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Paint Finishes Galore!                                                                   July 2010
In this month's newsletter we explore the options when it comes to choosing paint finishes. Are you ever confused as to where to use a flat versus a satin finish? While the differences are slight, they matter significantly in your home!
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How to Pick a Paint Finish
The proper paint application can dramatically change the look of a room with very little cost.  Paint influences the mood of your home and even camouflages unwanted imperfections. But how do you know which paint finish to choose? This guide will help you decide.

A flat finish has no shine. It is great for walls with nicks and blemishes, as it tends to hide them and make the wall look smoother. It is the best option for older homes as they tend to have many imperfections.  In addition, it is also the only finish we recommend our clients use for ceilings, unless, of course, we are doing some sort of faux finish on the ceiling for dramatic effect.  A flat finish does not reflect light, so it isn't the best choice if you want to brighten your room. Flat finishes are also difficult to clean, so they are best used in low traffic areas.

Some companies offer a matte finish, which resembles a flat finish. One we use a lot is Benjamin Moore's washable matt.  It is slightly more durable and easier to clean. It is still good for camouflaging minor bumps and other small imperfections, and if you have little ones or large animals (with big tails) in the home, it is the best option for you!
If an area in your home has a little more traffic, you can consider an eggshell finish, which has a slight tint of shine and is even easier to clean. It is my finish of choice for walls in newer homes as it brings out the depth of the wall color more so than a flat or matte finish. 

For brightening up a room, choose a pearl or satin finish. They are more glossy than eggshell and will reflect light back into your room instead of sucking it up. Pearl finishes are highly washable and stand up to high traffic, but imperfections in the wall will stand out.  We sometimes use these finishes in bathrooms and kitchens, depending on the state of the walls.   

Semi-gloss paint is used most often on window and wall trim, doors, and cabinets. It has a nice, subtle shine, and washes easily. Extra care must be taken with preparation, since imperfections are significantly highlighted by a semi-gloss surface.

High gloss paints offer washability and durability with their reflective, shiny finish. Glossy paints are not often used on interior walls, but they are a dramatic look for cabinets, banisters, and even furniture. For example, the bench to the left is painted with a high gloss finish. High gloss finishes are easy to clean, but they also will exaggerate and magnify surface imperfections, so careful preparation is essential.
Whether you are updating one room or redecorating your entire house, paint is a simple, inexpensive way to achieve a striking new look.  Most people focus on the colors and overlook the importance of selecting the right finish.  We hope this guide helps you select the right finish on your next home improvement project so that you achieve not only the aesthetic you desire, but also a functional space for your lifestyle. 

Want more advice on selecting paint colors and finishes? As Benjamin Moore color consultants, we will help you cut through all the possibilities to come up with a color and paint plan tailored to your requirements.  Contact us today at info@decorbydenise.com to find out about our August Color Consultation Special!
This Just In: Denise as "Design Diva"
Denise is a Now a Member of "Design Diva" Team
'Miss A' offers daily life advice on a wide range of topics and has many great contributors from around the country! Learn more about Ask Miss A by going to http://askmissa.com today! 
Design Diva
Denise was recently asked to share her design expertise on AskMissA.com as one of their "Design Divas". In this role, Denise gives design advice about various topics from new and cool products to strategies for decorating your everyday spaces.
To access Denise's blogs as a "Design Diva,"  simply click the Home and Family tab from AskMissA.com and click Design Diva, which appears on the left of the screen. Or, click Ask Miss A to go directly to the Design Diva blog! If you have an idea for an upcoming design blog, please email Denise at dwillard@decorbydenise.com.
Partner Spotlight
A Look at Relocation Leader Kloke Group
This month we highlight Kloke Group, a member of our Preferred Home Connections Team.  As an agent for United Van Lines, Kloke Group is an industry leader in relocations for both residential and corporate transitions. They offer national and international relocation services, restoration moves and so much more, including the care of specialized items like antiques and pianos.

We work with Kloke Group in helping our clients transition into their new homes and out of their old ones.  In addition, we work with them to pack and store our client's belongings during construction projects using their pod storage system.   
If you are interested in learning more about the Kloke Group and how they can help you in your next move or construction project, please contact Gregg Day at gday@kloke.com or 703-296-4528.  Please tell Gregg we sent you.
To learn more about the team of preferred professionals who make up our Preferred Home Connections Team, please visit our fan page on Facebook
Slate CountertopDenise Willard is a professional interior decorator with over a decade of experience working with clients in the DC metro area.  Her work has been showcased in Home & Design Magazine, Washington Home & Garden, The Washingtonian, Elan and The Washington Post. Denise also writes a regular design column in Viva Tysons Magazine and is a member of the "Design Diva" team for AskMissA.com.

Denise and her team specialize in creating simple, but elegant transitional and contemporary interiors that are reflective of their clients' personalities and lifestyles.

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