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BESTProto News Release on Registration
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The press release on this announcement will be made to the international buisness and technology press here.
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The Audito's Notes
There were a couple of nice highlights from the registrars' auditor visit to BESTProto.
"Great attention to the internal audit process-especially for a first time registration"
"Well organized training plan and database to capture employee training events"
Dear Subscriber,

BESTProto is proud to announce that we have obtained our registration as an ISO 9001:2008 company for electronic and printed circuit board assembly.

While many of the processes and procedures required within the ISO system were already in place, we've made refinements as a result of the ISO certification process.  These new measures will help ensure a more consistent outcome going forward.

Primary improvements include:

1. Continuous Quality Improvement. We're even more focused on monitoring and improving our quality of service as well as the quality of the products going out our door. These items are measured and analyzed on a more frequent basis to help us better serve you and meet your expectations.

2. Continuous Improvement for On-Time Delivery. At BESTProto, we understand how critical your project deadlines are and we're doing everything within our power to see that you get what you need, when you need it and we don't make promises we can't keep.

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So what does our ISO registration process mean for you?

This means that at BESTProto we will strive to better:
1. Meet or exceed the customer's quality requirements
2. Enhance your level of satisfaction as a customer
3. Continually improve our overall performance

The folks here at BESTProto would like to like to take this opportunity to thank YOU, all our loyal customers for your help and support the past few years that has helped make this business a success.  

We'd also like to ask that you join us in acknowledging all the hard work, dedication and long hours this past year to all the team members involved here at BESTProto.  They made this registration process possible and will ensure its success going forward.

Did I mention that we passed in our first audit with only two minor findings?  Way to go team!
Why ISO Matters to Designers and Developers
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So What? That may be a response to the fact that your PCB assembly or prototype house has obtained ISO registration. 

Here are a few reasons why it matters to you:

1. A more consistent assembly process means less time hunting for "errors" during the debug process

The ISO process forces you to control all of your inputs. For example; our people need to be trained and re-trained, your components need to be controlled at the right temperature and humidity.  And you need to be able to prove that those temperatures and humidity levels are measured using calibrated equipment. These are just a few examples of how the ISO system requires that we be more consistent with the quality of the products we deliver.

Let's face it, there's little time for testing as part of the prototype assembly process. You'll begin your debug process when you get the first boards back. The fewer assembly errors there are (i.e. caps backwards, LEDs rotated etc.) the faster you get through the design and development phase.

2. "Lessons Learned" from other clients get applied to your projects as well
Inside of our new QMS (Quality Management System) we're required to respond in a formal manner to any quality-related issues. Many times these issues get resolved for that client's next project as well as the next project coming in the door. You get the benefit even though you may only use BESTProto services a few times a year.

3. Processes are continually improved to get our target audience (which is you, the developer) their product faster
Our quality management objectives include lead time performance metrics. These metrics must show improvement each and every year. Since we're focused on speed, we'll get improvement here as well -even as the complexity of electronics increases.  The monitoring process tells us where our bottle-necks are in the process. Perhaps we need to add new equipment, a new process or personnel.
Please feel free to contact me if you questions about our QMS (Quality Management System) or if I can answer other electronic assembly questions.  Contact me with your ideas for a future articles.
Garth Cates
BESTProto Inc.
630-235-9549 (Mobile)