Dixie Cullen Interests Inc
www.dixiecullen.com                                                                    May 2007

It's an exciting time here at Dixie Cullen Interests Inc, thanks to our customers we're growing.   We wanted to take a few moments to share with you the newest addition to our Industrial Storage Operation that will assist us in further helping our customers and future customers expedite your industrial material handling needs.
NEW  Mitsubishi Forklift
After months of waiting our 33,000 pound capacity Mitsubishi  forklift has arrived.
The addition of this unit is beneficial in assisting our customers for with their outside storage needs.
It has also proved helpful in expediting some of our customers pipe and steel transloading  requirements.
Contact us today to discuss your storage and material handling requirements.  Inside and outside storage space is currently available.    catherine@dixiecullen.com or 713-747-1101.

Catherine James
Dixie Cullen Interests Inc