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January 2010
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Fit 4 Two Highlights!
What to Expect at Prenatal Fitness
Surviving Your First Fitness Class With Baby
Meet Our Surrey Ambassadors
Fit 4 Two Highlights! 
Fit 4 Two Winnipeg West has several FREE TRIAL classes happening this week and are pleased to announce the arrival of a new class type, Tummies 4 Mommies, at two locations.
Fit 4 Two Vancouver-Downtown/False Creek is offering a FREE TRIAL of Prenatal Fitness Fusion Monday January 4th!  They have also added a new venue: Lilli'Q Cafe & Playhouse.
What to Expect at Prenatal Fitness 
by Melanie Osmack, Fit 4 Two 

Knowledge is power!  Here is what you can expect at a Fit 4 TwoŽ Prenatal Fitness class:


It is always a good idea to arrive 5 or 10 minutes early.  This gives you time to use the facilities, fill your water bottle, sign in and ask questions.  If it is your first class, we recommend coming 15 minutes early as you'll have some paper work to fill out.  Don't forget your PAR-Med-X for Pregnancy form.


Pregnant_torso_vertical_blue_bicept curl During the 15 minutes before class starts, your instructor will be greeting people and setting up the room.  Feel free to help with set up or to ask questions.  Once class has officially begun, your instructor will gather everyone for some introductions and begin a group warm-up.  Don't let the step touches and hamstring curls scare you.  We keep the choreography simple but effective. 


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Surviving Your First Fitness Class With Baby By Melanie Osmack, Fit 4 Two
Attending your first mom & baby fitness class is exciting...but it can also be a bit daunting.  Here are twelve tips from real moms who have both participated in and taught Fit 4 Two Classes:

1. Read the class description thoroughly.  Class descriptions let you know what to expect.  They help you choose the right class for you and your baby.  They also let you know where to meet and what to bring. 


2. Make sure the instructor is certified in pre and postnatal fitness.

  She will be up to date on the latest postnatal fitness guidelines and know how to keep the babies happy. 

3. If you have questions, contact the Instructor.

   Most instructors are moms themselves so understand that you will have questions.

4. Consider a Stroll-by.

  If you are feeling really unsure, go out for a walk with baby and see what the class looks like.  This is really helpful if you're a visual person.
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Meet Our Surrey Ambassadors! 

Maria IngramJessica Hunter


Fit 4 Two Surrey is blessed with Two Ambassadors:  Maria Ingram with Baby Reece in Cloverdale and Jessica Villarruel with Baby Liliana in Surrey.


Maria and Reece like to mix it up.  They attend three classes a week: Stroller Fitness, Infant Massage and Mom & Baby Fitness.  Jessica and Lily look forward to beginning classes in a few more weeks. 


Here's what Maria has to say: "Fit 4 Two Stroller Fitness is an amazing class that incorporates fun drills, independent work, and group activities every class so it never gets boring. I enjoy socializing and spending time with my little one while at the same time getting a total body workout."


Here's what Jessica has to say: "What I love about the prenatal fitness instructors is their ability to motivate you when you feel like a big round ball! All of them have had children and share their stories and I think seeing them fit and healthy is motivation to continue with your own exercise programs."


Keep up the good work ladies!

Thank you to our Ambassador sponsors! 
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