December 2011

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Fun Wool Scarves with Pockets, our #1 Selling Knit Wool Scarf!


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"I have had so much fun wearing my scarf with pockets this season! I love being able to keep my hands warm or carry my cell phone in the pockets. I am not a 'girly girl', so I prefer the scarf without the flowers, but my sister loves the little hand knit crocheted flowers on hers." 



This scarf lets you warm your hands and your neck! Two pockets knit into the ends make this a hit with younger folks. Lined with cozy fleece. Assorted stripes and colors. Goes well with our solid color brimmed hat or many of our other great hats. 


Made by women involved  in the Padhma Creations Project (see article below). This project was designed to assist women who have been trafficked, suffered family abuse or been victimized by the civil war.  Ganesh Himal has set up a fund so that a percentage of the sale of each of these knit items goes into a social development fund for the women to use where they feel it is most needed. Presently they are using it to pay school fees for their children.


Pictured without the flower on the pocket.

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Our slippers have been flying off the shelf. 

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Festival of Fair Trade a Huge Success!

We just completed the 27th Festival of Fair Trade in Spokane and what an event it was. We started this event to give the folks in Spokane a chance to shop for Fair Trade items before there was a Fair Trade store in here. It's unbelievable how folks have loyally followed us from a basement [...]...


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As we get close to the end of a successful season, we want to let you know how much gratitude we have for our incredible customers like yourself. We feel humbled to be able to work with such ethical, kind, visionary, and gracious customers across the United States and in Canada. You inspire us!
....and the winner is! 
Thanks to everyone who entered our drawing and gave us feedback about our products and how you display our items. Stay tuned, as we will be sharing with you some of this helpful information that was gleaned from your comments. But for now, we would like to congratulate ROWE MOUNTAIN FAIR TRADE for winning 15% off shipping on their next order!
Finally, we send you many wishes for a successful season. Please know that we will have many knits and other products in stock up until the very end of your season, so don't hesitate to place an order. 
Peace & Happy Holidays,
The Ganeshees 
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Producer News

Girls Get Educated in Nepal

Even public schools cost money in Nepal and producers often have to pull their children out of school because they can't afford the fees. Usually it is the girl children who are pulled out first because families will look to their long term care by their boy children. In an effort to encourage producers to keep their girls in school Ganesh Himal has given an annual contribution to the Association for Craft Producers "Girl Child Education Fund".  This producer benefit program was set up by ACP to provide a monthly scholarship allowance to producers who keep their daughters in school for at least four consecutive years. As the program has grown ACP has been able to give the same allowance to some of the producers boys as well.  
This year ACP was able give scholarships to 85 children from ages 6-17 years old.  In April they invited the students to come and see the workshop at ACP and participate in some of the craft activities that their mother's do such as blockprinting.  The purpose of the program was to familiarize the children with ACP, its work and help them learn about Fair Trade.  The children were given a tour of ACP and an explanation of the work they do.  The three outstanding scholarship students also received a prize and special recognition from Meera Bhattarai, the Executive Director of ACP. 


Producer News

Another great year for the Shelter knit Project!


Many of you have followed our work with Kesang Yudron and Padma Creations. These knits are making a huge difference in women's lives. Ganesh Himal adds a social premium to every knit item 
we buy from this project in order to give these women a boost up. Here's an update from Kesang about this years accomplishments!
 Radha Chanda with her daughter
"Radha Chanda, 47 is a knitter who has partnered with us for the past 2 years .  She is from Nepalgunj, Banke and is a victim of domestic violence. She separated from her husband and is now a single mother. Her children are recipients of the education scholarship, a program offered by Padhma  Creations. She says that she loves working as a knitter because she can take care of her household duties, take her children to school, and knit from home.

We now have 21 children in our education scholarship program. We provide Rs. 500/ per month to cover the tuition cost. So, that's about Rs. 10,500 or $ 150/ per month or $1,800 per year. We conduct interviews with each women to assess their financial and personal situation so we can provide scholarships to children who need it the most.

Meera Balmiki, one of our first knitting participants who has become a teacher while working for us,  had to go for a minor surgery. Padma lent her money (no interest)  where she could knit and pay her loan off when she is ready and fully recovered.

The women are so grateful for the opportunity to work at Padhma Creations!"


We have known Kesang, founder of Padhma Creations since she was born. We are so proud of her accomplishments and her vision for these women in Nepal. Ganesh Himal is proud to carry her fine products. 

Artisan Stories

Read the story about our jackets below, and see them here in our Jackets and Vests section of our website.