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Ike was our first Experience with a Hurricane, but those plans that we put into place as part of our emergency plans paid off.  
While we had power problems and are still having telephone problems, we are VERY, VERY pleased that both of our Houston Warehouse facilities came out with very minor damage, and most of that were the big Oak and Pecan trees that we had at our facility.   No flooding, no lost roofs or walls.
We were back to business as usual by Monday after Ike.
  No, it's not Triple Vision
You're definately seeing THREE seperate  Aerial Lift units as they are prepared for overseas shipment.
Steel Coils, Tires, steel bar, construction equipment, mobile cranes even a few motor vehicles, machine tools and an assortment of project cargo.
3 Aerial Lifts 
Blocking Aerial
Cross blocking and securing are the norm for our standard practices. 
Included in the services that we offer our export clients is the planning and laying out the loads,  blocking with ISPM 15 Certificed blocking and dunnage. We have now also received ISPM 15 Certification for Break Bulk Boxing.  Preparing packing lists and photo journaling the project for our customers.  But also making sure that fuel certificates and dock receipts are in hand to go with the shipment to avoid delays.  Scheduling with freight forwarders and trucking companies are all in a days work for us.   This saves time and worry for our customers.


Importing?  Exporting?   You've requested more information and we're providing it?
Each of our newsletters in the past has included important information about trade.  Many of you have emailed us and told us that this is information that you're not receiving else where. 
We find that there is so much information out there, that we could not begin to include everything in our newsletter, so we have set up a "BLOG" that we post to almost daily.    You can bookmark this link and check whenever you wish.
  International Trade News
Washington Post
On a Vital Route, a Boom in Piracy  "Somali pirates plying the Gulf of Aden in speedboats equipped with grenade launchers and scaling ladders have launched what the maritime industry calls the biggest surge of piracy in modern times, sending shipping costs soaring and the world's navies scrambling to protect the main water route from Asia and the Middle East to Europe. Pirates from the failed African state of Somalia have attacked at least 61 ships in and around the Gulf of Aden this year, 17 of them in the first two weeks of September alone, according to the International Maritime Bureau's Piracy Reporting Center in Malaysia. That compares with 13 attacks in the area for all of 2007." 
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Catherine James
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