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Ripples of Change
Ripples of Change
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Celebrating Prayer Flags &  Newest Shipment from Nepal!
We are always so relieved and amazed when our shipments make it all the way from Nepal to our doorstep safely. More often than not, our products arrive well packed, in tact and ready to be sent to our WONDERFUL customers like yourself. For a country that often has electricity outages and political strife, this is no small feat! We are grateful to all of our partners in Nepal who help make this such a smooth process. 


This month we are celebrating one of our best selling items: Prayer Flags! Our "Windhorse" prayer flags are traditionally hung by Tibetans in high places to catch the wind so that the prayer will be carried out to bless all sentient beings. The prayer is intended to bring blessings and good fortune to the world and translates as:
"May the rain fall at the proper time. May the crops and livestock be bountiful. May there be freedom from illness, famine and war. May all beings be well and happy".

Ganesh Himal Trading has a few different kinds of prayer flags, to see our variety, check out our prayer flag page in our Mediation and Yoga section of our online shop. 


We also have prayer flag cards. One of our customers at One World Goods has told us they are some of her best selling cards (see picture above). Visit our card section of our website to learn more. 
Auspicious Days
 Our prayer flag sets come with a card denoting the most auspicious and inauspicious days to hang these according to the Tibetan calendar.

Note, we now have this information on the our website in the product info section for the prayer flags. 


Auspicious days for hanging prayer flags in 2012:

01/03, 01/18, 02/02, 03/08, 03/17, 04/02,

04/16, 05/01, 05/15, 05/31, 06/04, 07/13,

07/23, 07/28, 08/12, 08/26, 09/10, 09/25,

11/09, 11/23, 12/08, 12/22

Inauspicious days for hanging prayer flags:

01/10, 02/05, 02/17, 03/03, 03/14, 03/29,

04/10, 04/25, 05/07, 05/21, 06/02, 06/14,

06/29, 07/10, 07/25, 08/06, 08/21, 09/01,

09/28, 10/10, 10/24, 11/06, 11/20, 12/02,

12/16, 12/29


Generally, Monday is a good day to hang prayer flags and Friday is a very good day.