbeat voice for the exchange of ideas among local people and organizations, Tucson Green Times brings national and global issues to anyone who takes the time to read it? Did you know that articles in this superior quality publication cover responsible business practices, sustainable technologies, advancing the frontiers of consciousness, alternative transportation, integrative medicine and holistic healing, organic farming, renewable energy, social activism and the promise of peace? You do now and Mrs. Green is proud to be a part of their world.

Upcoming Shows

The choice for this "Best of Mrs. Green" shows is Jeffrey Schlegel from Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP).

Sustainability in Practice6/19
This Saturday's show is all about great wines and healthy vineyards. Please tune in as I interview Kris O'Connor, Executive Director of Sustainability in Practice - more commonly known as SIP! This Vineyard Team, a local network of farmers, has been dedicated to sustainability for 15 years. In the vineyard, they strive to protect the resources valuable to their farms and communities. At home, they strive to consume a bit less, create a healthy home and lifestyle for their families, and give back in small ways. How GREAT does that sound? So tell a friend, grab a glass and get ready to hear about the good life. Tune in at noon!

Verdant Earth Technologies6/26
Verdant Earth Technologies - Myles Lewis & Josh Hottenstein. Want lots of hope for our future? Tune in this Saturday when I will interview the very young and brilliant founders of this amazing company. They are two graduates from the University of Arizona who have developed the concept of A Farm in a Box - a cutting edge method of growing crops with very little water & NO harmful chemicals - among other things. I actually visited their farm "lab" and saw examples of how they grow lettuce from seed to full head in 45 days with less than a gallon of water. You will love hearing this story.

Local First Arizona7/3
Local First Arizona
- Kimber Lanning and Lisette De Mars will be in studio to share information with us about this statewide organization. Local First Arizona is a nonprofit charitable organization. Its mission is to educate consumers about the economic, environmental and cultural benefits of shopping locally. In addition, they work with city and state governments to ensure the interests of local businesses are fairly and regularly represented. You will learn how they help independent business owners gain consumer visibility, how they create opportunities for their members to support one another via Networking Activities & Public Events. Please join me!

Wells Fargo7/10
Larry Finuf - Wells Fargo. Finally, Mrs. Green will get to share with listeners the cutting edge sustainable practices solidly in place at Wells Fargo. In September of 2009, Newsweek magazine ranked them #13 overall and #1 bank in the magazine's inaugural Green Rankings of the country's 500-largest companies. I will ask Larry to share with us how they did it, what's new with Wells Fargo in southern Arizona and around the country, and what their sustainability and environmental stewardship practices look like for the future. As a proud customer of Wells Fargo for over 35 years, I have been looking forward to this interview and hope you will tune in and get your questions ready.

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