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Dear DU Campus Community,
The Center for Multicultural Excellence has had a tremendous year of growth and excitement. Through our continued partnerships, we have begun to witness a renaissance on the DU campus as it relates to diversity. So many individuals, department, and organizations serving students, staff, faculty, community and alumni have embraced the value of diversity, recognize the strength it brings to us all, and have been demonstrating this through increased programming, events, language, attitudes and interest in learning.  I am heartened by energy that I have witnessed that communicates that DU is place that anyone can succeed and thrive!  I applaud all of you who have taken time on a daily basis and through your work to change the climate at DU for the better.  To share some of this energy, hope you enjoy our newsletter.  
                                                           Johanna Leyba
                                                           Director, CME


By Associate Provost Jesus Trevino
With the support and encouragement of Provost Kvistad and Chancellor Coombe, the staff of the Center for Multicultural Excellence continues to promote and unfold the concept of inclusive excellence throughout the University of Denver.  Inclusive excellence is a product and idea of the Association of American Colleges and Universities that reconceptualizes the definition of diversity from representation (demographics) to the transformation of a college or university that embeds diversity into all aspects of the institution.  Stated differently, a campus that practices inclusive excellence embeds diversity into its hiring practices, curriculum, budget, policies, student learning, mission, values, goals, institutional decision-making, athletics, community service, management, student development, staff support, communications, institutional advancement, tenure, student services, and many other components of a university.  Moreover, inclusive excellence concept shifts responsibility for diversity from one department on campus to every member of an institution.  Inclusive excellence also expands the definition of diversity beyond race and ethnicity to also include gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, age, religion as well as other important social dimensions.

To date,  the Department of Athletics, College of Business, Graduate School of Social Work, College of Education, Human Resources, the College of Law, the Fisher Early Learning Center, Student Affairs, the Center for Teaching and Learning, University College, Graduate Studies and Research, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Penrose Library, Business and Financial Affairs, and the Staff Advisory Council are a few of the departments and colleges which have started to implement , embrace,  and/or explore inclusive excellence .  We will be looking to recognize the units cited above (and other departments) for their outstanding contributions to inclusive excellence at the Annual DU Diversity Summit on May 4, 2007.


Transforming the University of Denver and embedding diversity throughout the institution is a long-term initiative.  We are certainly on our way.

By Associate Provost Jesus Trevino
The Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration provided students, staff and faculty with the opportunity to participate in several events in January to honor the late civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The theme of this year's celebration was "History, Education, Action: Care-ing the Dream," and focused on encouraging action and reflection related to issues of diversity at DU.  The celebration begin on January 8th, with special guest speaker Nevil Shed, who spoke about the film "Glory Road."  The film, starring Academy Award Winning actor Denzel Washington, is based on Nevil Shed's experiences with the first all-black team to win an NCAA basketball championship. 

Other MLK events included a research symposium designed to share social justice research and a panel discussion entitled "Care-ing" the Dream from a Legal and Social Justice Perspective," led by Sturm College of Law Dean Beto Juarez.  By all accounts, this was one of the most successful DU celebrations with all the events well attended by the DU community.


Thanks and congratulations to the members of the 2007 MLK Celebration Organizing Committee: Tracey Peters, Aaron Schwarzberg; Amy Bechtum; Christy Cerrone; Connie Rule;; Glenn Fee;; Lamont Sellers; Lisa Ingarfield; Michael Jennings; Olga Tunga; Roderick Rose; Tina Stack- Oldweiler; Tonnette Ludtke; Tony Daniels; Veronica White; and Genile Moore.

By Sarah Nickels
On February 22, 2007, the DU Queer and Ally Commission hosted "Looking Back, Moving Forward: the DU LGBTIQ and Allies Celebration Gala" in the Driscoll Ballroom.  Over 200 attendees from DU and the City of Denver donned their "fancy" attire to share in community, honor the diverse histories of LGBTIQA communities, and to support visibility of LGBTIQA students, faculty, and staff at DU.  Begun as the "Accept and Celebrate Reception" by DU Graduate Student Makaria Green and the Commission in 2006, The Gala is now an annual tradition at DU.

