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08-25-2011 16:49:49 PM


08-24-2011 15:08:20 PM

Reprinted from The Huffington Post Bill Clinton wrote about jobs creation in Newsweek earlier this summer. It's a hot topic these days. Facing stubborn high unemployment numbers and the sluggish economy overall, I am as interested as the next person in jumpstarting our economy. Having been unemployed for some time this past year, I understand the [...]...

08-18-2011 18:56:44 PM

from the Fair Trade Federation With the days getting shorter and the temperatures (hopefully) cooling off, we begin to look toward the arrival of a new fall season-a season filled with transitions. As we prepare to transition back into familiar routines such as work or school, or transition forward to gear up for another holiday [...]...

08-18-2011 14:13:37 PM

Here is a reprint of an article about a fair trade town in California. Featured in the article is one of our fabulous customers, One World Fair Trade! Denise just got back from a trip down south where she was able to meet up with them and see their beautiful store. Healdsburg could become the [...]...



  Eileen's Jewelry News


Every jewelry shipment we get something new or different. Whether it's a new design, or a particularly nice selection of stones, it's constantly changing.

Our Brass Is Taking Off! 

A few months ago we introduced a few pieces of our new brass earring line. People appreciate this new option, and love the price....so we have added pendants, necklaces, and new earring designs.  See Shakya family story below. 







 Marybeth's Featured Finds 


Marybeth and her dog Ferguson

Marybeth loves this bag!

"I love this bag. It's light weight but it holds a lot. It washes really well, and has a really nice front pocket. For travel it has a passport pocket. I am constantly getting compliments on it!"

Heavy cotton bag with great embroidery detail.  Eternal knot, dragon, OM, or eye of the Buddha centered on front flap. Matching  ribbon on top and bottom of flap, with four small mirrors. Black contrast trim.  





BG-T-HEP $8.00 

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September 2011





Many of you are entering your busiest, and most profitable time of the year. We would like to assist you the best we are able in order to make it a smooth and successful season. Know that you can depend on us for:


*Consistent customer service

*Same day shipping

*Back order courtesy calls

*Low prices, high quality goods 


Please know you can place any last minute orders to fill in the gaps. This year we have worked hard to make sure we have a nice stock of KNITS to have on hand. You can call us at the last minute and we will do our best to fill your order.




We wish you the best of luck these coming months. We are so honored to be able to have such wonderful customers like you!



The Ganeshees

P.S. What is your best selling item? 

We want your input! Share with us your best seller from Ganesh Himal Trading and you will be entered to win 15%* off your next wholesale order! Drawing will take place the end of October.  

*up to a $500 order. 



From our June Shipment



Felt Slippers

SSH-HB-STP $16.50 

triangle bag

Recycled Tire Coin Purse


Gift Envelopes

small $.20

 medium $.40

 large $.70


Use as a gift bag or sell them!




Cotton krinkle shawl/Scarf

with eslatic 12"x 82" 

  Assorted colors

 AC-C-PCS $12.50 

Checkered Scarf

AC-N-343 $6.50

star keychain
Recycled Tire Star Key Chain
AC-D-SKR $1.50


Jewelry Producer Spotlight
Cameron, Denise, Tej and Tirtha

The Shakya Family

For generations the Shakya family has been creating their beautiful, traditional jewelry throughout Nepal, India and Tibet.  Now,they live and work in their ancestral home in the Kathmandu Valley.

Ganesh Himal has worked with the Shakya family since 1984. Our main contact Tej, learned from his father and as with previous generations, has taught his son the traditional jewelry making skills of the Shakya lineage. Tej opened his own shop in 1977. At that time, he and his brothers produced all the jewelry themselves. However, as the business grew, they invited other Buddhist Newari families to work with them. Fourteen families now have a consistent income as a result.

Tirtha, Tej's youngest brother , still does all of the design and finish work and setting of stones. He also trains others in design interpretation and production techniques.

The Shakya family has pooled their resources and worked together. Like many traditional artisans they are concerned that the younger generation will leave their traditional trade. Fortunately, as the average wage for skilled jewelers is now higher than that of many other jobs, young educated Newaris are beginning to return to jewelry making. Tej's son, Shrawan, has now learned the skills of his father, and as the demand for his work grows, the Shakya family is confident that their traditional skills will be passed on to the next generation and survive.

The Shakya's traditionally work with silver and gold but as the price of silver has skyrocketed recently we are experimenting with using the traditional techniques in other less expensive metals. You will see generations of beautiful traditional design work in our new line of brass earrings and pendants, keeping that work alive, but the price more affordable.


See brass jewelry made by the Shakya family in the above left column. To read about our other jewelry producers, click here

Helpful Tips
Ordering online & Display Tips  
Online Ordering 

If you haven't had a chance to order online yet, we highly recommend it. It's easy and efficient. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


* We don't process your payment online. You just send your order in and if we have questions or don't have what you need, we will call you. Then, we will process your payment or just bill you if you are Net 30.


 * Your orders aren't saved online for any longer than a few hours. If you can't finish your online order all at one time, send what you have with a note in the comment box that more of it is on its way! You will then have it in your account history to refer to when you are ready to complete your order.


Display Tips 


Sell our cards and placemats separately. Many of our customers have found that their sales increased when they began to sell both our cards and placemats (especially recycled silk) individually, as opposed to a set. Try it and let us know how it goes!

Artisan Stories
artisanstories Learn More About The Artisans
We are adding new information about our artisan partners in Nepal who are responsible for making all of our wonderful products! Please visit http://www.ganeshhimaltrading.com/artisan-stories (you must be logged in to view), we are adding new stories regularly.