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Issue 21 September 2009
FR O M   T H E   P R E S I D E N T

President's Letter 

Lobby and First Floor Renovation PlanIt is always with anticipation and excitement that we welcome our new students in the fall and this year is no exception.  For those beginning their optometric education, the profession of optometry, and their future as health care providers, holds the promise of fulfillment on both a professional and deeply personal level.  The excitement of beginning their optometry education is tempered by the challenges of the curriculum and the unknowns of our health care system.
During the current academic year, these students will experience the College's new curriculum, (now phasing into the second year of the program), witness the groundbreaking for and renovations of the lobby and first floor lecture halls, experience the benefits of the continuing growth of our research and clinical care programs, and observe the unveiling of a major public relations effort whose goal is to increase the visibility of the College and the University Eye Center, while increasing the public's awareness of the importance of vision care and the impact of our programs.
While this year will continue to bring significant changes to the College, the long-term impact of these may pale in comparison to the effect of current efforts for health care reform on the profession.  The Class of 2013 not only has front row seats to the most significant debate on health care in the United States since 1994, they have an obligation to be informed and to participate in defining health care policy as future doctors of optometry.  To the Class of 2013, hold on and enjoy the ride.
David A. Heath, O.D., Ed.M.
 M A I N   F E A T U R E
College Honors Faculty and Staff with 30+ Years of Service
The First Annual Recognition Awards ceremony was held on Thursday, August 6, 2009 to honor those members of the faculty and staff with 30+ years of service with the College and to recognize staff who were this year's recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence.  Ms. Pamela Lederman, Chair of the Staff and Faculty Recognition Program Committee, opened the program with a warm welcome to all and gave some insight into the purpose of the event.  President Heath followed with opening remarks and the presentation of the awards.
The following individuals were presented with Chancellor's Awards for Excellence:
Mr. Boris Levin, Dr. David Heath, Ms. Anita Barrington-KingMs. Anita Barrington-King   -     Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service
Mr. Boris Levin
  - Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service
The recipients of the President's Award for 30+ years of service are:  

Dr. Kenneth Ciuffreda, 1979
Ms. Barbara Skulsky, 1979
Dr. Jay Cohen, 1978
Ms. Sheila Latimer, 1978
Dr. David Horn, 1977
Dr. Steven Zalaznick, 1977
Dr. Philip Kruger, 1976
Dr. Scott Richter, 1976
Dr. Joel Warshowsky, 1976
Dr. Robert Byne, 1975
Mr. Yves Morancy, 1975
Dr. Terry Scheid, 1975
Dr. Mordechai Soroka, 1975
Dr. Michael Yellen, 1975
Dr. Jerome Feldman, 1974
Dr. Jordan Pola, 1974
Dr. Harold Sedgwick, 1974
Dr. Joseph Viviano, 1974
Dr. Neil Falasca, 1973
Mr. Thomas Flagg, 1973
Dr. Harold Friedman, 1973
*Dr. Milton Katz, 1973
2009 Faculty/Staff 30+ Years of Service
Dr. Jerry Rapp, 1973
Dr. Jeffrey Cooper, 1972
Dr. John Picarelli, 1972
Dr. Robert Sack, 1972
Dr. Robert Duckman, 1971
Dr. Carl Gruning, 1971
Dr. Michael Heiberger, 1971
Dr. Edward Johnston, 1971
Dr. Arnold Sherman, 1971
Dr. Jerome Sherman, 1971

