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June is just flying by, and the July 4th Holiday is just around the corner.     I wanted to take the time to wish all of you a safe summer holiday.
Both of our warehouse facilities will be closed for business on Friday July 4th and will reopen at 7am on Monday July 7th for business as usual.  
  Exports on the increase at our Almeda  Genoa facility.
Since opening our Almeda Genoa facility we have seen a major increase not only the number of  containers/flat racks and items going break bulk that are being prepared for export at our facility but also a wide variety products.
Steel Coils, Tires, steel bar, construction equipment, mobile cranes even a few motor vehicles, machine tools and an assortment of project cargo.
John Deere IFF
Included in the services that we offer our export clients is the planning and laying out the loads,  blocking with ISPM 15 Certificed blocking and dunnage.  Preparing packing lists and photo journaling the project for our customers.  But also making sure that fuel certificates and dock receipts are in hand to go with the shipment to avoid delays.  Scheduling with freight forwarders and trucking companies are all in a days work for us.   This saves time and worry for our customers.


Importing?  Be sure to read this
Global Logistics published a report from JP Morgan titled "Don't Get Too Comfortable About Global Trade:  JPMorgan punctures import Compliance Myths".   While many of you may be aware of these issues already, we did want to take a few moments to share some basics as I receive a lot of emails  and calls thanking us for information because you did not receive it from anyone else.
The article reports:
Many companies aren't fully aware of the risks that come with trading in the global market, according to JPMorgan Global Trade Services.  In a recent white paper, the firm highlights five myths of import compliance.  1.  A company's exposure is limited to the amount of Customs duties.  NO, says JP Morgan - it's equal to the value of the imported goods, plus duty.  2.  You're "out of the woods" when customs releases your shipment.  NO, the statue of limitations on filing misstatements or omissions is five years.  3.  Mistakes in the invoice are the fault of the seller.  NO, it's the importer who's responsible for what's reported on the Customs entry.  4.  It's the customs broker's problem when mistakes are made.  NO, the importer remains fully accountable for submissions made on it's behalf.  5.  The keeping of entry records is the exclusive job of the customs broker.    TOUGH LUCK:  Importers are required to keep copies of all correspondence related to import transactions for five years.  Bearing those facts in mind, JPMorgan said, allows companies to realize the full benefits of global sourcing.
The white paper is available by visiting  www.jpmorgan.com/ts.
Contact us today to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.
Catherine James
Dixie Cullen Interests Inc