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 Pastor Ron Harvey




In recent years we have had a polar shift in the way we think about life. We live in a day of what has been called a post-modern culture. The rules of morality and acceptability have changed. Now for the first time in the history of western culture, truth is viewed differently. Up until recent years truth was viewed as objective and outside yourself. You discover truth. Newton discovered the law of gravity; he didn't create it. In the moral realm we discover the truth of moral law; we don't create it. But all that is changed in the way it is viewed in post-modern culture. Today you get to create your own truth. So what may be true to me may not be true to you (and visa versa).


Take note of how this shift of thought occurred. If you eliminate God, then you eliminate ultimate truth. That's what we've done, for all practical purposes, in public education, personal conversation and decision-making. Post-modern culture doesn't think in terms of ultimate truth. If there is no God or ultimate truth, then what one person believes as right is just as good as what another believes as right. Now, according to this philosophy, you get to determine what is true to you and I get to define what is true to me. Truth is not outside yourself, you get to determine truth inside yourself. So truth is up to you-but don't try to impose on another your own view. That is the post-modern philosophy so prevalent today in the USA.


This is why today love, as defined by our culture, means accepting, approving, allowing all beliefs and behavior. You find God and meaning your way and I'll find it my way. According to post-modern America there is no objective truth. Furthermore, social science has tried to provide the underpinnings for such a philosophy so as to give it credence. The result of this pairing of thought between post-modern philosophy and social science is that it undermines the authority of Scripture, the moral commands of God, and the truth of the gospel.


This perhaps helps explain why Christianity is under such attack today. It runs against the grain of post-modern thought. Our philosophy of life is based on a belief in God and the authority of Scripture. We live in obedience to the moral commands of God-and this runs contrary to our culture. No wonder the Christian faith, along with its moral teachings, are not well-received in post-modern culture.


John though makes it clear that our life of love as Christians is based in truth. "I ask that we love one another. And this is love that we walk in obedience to his commands." (2 John 1-6).


Don't be na´ve you are either going to base your life and build your life on the objective truth of Scripture or the subjective notions of culture. You get to make the choice; but you don't get to choose the consequences of your choice. So choose wisely! Remember Jesus warned about the man who built his house on shifting sand rather than solid rock. The current trend to a post-modern philosophy is shifting sand and it will bring destruction to many persons and families. Build your life on the rock solid truth of God's Word and you will withstand the storms of life. That's a promise you can stand upon from God's Holy Word!


Blessings Today,

Pastor Ron 

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