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May  2009
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The July 4th Holiday Weekend is fast approaching and we wanted to remind everyone that our  Offices and Warehouses will be closed on Friday July 3, to enable our employees to have a long Holiday weekend with their families.
We wish everyone a safe and relaxing Independence Day Holiday.
Our offices and warehouses will reopen for business on Monday July 6th at 7am.
Do things seem to run in cycles for you?  It does for us.

June was a month full of excitement and oversize loads.  Some big and heavy, but not so big that they could not be handled by equipment onsite.   Our Overhead Crane with Spreader Beam easily unloaded this 96,000 pound piece from truck into our Almeda Genoa warehouse facility.

   Plantex Heavy Load

 Oversize, does not always mean heavy, sometimes it just means long, like these 57 foot boxes, that need extra support when handling.   Our  spreader beams make all the difference when handling material of this type.  These lengths are routinely handled at both of our warehouse facilities. 

    Long Boxes




Shipping Container Architecture
We find that there is so much information out there, that we could not begin to include everything in our newsletter, so we have set up a "BLOG" that we post to on a regular basis.    You can bookmark this link and check whenever you wish.
Shipping Container Architecture
Do-Gooder Corner

Ever wonder what happens to all those shipping containers that haul freight back and forth between countries?  They are built to exacting industry standards to survive punishing weather, thieves, terrorists, and clumsy stevedores.  People even sneak into countries in containers, using them for temporary shelters.  But is shipping the only thing these things are good for?  They are piling up at the docks, especially with the economic downturn.   

In a beautiful marriage of art and function, people are starting to use shipping containers to build houses and office buildings.  Shipping container houses are cheaper and sturdier than traditional houses, so they shouldn't be confused with trailers/motor homes.  They also serve an important conservation purpose and be converted to emergency shelters when, for example, a hurricane hits.  

Shipping container architecture is not new and there are plenty of resources on the Internet on the subject.  Here is one site and a second one.
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