An esteemed DU alumna, Dee Galloway, served as Mistress of Ceremonies and evoked an emotional response from attendees with her rendition of Ma Rainey's "The Prove it on Me Blues" and her original poem, "Heroes".  Following the convocation, community leaders from DU and Denver offered brief "Reflections" about personal and community LGBTIQA histories.  The featured speakers were: Reynaldo Mireles, Jr., Program Coordinator at El Futuro Community Center; John Nichols, Director of the Driscoll Student Center; DU Faculty Caryn Aviv and David Shneer; Alex Sanchez, Vice Chair of the GLBT Commission for the City and County of Denver; and, Anna Sun and Moises Muñoz, leaders of DU's Queer Straight Alliance. 

The event allowed for an opportunity to acknowledge allies and advocates on campus.  Nancy Wadsworth, Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department and Co-chair of the newly formed DU Queer Faculty Association, presented awards to seven DU community members who have positively impacted DU LGBTIQA communities.

Closing out the inspirational evening, Lisa Lusero, a performance artist and DU law student, performed excerpts from her One-Woman-Show, Impossible Body.  Lisa's performance brought the audience to their feet, honoring her performance as one that touches everyone who negotiates multiple personal and social identities. 

Attendees of the 2007 Gala commented that they most enjoyed the sense of community, inclusiveness, meeting allies and genuinely good people, the festive and fun environment, networking, the energy and humor. 

We hope to see you at the Gala in 2008!  For more information please contact Sarah Nickels at (303) 871-4614 or at                                      




Tenure-Track Faculty

Out Through the Mind Award - in appreciation for your contribution to intellectual inquiry about queer life

Professor N. Eugene Walls


Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Lavender Giraffe Award - in appreciation for the courage to stick your neck out for LGBTIQA issues through teaching and research

Dr. Caryn Aviv


Grad Students

Master of (Gr)Advocacy (M.A.) Award - in appreciation for your role as a LGBTIQA educator among graduate students

Richard G. Jones, Jr.



Mover & Shaker Award - in appreciation for your gutsy energy in creating a safe, fun community for LGBTIQA undergrads

Anna Sun



Number One Network Nelly Award- in appreciation for the bridges you build and the connections you help sustain within and across communities

Lisa Ingarfield



Safe Haven Award- in appreciation for your willingness to serve as a nurturing point of connection for LGBTIQA communities

Pat Larsen



Still Struttin' Your Stuff Award - in appreciation for your contributions to promoting equality for LGBTIQA communities post-graduation

Michael Brewer, Esq.




By M. Mia Schutte 

Nearly 200 undergraduate students participated in the Forth Annual 2007 Voices of Discovery Intergroup Dialogue Program along with 26 Graduate Student and Staff Member dialogue facilitators.  The program was supported by 6 Faculty Members (who wrote the program into their curriculum). The project consisted of five weeks of 2-hour long dialogues held at various times, days, and locations; and one closing ceremony at the Driscoll Student Center.


The goal of the program was to bring together small groups of individuals from various social identity backgrounds (including race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender, and other groups) to share their life and campus experiences related to diversity.  Participants  return with new knowledge of diversity, skills to promote tolerance and understanding, friends with whom to continue interacting and networking, and a sense of responsibility to serve as an ally to social identity groups other than those to which they belong.  We hope that these dialogues will help improve the DU campus climate for diversity.


Overall, the evaluations showed that students were positively impacted by their group interactions.  Many reported learning new ideas and acquiring new information, sharing stories related to diversity, and discussing issues that they had never before discussed.  For more information contact Mia Schutte at 303-871-2270 or

By Vanessa Valdez

On Friday, the 23rd of February 2007, the Women's Circle Luncheon was hosted in Driscoll Gallery, from 11:30pm to 1:30pm. Women from across the DU campus got together to discuss issues, share their strengths and stories that they, as women of color face in their daily lives.

