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The past few months have been extremely busy, as we've prepared our Almeda Genoa facility for business.  Now we have two great warehouse facilities to service your storage, transloading, packing and export containerizing needs.
We're adding more overhead cranes, new fences and much more just to service your requirements.
  Export Packing and Containerizing - ISPM 15 Compliant
In the 11 years we have been in business we have seen the global economy change in many ways.  Top of the list is that the world is no longer as large and daunting as it has been, more and more companies are doing business globally.   We too are looking at the needs of our Global Customers.
Just this year alone our customers have shipped steel, machinery, construction equipment, skidded product and material and farm tractors through our warehouse facility for countries such as Peru, India, France, Venezula, China, Guatamala, Viet Nam and Taiwan.
In order to continue to provide our customers  with the quality  services that  they need,  we have applied for and received our ISPM 15 Certification.  You may be asking what this means to you. 
Quite simply it means to you that each piece of wood that we use in building the skids, blocking your containers, or building a crate will be stamped with our ISPM 15 Certified Stamp, every two feet.  So it can easily be seen when and if your container is opened for inspection that the proper blocking and dunnage is used.
It also means that our  packing and containerinzing operation is inspected monthly to assure international compliance. 


Sometimes through the TOP is the only way to go!
Sometimes we have no choice but to go through the TOP.  A good portion of the products that we handle are "out of gauge" and take special handling.  We are able to expidite the transloading of these tires with the use of our yard crane. 

Through the Top

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Catherine James
Dixie Cullen Interests Inc