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Back to School Storage Solutions                                  September 2010
It's that time again...fall is here!  As children go back to school, parents often struggle with how to keep their kids' rooms tidy and organized given all the new school projects and books that will soon end up in their rooms.  In this edition of our newsletter, we share a few tips on how to handle all this extra "stuff" your kids will acquire over the next few months.  Best wishes for a productive and "clutter-free" school year!

Feature Article
Storage Solutions for Kids' Bedrooms  

A simple storage cabinet can be 'cleaned up' with clutter masking organizational baskets

kid storage
Children today have more possessions than ever before, and keeping their belongings neat and out of the way, yet accessible, is a challenge to even the most organized parents. Luckily, furniture stores offer a wide range of storage options, and with a willingness to use space creatively, you can find plenty of extra space in even the most cluttered room.  Here are a few tips to help you in taming the chaos in your kid's room. 

Find "wasted" space.  
In a child's room, much of this space is high up. Install a high shelf on the wall to keep knickknacks and souvenirs on display while preventing them from cluttering bookshelves or the tops of dressers; you can even install this shelf so that it borders the entire room. The stuffed animal hammock, a length of stretchy net material that you can hang high in a corner, is a cute way to store your child's plush friends. 
Make the most of furniture.  
Another way to use wasted space is to find furniture that does double duty. It isn't hard to find a toy box topped with a cushioned, couch-like bench seat; even small storage ottomans around a play table can store crayons and drawing materials. Since the area beneath the bed tends to become an automatic repository for forgotten toys and dirty socks anyway, why not organize the space with pull-out drawers? Even the inside of a closet door can be transformed into useable space with an inexpensive, easy-to-hang shoe rack. These usually come in clear plastic, and can be used to store small cars and trucks, dolls, and even art supplies, along with shoes and accessories.


Create space.  If you can't seem to find enough "wasted" space to transform into storage, think about creating space. A loft bed is a perfect way to create a significant amount of space in any room. The space underneath the bed can be used for storage or as a play space. As a bonus, many children love the novelty of sleeping up near the ceiling; it gives them a perspective on the world that they don't often have.

OrganizeThe last way to create just a little more space in your child's room is simply to better organize the existing storage space. If bookshelves are cluttered with toys or other non-book items, buy some inexpensive rectangle baskets or brightly colored cardboard boxes. Line them up on the shelf, and have your child put the toys or other items in the baskets. This solution may not actually make the room any neater, but it will provide a little extra space, and will look much nicer.

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Insurance Agent Extraordinaire! 
Anh Nguyen HeadshotThis month we are pleased to highlight Anh Nguyen, State Farm Insurance Agent and member of the Preferred Home Connections team. State Farm Insurance specializes in homeowners, auto and liability protection for your most prized assets. State Farm strives to provide clients with maximum protection at reasonable prices, while creating a distinctive customer experience through personalized service, a caring attitude and a simple process.

If you are interested in learning more about State Farm Insurance and how Anh can help you protect your home, automobile or life, please contact Anh Nguyen at Anh@myfunagency.com or call her at 703-739-8982. Please tell Anh we sent you. 

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Her work has been showcased in Home & Design Magazine, Washington Home & Garden, The Washingtonian, Elan and The Washington Post.  Denise is also President-Elect of the DC Chapter of the International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA), writes a regular design column in Viva Tysons Magazine and is a member of the "Design Diva" team for AskMissA.com.  

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