The guest speaker for the afternoon was Wendy Duong, the Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Denver. Wendy shared some of her experiences as a woman of color in the law profession, as well as some helpful hints on how to overcome discrimination. The Women's Circle Luncheon is an event that CME hosts once a quarter. Its purpose is to provide women with a support network, and a place where they can share their experiences with others. To receive information on the next Women Circle Luncheon, please contact Vanessa Valdez at

Graduate Student.b EventGRADUATE STUDENT
C O L O R   R E C E PT I O N 
By Erin Dutton
The Center for Multicultural Excellence sponsored the Second Annual Graduate Students of Color Reception on Thursday, March 1st, 2007.

Erin Dutton, CME Graduate Student Services Coordinator, coordinated the event designed to recognize and build community among DU graduate students.  Johanna Leyba, Director of the Center for Multicultural Excellence, and Dr. Jim Moran, Vice-Provost for Graduate Studies and Research welcomed the graduate students, staff, and faculty.  Guest speaker Anthony Hubert, Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre, spoke about multiculturalism, the value of diversity, intergroup perceptions, and welcoming campus environments.  The program also included graduate student dialogues focusing on the experiences at DU of graduate students of color.  Special thanks to April Guy, Letty Trevino, Bushra Aryan, Troy Hashimoto, and Ana Child for volunteering and making the event a success.  For more information about Graduate Student Services, please contact Erin Dutton at

By Denise A. Pappas-Lucero

On March 1st, The Center for Multicultural Excellence collaborated with the DU Office of Financial Aid in sponsoring the "2007 Financial Aid Workshop" for students and their parents.  The two hour workshop covered the multiple complexities of the application process ranging from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), to a general overview of the financial aid system. 


Jen Sprinkle, Deedra Allbritton, and Lori Orzech did a wonderful job presenting the various types of aid available to undergraduates such as Pell Grants, Scholarships, Federal Work-Study, and Subsidized/Unsubsidized Stafford Loans.  They also explained the process that parents need to follow in applying for a Parent Plus Loan designed to pay for their child's education.  Students were also provided with essential materials to aid in their loan and scholarship searches.


Attendees were surprised to learn that the application process to DU and the Financial Aid process for first time students goes hand in hand.  Throughout the night representatives from the Office of Financial Aid and CME representative, Lamont Sellers, answered many complex questions and provided one-on-one advising to those who came prepared with paperwork. 

For more information please contact Deedra Allbritton in the Financial Aid Office at 
(303) 871-4020.
Financial Wksp 2007THE WOMEN'S COLLEGE
By Johanna Leyba
 The Women's College of the University of Denver and the Latin American Educational Foundation (LAEF) hosted a scholarship seminar, "Paying for your Education," on Tuesday, February 13th. The seminar explored different scholarship, grant and loan opportunities that can make earning a DU degree affordable. The event was a tremendous success with over 60 women attending who are looking to complete their bachelor degree.
Johanna Leyba, director of DU's Center for Multicultural Excellence facilitated the event.  Panelists  included Lisa Ramirez, Board President of the Latin American Education Foundation; Angela Arguello, associate manager of sales support for Great-West Life and LAEF scholarship recipient; Teresa Kostenbauer, senior manager from the Suitts Center for Career Services at DU's Daniels College of Business; and Mariza Vazquez, executive director of the Latina Chamber.
Scholarship opportunities included the Latin American Educational Foundation, the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, The Women's College of the University of Denver and the Women'sVision Foundation.  
The Women's College offers undergraduate degree programs in business, communication, information technology studies and law and society.  Courses are offered in a non-traditional, weekend and evening format designed for working women. For further information regarding scholarships or degree programs please contact: The Women's College offers undergraduate degree programs in business, communication, information technology studies and law and society.  Courses are offered in a non-traditional, weekend and evening format designed for working women. For further information regarding scholarships or degree programs please contact:  Nancy M. Hemming, Manager of Community Outreach, The Women's College of the University of Denver, 1901 E. Asbury Avenue, Denver, CO, 80208, (303) 871-6621 or at or


* LGBTIQ Staff Association Meeting - April 3rd, 12-1 p.m., Chamber Center Garden Room;
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