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Advance Orders For Fall

Thanks to everyone who got their knit & sweater advance orders in! Denise wanted to pass on to you that if you have other items that you anticipate ordering larger quantities of (like 10 or more) you might want to consider sending in advance orders for those items as well. This will help us make sure you get them. Here is a list of some of the items we tend to run out of during the holiday season.....ONLY two more shipments left for Fall/Holiday ordering folks!


Products we run out of:


Hemp & Leather Bags

Potholders & Oven Mitts

Recycled Silk Placemats

Christmas Cards

Other Card Sets


  Eileen's Jewelry News
June's Jewelry Shipment

Welcome to Eileen's Jewelry News! It seems like in every jewelry shipment we get something new or different. Whether it's a new design, or a particularly nice selection of stones, it's constantly changing. Eileen would like to keep you updated on our latest jewelry shipment news, so stay tuned!



 new stones 


This shipment brought us a beautiful selection of stones, in particular:


Blue Calcedony

Rainbow Moonstone
& Amethyst






New Designs & Brass

We also wanted to show you our new brass and glass pendants and our new brass earring line. We are exploring brass as a less expensive option for you to add to your collection. Same beautiful work just a less expensive metal!




Paper Jewelry

Adorn yourself with beads recycled from salvaged scraps of paper made with bark of the Daphne shrub. Wear these and support women artists in Nepal.

Bhaktapur Craft Printers has been making beautiful journals and paper goods for Ganesh Himal for over 20 years. Recently in an effort to broaden their product base and employ more local people they have branched into these fun hand made paper jewelry items! It's a great way to use up scraps of paper and create wonderful inexpensive jewelry. We've created a cute decorative hang tag for these that makes them easy to display.



We are adding sale items to our website. Check it regularly to see our latest additions, like these pants!


CP-N-WSP Pants Regular Price: $11.00  Sale Price: $8.25

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June 2011



Our June shipment just arrived and our shelves are full! Since we launched our new website, we have noticed an increase in orders. While this is fabulous for us, we are finding that certain items are running out more quickly. Denise is working on making the appropriate adjustments with her ordering system and trying to work with the producers to get products made on time. Some items have been a little delayed due to the rebuilding of one of our weavers workshops (see below) but we are sure they'll have them coming to us soon!  Keep up the great orders! Thanks!

The Ganeshees


From our June Shipment



BG-T-TCP $2.50


New cute designs and colors!

Cotton Wallet

BG-T-AZC $2.00



Buddy's Pic! See below.






New colors in our new smaller multi-pocketed messenger bag.

BG-T-TWB $15.50

recycled silk bag
Recycled Silk Messenger Bag BG-C-RSM $16
New Silk Patchwork Coin Purses!
BG-C-NSC $4.00


Ordering Tips
Tips to Help Your Ordering 
We hope you have been enjoying our new website. Here are few ideas to make the process go smoothly for you:

1. Our website shopping cart does not save orders until after you submit them. Please pick a time when you think you won't be interrupted for long periods. If you are interrupted, go ahead and send us what you have, and just put in the comment box that you are sending an unfinished order.  After you send it, then the shopping cart WILL save it under your account section.  You can refer to this saved version later when you are ready to finish up your order.

2. If you are not a fan of ordering online, no problem! Just give us a call and we are happy to do it the old fashioned way on the phone, or fax/email it to us. Just remember that our most recent price changes and current product line is on our website. 


Help Build a New Producer Workshop!

Current Workshop


Workshop Update


Thanks to Just Creations, Fred Runkel, One World Fair Trade, Just Fare, and Kizuri for donating a total of $665 to help build the weaving workshop. Only $585 left to match the Ganesh Himal Trading grant of $1250. 


One of the Association for Craft Producer's (ACP) weaving groups needs to rebuild their workshop and Ganesh Himal has agreed to help! Bhagwati's women's group weaves all of our recycled silk runners and placemats, blockprint runners and more. Their workshop is old and ramshackle and we'd like to help them rebuild so that they have a great space to work in right next to where they live.  


Ganesh Himal invites you to help us! We are committed to raising $2500. Ganesh Himal will give $1250 and we'd like to raise the rest from the stores we sell to across North America. If 10 stores raised $60 we'd have it made. If 20 stores raised $30 we'd reach our goal. If 30 stores gave just $20 we'd be there!   


Email us with your donation total and we will add it to your next order!       Thanks in advance!

 Marybeth's Featured Finds 


Marybeth and her dog Ferguson


Marybeth the Dog Whisperer 

Did you know the woman who pulls your orders and talks to you on phone is a former DOG WHISPERER? Marybeth traveled all around the world helping people and their dogs improve their relationship skills. She also has an equally strong passion for FAIR TRADE, so that's where we come in!


Marybeth has a great eye, and she will be highlighting products that she thinks are exceptionally wonderful. This month, she is all about the recycled silk camera style bag. She LOVES the new colors (see below) and thinks they are the best thing since dog jerky!  


BG-C-CCB $7.50

Elegant, Handmade & Fair Trade!
Buddy goes Fair Trade 


Buddy doesn't cut corners when he shops for his fingerless gloves. He wants something that is elegant AND fashionable, yet made in a way that improves women's lives, not exploits them. These gloves are made by women who were former sex workers in Nepal, and have been given the opportunity to make a better living, with dignity. Your purchase of these gloves helps these women live better lives, it's that simple!