Dr. Edward Johnston
, Vice President for Student Affairs, spoke of the growth of the institution through the dedication of the honorees and their pride in "...what has been accomplished and fully expect that the accomplishments will continue."  The College's reputation is what it is today because of these "30+ year folks".  Dr. Johnston ended by saying "....We take pride in what has been accomplished and fully expect that the accomplishments [will] continue." 
The Recognition Committee would like to hear from you!  Please feel free to send your comments/thoughts/suggestions to recognition@sunyopt.edu.  Thank you!
F O C A L   P O I N T
New SUNY Chancellor Visits SUNY State College of Optometry 
Chancellor Zimpher with Sr. AdministratorsSUNY's new Chancellor, Dr. Nancy Zimpher completed her goal to visit the campuses of the State University of New York system.  As part of her 64-campus tour, SUNY Optometry was one of the first campuses she visited.  Accompanied by Ms. Kaitlin Gambrill and Ms. Aimee Bernstein, Dr. Zimpher was greeted by Dr. Heath and the senior management of the College.  During her tour, she met with the President's Council, Dean's Council, Clinic Council, Research Council and representatives of the Student Council.  In her meetings, Dr. Zimpher spoke of her strategic plan for SUNY which will involve representatives not only from each of SUNY's campuses, but also alumni, campus foundations, college councils and community leaders.
Ms. Liduvina Martinez-Gonzalez, Associate Vice Chancellor Aimee Bernstein, Dr. Ida Chung, Chancellor Nancy Zimpher, Dr. Richard Soden Chancellor Zimpher and Trustees of the OCNY Foundation
Chancellor Zimpher and Students Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, Chancellor Zimpher and President Heath
Her tour ended with lunch with President
Heath and Assemblyman Richard Gottfried.
SUNY State College of Optometry Welcomes the Class of 2013
On August 13 - 14, the College held orientation for the entering Class of 2013.  Beginning with a warm welcome from President Heath, the two-day orientation was filled with the students learning about the institution and its clinical and research facilities; along with getting their equipment for classes.  A reception with faculty, staff and students from the upper classes was held at the end of their first day of orientation.  Classes began for the first year class on Monday, August 17.
The Class size is 78 and consists of 61 female and 17 male students.  The class average GPA is 3.49 with their TS-OAT score averaging 366.  Forty-two students are from out-of-state; 36 from upstate New York; four from Canada; one from Grenada and one from Ghana.
We wish our new class good wishes and much success in their next four years of study. 
SUNY Optometry Receives $100,000 Bequest
The SUNY State College of Optometry has received a $100,000 bequest from the estate of Dr. Leo Hurvich, the former Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Hurvich received an honorary degree from SUNY at our 1989 Commencement.  The gift will fund a scholarship endowment named for Dr. Hurvich and his late wife and research colleague, Dorothea Jameson.  They received joint recognition in the research community for their major contributions to how we perceive color and how our visual systems operate.  They were both elected to the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
We are grateful for this very generous gift.
OCNY Receives Three Grants Supporting the College and the UEC
The Optometric Center of New York received the following grants over the Summer:
The Allene Reuss Memorial Trust:  $25,000 for the Indigent Patient Fund
Access to quality vision care is a major public health issue.  Factors like lack of adequate health insurance and changing Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement protocols are making it increasingly difficult for New York's most vulnerable residents to receive essential eye care services.  A generous grant has been received by The Allene Reuss Memorial Trust to ensure that anyone in need receives high quality eye and vision care, regardless of their ability to pay.
In addition to the eye care services that they receive through the UEC, patients supported by the Indigent Fund also have access to social workers who provide referral assistance and advocacy support for additional benefits and entitlements that the patient may be unaware of, for themselves and their families.  They may also receive information about other health care services in the community that they can benefit from. 
Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust:  $8,500 for Unrestricted Support.
Edith C. Blum Foundation:  $2,500 for Unrestricted Support
The UEC is one of the largest outpatient vision care facilities of its kind in the country, providing life-enhancing services and support for approximately 75,000 patient visits in-house annually, and another 60,000 at partner clinics across the New York metropolitan area.  Educational and research efforts provide the underpinnings of our unique structure, which offers an unmatched professional training ground for students seeking their OD degrees at the State University of New York, State College of Optometry, as well as the Schnurmacher Institute for Vision Research, which is dedicated to studies about the visual system and methods for improving visual function.
The generosityi of the Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust and the Edith C. Blum Foundation will help support a variety of patient care initiatives and SUNY College programs.  Unrestricted support offers the OCNY the freedom to allocate funds at their discretion for projects ranging from patient care efforts in the UEC, to student scholarship funds to other areas of need as they are identified.
Dr. Charles Gold Appointed to College Council
Dr. Charles Gold, an optometrist practicing in New York City, was appointed by Governor Paterson as a member of the College Council for the SUNY State College of Optometry.  Dr. Gold received his OD from the University of California at Berkeley in 1982 and his BA degree from Boston University.  He succeeds Dr. Robert F. Krall whose term expired June 30, 2009.  We extend a warm welcome to Dr. Gold as he begins his term on the Council. 
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Congratulations to each of you on this scholarly achievement!
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Mr. Gennaro Chiercho has joined the SUNY College of Optometry family as AssociateMr. Gennaro Chiercho Director for Facilities/Maintenance.  Mr. Chiercho began in August, and for the past eight years was Chief Engineer/Manager at St. Vincent's Comprehensive Cancer Center where he was responsible for day-to-day operations of the mechanical plant, including energy management, troubleshooting and resolution of critical systems within the facility.  In his current position as Associate Director, he is in charge of facilities and maintenance and is involved with preventive maintenance and the upcoming construction projects.  He can be reached at ext. 5580.  Join us in welcoming Gerry to SUNY Optometry.
In Memoriam
Dr. Milton Katz*On July 28, 2009, Dr. Milton Katz announced his retirement from the faculty of the SUNY State College of Optometry.  On Thursday, September 10th, President Heath received word that Dr. Katz passed away peacefully at his home earlier that day from cancer.  Dr. Heath stated that "Dr. Katz devoted his life to the College and to the education of our students, and for that we will be eternally grateful."  Dr. Katz was one of the many faculty honored at the 30+ Years of Service recognition event held on August 6, 2009.  Although he was unable to attend because of his illness, he was aware of the recognition and Dr. David Troilo brought him his award.  May we all remember Dr. Katz and his family in our thoughts.    
The College would like to remind everyone that all job openings are posted on the College website --http://www.sunyopt.edu/HR/jobs.shtml.
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