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June 2011
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Sun Smarts for Stroller FItness
Prairie Highlights
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Prenatal Fitness FAQs

Sun Smarts for Stroller Fitness


Slip! Slop! Slap! Seek! Slide! Slip on sun protective clothing (and a stroller sun shade).  Slop on sunscreen.  Slap on a wide brimmed hat. Seek Shade and slide on sunglasses. This is what your children are going to grow up hearing so you might as well get them started early.  Don't forget to be a good role model.
Sunscreen and Young Babies
Sunscreen is not recommended for babies less than 6 months of age.  You can work around this be slipping, slapping, seeking and sliding in the meantime.
Ian close up
Healthy Sunscreen
Did you know that many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals?  Choose a safer sunscreen by doing your research on EWG's SKin Deep Cosmetics Data Base 
Prairie Highlights

wheatFit 4 Two Winnipeg 
July Promo: Stay hydrated in style! Register for any July Fit 4 Two Winnipeg class by June 30, and recieve a super cute Fit 4 Two water bottle. Class Schedule.
Call for instructors in North Winnipeg! Are you energetic, social and motivated to give 100%? Email aileen@fit4two.ca for more information on becoming a Fit 4 Two instructor.
Want to try a stroller fitness or stroller bootcamp class this summer? Check out the free trials.
BC Highlights




Fit 4 Two Richmond 

Zumba! Fit 4 Two Richmond is the only location to offer Zumba Gold for Moms & Babies.

Prenatal AquaFit! Watermania pool is hosting this class for moms-to-be from Richmond, Ladner, Delta and New-Westminster. See moms in action in this video (bottom page)


Richmond Olympic Oval is the Stroller Fitness location of choice for moms from Burnaby and New-Westminster.


Fit 4 Two Vancouver-Downtown/False Creek 

Summer Promo: 'Like' our Fit 4 Two Pre and Postnatal Fitness Facebook Page and receive a super cute Fit 4 Two water bottle.  Please note that bottles will be distributed at class. 

Prenatal Fitness FAQs

prenatal incline chest press


What kind of exercises will be be doing? 

We begin with a warm-up to prepare our bodies and prevent injuries.  Next your instructor will lead you through cardiovascular and strength training exercises.  We focus on muscular endurance (2-3 sets, 10-15 reps) using dumbbells, resistance bands, body weight and more.  We cool down before focusing on core work and flexibility.  We always aim to end class with relaxation.


What should I wear?

Well fitting athletic shoes that still have cushion and traction, a supportive sports bra and breathable, comfortable clothing. 


What should I bring?

A water bottle and a small towel.  If this is your first class with Fit 4 Two, please remember to bring your completed/signed PARmed-X for Pregnancy form.

10 Reasons to do your Kegels

woman jumping
Pelvic floor exercises should be part of your daily exercise routine. 

So you can...

Reduce your chances of tearing during childbirth.*


Reduce your chances of needing an episiotomy during childbirth.*

Prevent/manage lower back pain.
Run & jump without fear of incontinence.
Prevent/manage pelvic girdle pain.

Flatten your tummy.

Truly strengthen your core.

Rehabilitate abdominal separation. (common side effect of pregnancy)

Reduce your chances of musculoskeletal injuries.

Enjoy a longer & stronger 'O'.
*All other factors being equal of course.
ALL Fit 4 Two classes inclue exercsies for the pelvic floor.

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