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May 2011
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BC Highlights
Prairie Highlights
Prenatal AquaFit FAQs
Stroller Fitness FAQs
BC Highlights

Fit 4 Two Surrey, South Surrey & White Rock
Is your baby 4-18 months old?  Join Tracy for our very popular Fit 4 TwoŽ Simplifying Infant and Toddler Nutrition Workshop where you can explore all of these questions, and more. 


Fit 4 Two Vancouver 

Join the Tummies 4 Mommies Challenge!  Contact us for a copy of our Tummies 4 Mommies home workout and post your success on our Fit 4 Two Vancouver facebook page each time you complete the workout.  Other moms will post encouraging comments.  Benefit from the support of our Fit 4 Two Vancouver facebook community.

Prairie Highlights

Fit 4 Two Winnipeg 
Want to soothe and relax baby, help with digestion, encourage bonding and more? Come check out our Fit 4 Two Infant Massage Family Workshop May 28 in Winnipeg. Details

Stroller Bootcamp returns to St Vital Park in May! Free trial is May 26. Details
Fit 4 Two Regina
It's time to head outdoors.  Check out our spring and summer schedule for outdoor Prenatal Fitness, Stroller Fitness and Stroller Bootcamp classes. 
Prenatal AquaFit FAQs

One of our most popular classes is Prenatal Aqua Fit.  Benefits include improved circulation, cardiovascular endurance, strength, range of motion and the sensation of weightlessness. 


Do I need to be a good swimmer?

No, but you should be comfortable in chest height water or using a floatation device in deep water.  Aqua Fitness is also referred to as vertical aquatic training.  It is not a swimming class.  For your safety, a life guard is always present. 


What should I wear?

A regular swim suit, maternity swim suit or a sports bra and board shorts/bikini bottom. We recommend the added support of a sports bra under your swim suit.  Some women also like to wear water shoes.


What should I bring?

Swim suit, towel, water bottle, toiletries and a lock.  You can rent or buy many of these things at the facility if you forget. You might like to bring flip-flops for the pool deck. 

Stroller Fitness & Stroller Bootcamp FAQs


Do I need a running stroller?
No.  We do not run with strollers during class.  You can attend class with any stroller that you can push comfortably while walking at a fast pace. 

Do we run with strollers in class? 
No.  Safe Kids Canada does not recommend stroller running with babies unless baby is at least 12-months-old, wearing a helmet and in a true jogging stroller with a 5-point-harness.  

If we are not running with strollers, how do we get our heart rates up?
Good question.  At Stroller Fitness, we do intervals of power walking (keeps babies happy) , cardio drills and strength training.  Ask moms who attend our classes, your heart will be pumping.  At Stroller Bootcamp, we usually stick to one location where we focus on cardio, strength, power, agility etc and take babies for brief stroller power walks as needed. 


once upon a belly
Come visit Fit 4 Two at the Once Upon a Belly event on May 28th!
Pre-register to get more free goodies.
If you are not from Yaletown, aim to make a day of it.  Go for a walk on the sea wall, stop in at Saf and Benjamin, take the aquabus over to Granville Island. 
Hope to see you there!

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