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Fit 4 Two?  Three?  Four? 
October 2010
Fit 4 Three - Attending class with twins

Erin and the twins 
Erin is one of our most enthusiastic participants!  She has two charming twin babies, Luke and Annie. 
I recently asked Erin why she chose Fit 4 Two Stroller Fitness and this is what she said:

"I have twins.  Most mom and baby fitness activities are impossible to do with two babies, but Stroller Fitness seemed like one that might work.  And it did!  I get exercise, meet other moms, and my twins are entertained by watching everyone jump around and exercise."

Erin prefers Stroller Fitness over other mom and baby classes because, "Most classes are designed as "one on one" activities.  For example, my twins and I tried a music class, and it was totally exhausting trying to hold, dance with, entertain and corral two babies at once and in the end it was no fun for anyone!  We will try a music class again but not until they are older and more independent.   When my twins are in their stroller I know they are both safe and I can tend to their needs equally." 
Erin has this advice for other moms with twins, "Give it a try!  I was encouraged that I could try Stroller Fitness as a drop in.  I knew that if we were causing a scene and it didn't work I could just leave.  After my first class was over, I immediately went and signed up for the whole session. I was excited because I finally got to successfully experience my first Mom and Babies class.  Stroller Fitness is the perfect class for a mother with twins."  

Congratulations to Erin who graduated to Stroller Bootcamp!  She continues to be Fit 4 Three 2 days a week. Thank you for the inspiration! 

Fit 4 Two Factoid: Aileen Hunt for Fit 4 Two Winnipeg-West is the mother of twin boys.
Fit 4 Two Richmond has Yoga News! 

Mom & Baby Yoga starting October 21st!

Enjoy Asanas (poses) specifically tailored to your needs as a new mother. Special attention will be given to strengthening your core and releasing tension in your neck, shoulders, hips and back. No yoga experience required.  Click here for details.

One dad + 3 kids = Fit 4 Four
Jason recently left a high level computer programming position to be a stay-at-home dad to his three children ranging from age 2 to 7. 
I have known Jason from a long time - His 2 oldest go to school with my kids.  When I realized that he 'just' had his toddler in the mornings, I invited him to give Stroller Fitness a Try.    

I recently lassoed you to join us at Stroller Fitness, what made you decide to try it?
Stoller Fitness fit perfectly with my schedule as our daughters are in the same morning preschool, and my toddler naps in the morning.  It also looked like something that would be challenging physically and mentally yet attainable, fun not boring, and outside (most days!).  After having a desk job for many years I wanted something that was fun, outside, progressive and effective. When the fall rains start I may change my answer on the outside part.

What makes you keep coming?

The fun and the work.  And that my precious male-ego keeps getting crushed by these much more fit ladies. I look forward to the day when I can do a one minute plank and a faster sprint.  Plus the timing works wonderfully.

What do you like about being the only dad in class?

The admiration of being the parent of three kids.  For the first time mothers I give them a bit of hope that they will too be able to handle more than one baby.  I then crush that hope by telling them the difficultly of more than one.  Just kidding on the crushing part.

What do you find challenging about being the only dad at class?
Remembering all of the names and faces!  Moms seem to have an advantage over dads at that task.

When Jason's seven-year-old was on
summer vacation, and his preschooler was on a break, he attended class with all three!  Now that's a trooper!

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Fit 4 Two® East Vancouver FALL  PROMOTION!

Callie has declared that Oct 25th - Oct 29th is BRING-A-FRIEND-FREE week in East Vancouver!


Even better?  If you and a new-to-Fit 4 Two® friend both register for a class in the following session before Oct 31 (Oct 15 for bootcamp) and your friend indicates you as their referrer, you'll get a FREE Ripcords® RESISTANCE TUBE!


For program details, email callie@fit4two.ca or visit the Vancouver East webpage! 

Fit 4 Two Locations with Childminding 

Would you like to attend our classes but do not have anyone to care for your older child? The following facilities offer child-minding:

My Little World Drop-in Daycare

West Vancouver Community Centre

West Richmond Community Centre

Bodies by London

JCC Rady
Fitness Edge for Women
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