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January 2010
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In the 15 years that Dixie Cullen has been in business I don't believe that we have seen as much severe weather as we have seen in the past 30 days, at least for HOUSTON.  
Our crews kept working, fulfilling your shipping and receiving orders through  ice, snow and the longest string on below freezing temperatures that Houston  has seen in years.
We would like to take a few moments to thank you for the work that you have given us in the past and for considering us for your future needs.
TEAMING: A way of doing business
Over the years we have TEAMED with machinery movers, machine dealers and freight forwarders to enable them to offer a complete project package for their customers.   Most recently we have been able to TEAM  with Stone Machinery Movers on a project for one of their customers involving plant relocations from multiple locations across the country.  By choosing to  TEAM with us,  they are able to stage everything at our warehouse versus taking room on the factory floor and greatly reducing the space available for the  installation of the equipment at the plant.   It also reduces the extra handling of moving things from spot to spot as that space is needed for equipment installation.  Everything is handled at our facility with overhead cranes so that we can just pick out what the end customer requires without extra handling and delays.
Stone Machinery
This process also allows for everything to be layed out and organized so that everyone can see what there is, determine what order is needed and move forward in a structured manner.
Why not contact us TODAY to see how we can assist you in working as a TEAM to complete that next project.  


2nd Annual Harris County International Business Conference
We find that there is so much information out there, that we could not begin to include everything in our newsletter, so we have set up a "BLOG" that we post to on a regular basis.    You can bookmark this link and check whenever you wish.
Last year we had the opportunity to attend the first Annual Harris County International Business Conference which was rescheduled due to Hurricane IKE.
It was a great conference with a wealth of information,  we will be attending again this year.
It's scheduled for January 25th and 26th with a focus on Brazil.
The link for more information is:
Welcome to the Second Annual Harris County
International Trade & Transportation Conference

The Texas Gulf Coast is destined to become "gateway to North America." And, Harris County, the third largest county in the United States, and surrounding counties, must take steps now to fulfill that destiny. The Port of Houston and other Texas ports will need efficient transportation and adequate infrastructure to meet the growing demands. In addition to building infrastructure and improving the overall transportation network, our region must build relationships with current and future trading partners. The first year's conference focused on our neighbor and economic partner, Mexico. The 2010 conference will highlight Brazil, a country destined for the top tier among global economies and a natural trading partner with Harris County.

If you have a specific interest in trade with Brazil, the future of our region, or a general interest in international transportation and logistics, this conference is for you.

Contact us today to discuss how we can be of assistance to you for your storage, export preparation and material handling needs.
Catherine James
Dixie Cullen Interests Inc