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November with Fit 4 Two!
November 2010
Solutions for Pregnancy Sleep Problems
Many moms-to-be complain of pregnancy insomnia, sore hips from sleeping on their sides or being woken up with painful foot cramps.  Isn't sleeplessness supposed to come AFTER baby arrives?

So what can we do for a more restful sleep during pregnancy? 

I'll limit my advice to 5 ideas and I welcome you to add yours here.  

1. Invest in good pillows.  I'm not talking about those 'body pillows' from department stores that have almost no density.  I'm talking about a serious body pillow like what the folks at youpillows  produce.  Not only is it a body pillow but it doubles as a nursing pillow too.  Prefer regular pillows? Invest in at least three good pillows.  One for your head, one for between your knees AND ankles and one to hug (If your hips are aching, your shoulders won't be far behind).  P.S.  Don't let your partner watch 'The Back Up Plan" with Jennifer Lopez.  He might fear the body pillow will replace him. 

Click here to read tips 2-5.
New Mom Question of the Month
When is the right time to join a postnatal fitness class?

We get this question a lot.  While The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada states that women who experience a caesarean birth should wait for their doctor's okay at the 6-week post-operative check up, they say that women who experience vaginal births should let fatigue be their guide. 
When I tell women this they usually respond with an incredulous look and something along the lines of, "Seriously? Let fatigue be my guide?!!!"  It is no secret that parenting a newborn is one of the most tiring things a person will ever do.  If we wait until we are not tired we'll be waiting a very, very long time. So when DO we start exercising again?

We recommend that you begin easing back into organized fitness when:
  • Your lochia (postpartum bleeding) is complete.
  • Over the course of the 12 hours you consider night time, you get a total of 8 hours sleep.  Ideally, 4 of those hours are in a row.
  • You feel energized and pain free after a brisk 30 minute walk.
  • YOU want to exercise.  Sometimes well-meaning friends and family can pressure us to jump back into fitness vs ease in or to go back to organized exercise too soon.
Fit 4 Two Local Highlights
Fit 4 Two Surrey
Tracy wants you to is BRING-A-FRIEND-FREE   November 29 - December 3  in Surrey!   Details
Fit 4 Two Surrey is Celebrating it's 5th anniversary in December!  In honour of all the strong women who have participated in the past, present or future, we're hosting a free Tummies 4 Mommies class!  Your core drives your strength, and you drive ours!  Please join Tracy on December 10, 2010  for 30 minutes to find, re-unite or get to know your core and your fellow past and present participants and instructors.  Goodies and coffee will be provided afterwards.  RSVP required as we have limited space.

Fit 4 Two Vancouver-East
To celebrate Midwifery Month in Vancouver East... Community Resources to Enhance your Parenting Journey - a free event at Rhizome Cafe on Nov 14 from 5-8pm!  Includes a Baby 'Free Store' (bring baby and kids stuff you have to share and walk away with what you need), a baby signing presentation by Adar Birth Services, as well as health and exercise tips from Fit 4 TwoŽ Vancouver East!  More info

Fit 4 Two Vancouver-West
The last session of the year for most classes on the Vancouver Westside begins the first week of November.  Don't worry if you've missed the first class, join midway and your registration fee will be prorated.  Class Schedule.

Fit 4 Two Richmond
Your baby likes to be on the move but you don't like to exercise in the rain? We have the solution: INDOOR Stroller Fitness at the Richmond Olympic Oval!  We are going to use the 200m track on rainy days and the outdoor courtyard (bench park, stairs, dyke) on sunny and warm days. The best of both worlds!
Mon to Thurs 9:30-10:30am.

Fit 4 Two Winnipeg West, MB
Fit 4 Two Winnipeg-West now offers 15 classes a week!  Missed the start date?  No worries.  We welcome new participants at anytime.  Class schedule.

Fit 4 Two Regina, SK
Find out what's happening at Fit 4 Two Regina and connect with other moms.  Visit the Fit 4 Two Regina Facebook Group.

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