November 2010


Our shipment is here from Nepal and we have a great stock of KNITS! This means, if you are running out, you can reorder! We thank all of you who got their advance orders in and thanks also to our great producers who were able to fill all of our orders.

For those of you who haven't seen it, check out this video and learn more about some of the women who make many of our beautiful knits.
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Also, get some knew gift ideas and information about our products that you can pass onto your customers. Listen to Denise talk more about our felted wool, recycled tire bags, and some of the creative ways your purchases are helping women in Nepal.

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Best wishes for a busy, prosperous season!
The Ganeshees at Ganesh Himal Trading


Friends in Fair Trade
Globally Sound gets creative

Globally Sound Fair Trade, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, has had lots of fun sharing with customers Ganesh Himal Trading's recycled tire bags from Nepal.  As you can see, they have used real tires in their window display. It's been over a month and people are still coming in to look and asking questions.

It had always been a dream for both Germaine Millard and Genelle Van Heuklon owners of Globally Sound Fair Trade, and a mother and daughter team to start a business.

Out of their desire to find their true path, Genelle and Germaine through prayer and meditation found it in fair trade goods. Both Germaine and Genelle, like a lot of people, had always wanted to try to make the world a better place and felt as if they were not doing enough. Globally Sound is their small contribution to the global community. The store was created to honor the wonderfully handcrafted and useable pieces of art created around the world to
make fair trade goods easily accessible to the Fox Cities community.

To learn more about Globally Sound Fair Trade, visit their website at

Friends of Fair Trade is an opportunity for Ganesh Himal to share information with you about other fair trade businesses and all of the creative ways people are making Fair Trade accessible to the world. If you have an idea that you would like to share, please let us know, and we will put you in our newsletter so others may learn from you, and we can keep the fair trade wheel turning!

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Don't Forget about These Great Gift Ideas!

New Fair Trade Resource Network Calendar

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Fair Trade Kids' Book!



One of our
Newest, Coolest, Bags

BG-T-PAT $12.50

Wool Jackets Available! Download the Wool Coat pages

We have these styles in stock (only stock available). Call for available sizes.

WC-N-WSN- maroon/black or green/navy
WC-T-SCE- plum or navy
WC-T-MDJ- black or grey
WC-T-DBJ-maroon, black or navy
WC-T-BJ- black or maroon
WC-T-SPJ-blue or black

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