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Amazon Kindle (just got it) This is slim and has a compact  screen with high contrast and fast page turns. The best thing is the  large library of e-books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs via Amazon's familiar online store. It also has a built-in free 3G wireless network, plus Wi-Fi; built-in keyboard for notes; with 4GB (3.3 usable) of internal memory. So far in over a weeks' worth of reading no battery charging was needed.

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Age of the Earth? 

Galaxies wind themselves up too fast

The stars of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, rotate about the galactic center with different speeds, the inner ones rotating faster than the outer ones. The observed rotation speeds are so fast that if our galaxy were more than a few hundred million years old, it would be a featureless disc of stars instead of its present spiral shape. Yet according to some theorists our galaxy is supposed to be at least 10 billion years old. Some call this "the winding-up dilemma in supporting their theory of the earths' age.




REACH (Registration, Evaluation & Authorisation of Chemicals)

In 2011 you will likely be hearing quite a bit about the REACH regulations. Below is a summary of these new European regulations and how it may impact the electronics business.
REACH  is the EU countries' broad chemicals legislation. It sets up a single regulatory framework for gathering and assessing information on properties and risks linked to the application of chemicals and, if required, potentially restricting chemicals of most concern. hey apply directly to manufacturers and users of chemicals who must register by specific target dates from 2011 to 2018 if their activities are covered by the regulations. The purpose of the regulations is to tackle the problem of the huge amount of harmful and persistent chemicals in use around the world. Specifically, REACH entails registering nearly 30,000 chemicals over 11 years, and evaluating and authorizing or phasing out the most harmful ones in favor of viable safer alternatives.  



The regulations will be expensive for companies to comply with.  While not directly affecting many electronic product designs or electronic product manufacturers, they are still something to be aware of as it is expected that in due course a significant number of the more unpleasant chemicals in use today will be discontinued by their manufacturers due to the cost to comply with the regulations. As yet the impact on the electronics industry is unknown, but many of the chemicals used in electronics are likely to come under increasing scrutiny.

Why should I be concerned about the REACH Regulation?

If you are a company that ships product or chemical substances into the EU or you have other operations in the EU, then you need to be aware of the REACH Regulations and determine if/how you are affected by them. You should seek your own legal/environmental advice on how REACH affects your operations.

Also be aware that the scope of the regulations is actually very wide and they cover many products you may not expect them to. For instance a marker pen, a bar of soap and a battery are all products that either release a chemical by intention or it can be foreseen that they could release a chemical (e.g. a battery leaking). Manufacturers of products that involve the intentional or forseeable release of chemicals need to comply with REACH. To not comply is a criminal offence.


IPC offers a pretty extensive guidebook for only $25.00   


If you want your head to spin and find out how far-reaching this legislation is look here

Wine on demand- The enoellipse
CES attendees like myself who needed a drink after a long day dragging through the convention center often found themselves at the Las Vegas Hilton's wine bar in the hotel's main lobby. That's where the Enomatic Wine Vending Machine took over. First you buy a card from the cashier and load it up with credit, then stick it in the machine, pick your wine and the amount you want (1-, 3-, or 5-oz glasses) and press the button for your drink to be dispensed. No waiting. The wine is kept reasonably fresh. Selection is huge. Alli is good.

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