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Moto Xoom
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Motorola Xoom

With Google's next generation of Android, the Xoom tablet technically offers a more powerful, more capable alternative to Apple's iPad.
However, it is relatively more expensive and slightly heavier than the iPad. Also, Adobe Flash is not yet supported.
However, Google still has some work to do before its tablet software experience is as fleshed out and intuitive as Apple's.

BESTProto Successfully Passes ISO Audit

Cuckoos Hide Eggs in Others Nests?

Cuckoos' egg forgery skills are increasingly being put to the test, as host birds evolve better defences.

These brood parasites, as they are called, are master deceivers - hiding their eggs in other species' nests.

To avoid detection, cuckoos have evolved to mimic colour and pattern of their favoured host birds' eggs. More.. 


LGA Placement

Several clients recently have come to BESTProto where the build has included Land Grid Array (LGA) package types. Land Array packages are part of the Bottom Terminated Component (BTC) family whereby lands are on the bottom of the device and no solder interconnect means are attached (such as columns, balls, pins, etc..).

Some of the benefits of the LGA package over its "cousin" the BGA package include:

LGA devices can be used for either lead containing or lead-free assemblies depending on the
surface mount technology (SMT) assembly solder paste used.
LGAs eliminate the risk that customers receive components with missing or damaged spheres due to
shipping or handling.
LGA devices have a lower mounted height than BGA. This can allow for more space above the
device for a heat sink solution or for small form-factor applications.
The durability of the LGA in mechanical drop is typically greater than the BGA that is not underfilled.
LGA packages can use the same recommended board assembly process as CBGA.

BESTProto has a wealth of experience in dealing with such advanced package types in order to make your build go well.

The key to the correct placement for these device types can be found in:
  • Proper thermal profiling
  • Proper stencil design to accommodate the variations in solder volume required for the lands versus the large center ground
  • Dealing with embedded devices which can shift during reflow 
While the placement and assembly of these devices is important to the success of the prototype build their inspection post reflow is also important. This requires that inspection tools and experienced operators be used to perform the inspection. It is critical that the proper XRAY images are captured in order to verify that no solder shorts are present, no parts have have been distrubed during assembly  and that voiding is kept to a minimum. In addition, endoscopic inspection will help determine the proper collapse at the corners of the device. Finally, visual inspection will insure that parts in the vicinity are aligned and placed well for the prototype runs.

Call BESTProto today to see how we can be of assistance in making your proto build with LGAs a success!
Feedback and comments are always welcome.  Please feel free to contact me any time


Garth Cates
BESTProto Inc.
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