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March 2010
Fit 4 Two Highlights! 
Fit 4 Two Surrey presents a monthly "Infant Massage Workshop" on the last Saturday of each month.  This 1-hour hands on workshop answers all the FAQs regarding infant massage, provides you with supplies, and teaches you the basics of infant massage.  Come on your own with baby, or bring a partner, grandparent or other family member to learn along with you.  Full Details.
Fit 4 Two North Shore West is back! Carolee is back after a mini-maternity leave.  A warm welcome to her new baby Eli!  She has three FREE TRIAL classes coming up.  Details
Fit 4 Two Vancouver East - FREE TRIAL CLASSES!
Tummies 4 Mommies and Infant Massage Combo at Mount Pleasant (FREE TRIAL class April 8th) and Stroller Bootcamp at Trout Lake AND Grays Park (FREE TRIAL classes on March 24th & 25th) .  Email callie@fit4two.ca for details!
Fit 4 Two Vancouver Downtown/False Creek is hosting a FREE TRAIL CLASS of Stroller Bootcamp Tuesday, April 27 in Yaletown.  RSVP
Stroller Fitness Vs Stroller Bootcamp
Many women ask us what the difference is between Fit 4 Two® Stroller Fitness and Fit 4 Two® Stroller Bootcamp.  Here is the lowdown on these two popular programs: 
Let's start with the similarities...
-Suitable for pre-mobile and mobile babies/tots
-You do not need a jogging stroller
-We do not jog or run with the babies in the strollers*
-Great place to meet other moms
-Usually outdoors
-Usually rain or shine
-Taught by certified pre/postnatal fitness specialist
-Progressions and options are given

Here is how they are different...
Fit 4 Two® Stroller Fitness (multi-level)
For moms who are easing back into fitness as well as moms who have been back at it for a while.
-low impact (impact options given)
-focus on aerobic cardio, muscular endurance, balance and flexibility
-instructor offers progressions to accomodate a variety of levels
-You can register or drop-in
Fit 4 Two® Stroller Bootcamp (high intensity)
For moms who have already eased back into fitness and have been exercising regularly (cardio and muscular endurance) for at least 6-8 weeks
-Multi impact (low,mid high)
-usually in one area (sometime mobile)
-focus on aerobic/anaerobic cardio, muscular, endurance, strength, power, agility, speed, balance and flexibility.
-fitness markers one first and last day
-this really is a 'boot camp'
-registration only (no drop-ins)
-always 2-3 classes/week
Still not sure which class is best for you?  Contact your local Fit 4 Two® Instructor and she can give you some guidance. 
Click here to find a Stroller FItness or Stroller Bootcamp class in your community.
*We have created safer (for baby) and very effective ways to get your heart pumping and your muscles working withtou having to stroller jog. 
Fit 4 Two'ers Cheer for a Birthing Centre in WInnipeg Manitoba! 
The Province of Manitoba announced in January 2010 that they will fund a new birthing centre in Winnipeg to complement the two hospitals with maternity services.
The South Winnipeg Maternity & Birth Centre will provide a home-like atmosphere for women with low-risk pregnancies, as well as postpartum services. Plans for the centre have been spear-headed by the Women's Health Clinic and call for the centre will be staffed by midwives, doulas and associated health support personnel. It will be built at the corner of St Anne's and St Mary's Roads in St Vital (on the site of the former Global TV building) beginning in spring 2011.
"I think it's great that women will have another option for labouring and giving birth, specifically for those who do not wish to give birth at home, but also do not want a 'medical' or 'clinical' birthing experience" said Karine Pelletier, Fit 4 Two participant and mom to Zacharie and Élodie. "I think Winnipeg is moving in the right direction in creating a birth centre where childbirth will be in a more relaxed, non-institutional, home-like environment", added Pelletier.

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