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December with Fit 4 Two!
December 2010
Fit 4 Two Local Highlights
Fit 4 Two Vancouver Downtown/False Creek
Holiday Promotion! Register for a January class or purchase a gift certificate for Vancouver Downtown/False Creek classes by December 31st and attend an Infant Massage Workshop for free!  Details.
Fit 4 Two Vancouver-East
Holiday Promotion! Register in any class or purchase a gift certificate for Vancouver East classes by December 31st and receive a free pass to use in any other Vancouver East class type where drop-ins are allowed - you can even gift it to a friend! More info

Fit 4 Two Vancouver-West
Does you partner think that Fit 4 TwoŽ Mom and Baby Bootcamp is just a girlie workout?  Prove him wrong in this first annual Fit 4 TwoŽ Bring Your Partner to Bootcamp fundraiser for the Vancouver Food Bank Saturday December 11.  Details.

Fit 4 Two Richmond
NEW!  Fit 4 Two Richmond is now offering a Couples Yoga Workshop. This 4 hour workshop is designed to help expecting mothers and their partners prepare for a positive and joyful birth experience together.  NEW!  Fit 4 Two Richmond will be offering offering Tummies 4 Mommies beginning in January.  Click here for more information.

Fit 4 Two Mid-Vancouver Island
FREE TRIAL Mom & Baby Fitness class at Shawnigan Lake Community Centre on Fri., January 14, from 9-10 am.

Fit 4 Two Winnipeg West, MB
Please join us for a holiday stroller fitness class in support of the Variety Children's Heritage Park at The Forks (opening 2011). Invite your mom friends and come on down!
Thursday December 30, 10:30-11:30am.  Details 

Holiday Promotion!  Register in December or purchase a gift certificate for a series of classes beginning in January 2011, and receive a free pass to try another class or bring a friend. 
New location for Prenatal Fitness in Winnipeg: starting January 2011, classes will be offered at Yoga, Pilates and More.

Expecting Mom Question of the Month

How far into my pregnancy can I exercise?

What if I told you that there was a woman who was 41-week-gestation at my prenatal fitness class last week?  It's true! So what does that mean for you?  Well, just like each woman is unique, so is each pregnancy.  Some women enjoy exercising right up until they give birth whereas some find it uncomfortable and choose to stop exercising a few weeks before their due date. 

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada do not give us a rule for when to stop. In fact, they encourage all healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies to participate in cardiovascular exercise and strength training throughout their pregnancies.  

So the answer is: listen to your body.  If it feels good an continues to increase your energy and decrease aches and pains, then keep at it.  If you are noticing that exercise leaves you feeling wiped out and uncomfortable, then maybe it is time to rest and nest until baby arrives. If you are in doubt, talk to your healthcare provider.
New Mom Question of the Month
Where can I find a sport bra that also works well for breastfeeding?

As a fitness instructor who breastfed both her children to age two, I recommend the following:

1. Look for actual cup and band sizing rather than just small, medium and large.

2. Prioritize support.  Try it on and jump up and down in the change room.  Does it feel supportive enough?

3. Choose a bra that is breastfeeding-friendly.  Where are the attachments?  Will you be able to access your breasts easily?  If you find a bra you love that meets criteria 1 and 2, then the best way to access the girls is to slide the shoulder strap down.  Never pull your breast out the top or squish it under.  This damages breast tissue and can cause clogged ducts.

Couples Yoga Workshop

Preparing for a Joyful Birth

 Pregnant 3 quarters_vertical_black and BARE BELL_looking down

This  NEW workshop is being offered January 23 in Richmond BC. 


This 4 hour session is designed to help expecting mothers and their partners prepare for a positive and joyful birth experience together.


Full details here.

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Click here to enter this contest. Congratulations to our November winner, Jerri from Winnipeg.


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