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Conflict of Interest

Untamed Women of Yesteryear



Butch cook book


Dear L-Book Readers,


It's that time of year again.  The holidays are here and you're thinking about gifts for friends or yourself.


Beginning today, just in time for the holiday season, we offer eBook Gifting. L-Book customers can now give eBooks and Audios as a gift to anyone with an e-mail address..

On the checkout shopping cart:

  1. The comments block on the right side of the Shipping Information page is for the Message that you wish to include with your gift.
  2. To send your eBook(s) or L-Book(s) refer to the Billing Information screen: which is the last field on the left.  "GIFT - eMail address," is where you enter the email of the recipient.
  3. Here is a sample of the email that is sent to the recipient.

An eBook Gift from Jane Doe
L-Book.com Invoice No.: xxxx      Date: 11/27/2010


A Gift To You From:
Jane Doe


You have a very merry Holidays and New Years. Jane Doe.


Item: LBK_FH-Solaria_eb
Description: Solaria - all eBook formats
Download Link: http:// LBK_FH-Solaria.zip

The download links are only available for 7 days or 4 times from Order Date. Contact Support if you need to re-download at any time or have any problems. support@L-Book.com



You now can access our web site on L-Book.co, L-Book.net and of course L-Book.com.

We have added two new authors to the L-Book family and more novels are coming soon in 2011.


Wishing you Happy Holidays

From Roxanne and the L-Book staff

Special Holiday Gift
  Holiday Special Edition 2010  Holiday Special Edition 2010 
  L-Book ePublisher has put together an anthology of Holiday short stories. This anthology contains sequels or brand new stories about the holidays from Halloween to Christmas.

     This selection gives you an opportunity to read your favorites and explore new Authors.


This Holiday Special Edition 2010 by L-Book ePublisher will be included with every purchase from now until December 25th

EPIC Two FinalistsEPIC Finalist 

We have two finalists for the EPIC... (Electronically Published Internet Connection) eBook Awards for 2011.


The Window Into One's SoulPoetry: The Window Into One's Soul

by  Shawn Blackhawk, Rrrose Carbinela, DK, Tq Sutton


Second Nature by Jae (see cover below) 


 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice 


Second NatureThe Winner of the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice award for the best book cover is Sheri for the cover of Second Nature by Jae.

Jae's Second Nature also won the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice award for best fiction.

Free Short Stories
Babysitter Material - Sequel to Second Nature
by Jae

And the winner is... - Sequel to Strength in Numbers
by Jeanine Hoffman
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Coming in 2011

Future Perfect by Fran Heckrotte - Sequel to Solaria    Future Perfect

      Primeris was a Hubot, designed to serve humans. Her existence depended on her ability to complete her assignments...which she always did with a cold, emotionless detachment. Now, her perfect record was going to be tested to its limits. In her attempts to find and capture Solaria, another Hubot, Primeris is forced to disobey her directive of obedience or become the human she never wanted to be.

      The Order of the Healers was exactly that, healers. Their mission was to move humanity forward, even if it meant saving the worst of mankind.  Chantelle is a Singer, a member of a small sub-group of Healers, whose latest calling takes her on a mission that will test her gift to its limit, and leave her wondering if her success will lead to humanity's downfall.


Hidden Truths by Jae - Sequel to Backwards to OregonHidden Truths

      Luke Hamilton has been living as a husband and father for the past seventeen years. No one but her wife, Nora, knows she is not the man she appears to be. They have raised their daughters to become honest and hard-working young women. But even with their loving foundation, a few fears and insecurities have Amy and Nattie hiding their own secrets.

      Just as Luke sets out on a dangerous trip to Fort Boise, a newcomer arrives on the ranch - Rika Aaldenberg, who traveled to Oregon as a mail-order bride, hiding that she's not the woman in the letters.

      When hidden truths are revealed, will their lives and their family fall apart or will love keep them together?


McKee by the late AC Henley, unabridged version McKee

      Private investigator Quinlan McKee has returned to Los Angeles after a three-year absence, only to find herself embroiled in a world of child slavery and police corruption. Chaos ensues as she finds an unlikely ally in the form of a savvy police detective Vivian Walsh, who lives by the letter of the law. Quin unwittingly becomes engulfed in the lives of new friends and old acquaintances during her journey through the seedier side of two cities.

      Quin will risk her sanity and her heart while she discovers the truth about a buried past as she travels from Los Angeles back to Chicago where it all began and seemingly all ends. She is pulled into a web of deceit and intrigue as everything she thought to be true is put into doubt. Quin searches for her happy ending where the lines blur between good and evil and friend and foe. 


Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman Lights and Sirens

      Chloe "Donny" Donavon is a Firefighter/Paramedic who discovers an attraction to, Caity, a dispatcher. She has know Caity for a few years but never thought of her as anything other than a friend and fellow member of the fire department. Their relationship goes against everything Donny has believed about keeping romantic entanglements away from the workplace, especially since she works with Caity's younger sister.

      Kristy is Donny's mentor, supervisor, and friend at the station. She's behind Donny's sudden promotion-but that promotion could change her own career as well. Kristy is dealing with things from her past that she can no longer repress. How will that affect her relationships with her protégé and crew? What happens when the strongest of the strong finds out that she can't remain an island forever?

      Lights and Sirens shows a crew of well meaning men and women who come together to battle fire, fight illness, injury, and death for others-can they hold it together for one of their own?


 Rainbow Inn by J. Summers  Rainbow Inn

      Kim and Katie purchased an Inn expecting it to be a nice, tranquil, uneventful way to earn a living. They were looking forward to catering to lesbians from all over the world: all types of careers, and walks of life.  The mixture of guests, friends, music, parties, sun, and fun make Kim and Katie's lives chaotic, and then the private parties prove to be more than they bargained for.  Their guests introduce, drugs into the mix and their private get away to Mexico becomes a wild ride into the dark, dangerous drug underworld where anything and everything is likely to happen


The Truck Comes on Thursday by Sue Hardesty

      Life sizzles for Highway Patroller Loni Wagner in a small Arizona desert town during the long summer nights. She sees it all-a plane wreck, freeway pileups, and dead bodies as she investigates murders involving human smugglers, drug runners, and her old friend Carl.  During the day she faces high school enemies, a red-neck sexist police chief who gives her unwanted jobs, and worries about her Native Indian grandparents: her grandmother is not well, and cattle rustling on their ranch is about to break them. Adding spicy flavors to this mix are three intriguing women, most especially one, who help her through it all as she struggles to move on from the death of her lover.


Coward by Phair

      Major Rory of the Ronan Officer Lineage, Active Duty Division, was raised to be a soldier but she falls in love instead.  Her dreams for a family and home of her own are shattered to an endless nightmare when her husband and young son are killed before her eyes.

      The military orders her to a suicide mission but the heartbroken soldier has seen enough of death.  She disobeys orders to save her squad and seals her own fate in the process.  Beaten, broken and branded a Coward she is sentenced not to the death she hoped for but to life a lifetime in a distant planet's underground penal colony at hard labor. 

      A life long homophobe, Rory is horrified when she learns she must sleep with a young woman, Rabbit, in order to survive the frigid nights.  Rabbit's sweet innocence confuses Rory's long held beliefs.  When a sliver of a chance is offered to reclaim her freedom, Rory will use any means to achieve it.  Including allowing herself to fall in  love again.  But, this time she's falling in love with a woman named Rabbit.


New Authors

L-Book is pleased to announce the addition of two new authors.....


Sue Hardesty


Title: The Truck Comes on Thursday


      Sue Hardesty was born and raised on the Arizona desert. Deciding to get out of the heat and enjoy listening to the sound of flushing toilets, she moved to the Phoenix area and taught Communications for 27 years. Retirement took her out of the heat altogether as she traveled far enough north to stop sweating. Her home for the last two decades has been on the beautiful Oregon Coast where she and her partner of forty plus years run their dogs on the beach every morning. And where she occasionally even takes time to write a little. Her first published endeavor was a cookbook edited with Sue's partner Nel Ward and their good friend Lee Lynch called the butch cook book. 








      Phair is my pseudonym.  When writing under this name, the stories tend to take a darker course.  The name is not used so much to protect my identity but to alert the reader of the intensity of the content which follows.  Works attributed to phair are graphic in the description of sex and violence and should be approached by mature audiences only.

      In spite of the extreme topics of many of my works, I am a rather happy person.  My writing is a means to safely explore worlds and emotions I, mercifully, do not encounter in my daily life.  It is my hope the readers are able to join these adventures in fiction to escape, momentarily, the never ending demands of modern life.  That they too can let their imagination soar into a realm they do not encounter everyday while making a living and keeping their homes.  My fiction a path out of the ordinary into pure escapism.

      When I'm not writing, I'm earning a living as a Speech Language Pathologist.  My career  has focused on neurological diseases and injuries which damage communication, cognition, and swallowing in adults.  It is a deeply satisfying field but emotionally charged.  Writing helps me recreate myself in the quiet hours after the day's quest to assist  those who've lost the skills which make life so much fun.

      I live on the east coast of the US.  The town is a peninsula hanging into the icy Atlantic.  In the heat of summer we are cooled by the her breezes.  But in the heart of winter, we are battered by her gales.  It makes for a hearty New England life which I share with three furry companions, Dakota and the brothers Cats; Calvin and Hobbes.

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