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Home exchange Bali Featured Home Swap

Bali, Indonesia (4 bedroom)  

Hear the waves crashing along the beach as you fall sleep! Delightful 4 bedroom villa located in the popular expat area of Canggu only 100 meters from the beach. The grounds span 2000m2 with grassy rolling hills down to a river creating a unique tranquil setting.

Exchange request: Sydney, Australia


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"We have had many successful home exchanges which we have thoroughly enjoyed and made lifelong friends." 

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Exchange tips: how to find a long term home swap?


Although long-term home exchanges are not nearly as common as shorter swaps, there are a good number of members who do want to swap for several weeks up to a year or more. To check for current offers that might be suitable, use advanced search (Show more options). Choose Long Term Exchange from the drop down list by 'Type of Exchange'. Search.  


When looking for a long term exchange, especially if it needs to be for set dates and location, join Home Base Holidays several months before the dates wanted so that your offer is in circulation for a lengthy period and you can contact new members as they join.


Featured long term swap: Live the beach lifestyle for 6 months! Costa Blanca, Spain

Long Term Home Swap   

With 3 coves + 1 marina + 2 beaches within 500 meters and 5 restaurants, 2 beach cafeterias, 2 bars, the small Puerto Campomanes has kept a low profile of exclusivity with an upmarket private Marina. Located on the Costa Blanca - 60 kms to Alicante airport, 5 kms to AP7 exit, 7 kms to Altea, 6 kms to Calpe.  This 2 bed apartment is situated in a Spanish Pueblo style small complex bordering the marina.  


Exchange request: Anywhere in England, October 2012 to May 2013  


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Introducing Jackie Piper, new Home Base Holidays UK representative 


Jackie Piper"Was I apprehensive about exchanges? Did I have negative comments about the idea of allowing strangers into my home? Yes of course, but I took the "bull by the horns" and steamed ahead. I've never looked back, I've had some great experiences, met some lovely people, learnt so many new things and all exchangers have been extremely respectful of my property. Above all, it has made other parts of the world both affordable and far more accessible. I have also used Home Base Holidays when a swap wasn't possible by searching those who also offered rental. For me, good communication with your prospective swapper has been key."  Jackie Piper    


Jackie would be delighted to hear from you. See her own home exchange offer in Tavistock, Devon... 

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The 'intruder': runner-up in the 'Tell us a home swap story' competition


Elephants on the roof? "Our exchange to New Zealand began in spring. The large house, huge garden, orchard, pool and spa were hidden behind fifteen feet high hedges.  


September was sunny and warm. We dug the vegetable patch and planted lettuce, beans, peas, beetroot, carrots and tomatoes. Then winter returned with heavy snow and bitter winds. It was the coldest October on record. The poor vegetables didn't stand a chance. We inhabited only two rooms of the house-the one with the log burner and the bedroom. Each night we moaned and groaned in the cold and the timber framed house creaked and groaned in the wind.  


We lay in bed listening to the strange sounds with the occasional 'what was that?' whispered into the darkness. In time the noises became louder and more frequent. Had the cats brought in their prey? Were they knocking things over in the chase? Was someone in the house?  


Daylight showed nothing untoward, no feathers or bones. There was nothing.  


However in the pitch-black night our imaginations ran riot! There was something! Then, one night, heavy footsteps right over our heads. Could it be an elephant? My husband found a brush handle and hammered on the ceiling. All went quiet for a while until... dancing footsteps this time. Definitely an elephant having a party! Hearts racing, we hammered with the brush again and all was quiet.  


The following night when the party started, husband, armed with torch and big stick, climbed onto a chair, opened the loft hatch and stared straight into the huge eyes of... a possum! They stared at each other for an eternity before it turned and ran. Which was the most frightened, man or beast? Possums are not cute. They have sharp teeth and claws and can be very aggressive when cornered.  


Next day, my husband ventured onto the roof and patched the possum hole. For several nights we heard scratching as it tried, unsuccessfully, to regain entry.  


As the weather improved and spring developed into a beautiful summer we appreciated the beautiful house and gardens. We grew more vegetables, swam in the pool (unheated) and lazed in the spa-glass of wine to hand. When our family joined us for Christmas it was a wonderful space to have our barbeque, relax, have fun and enjoy.  


Hopefully, moving to New Zealand permanently, we shall not be sharing our home with possums!  

Pat Tetlow, near Kendal, Cumbria, UK  


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Introducing Tripvillas - we loved their website


As home exchangers we enjoy the benefit of staying in unique places and visiting different countries across the globe and taking in the local culture, sights, sounds and of course food. We wanted to share with our members an interesting website we came across which is Asia's leading Holiday Home Rental Service. With a great range of properties in esp. India, Sri Lanka and Thailand, we felt this was a useful service for our members. The uniqueness and beauty of Asia is beyond compare - home to various therapeutic and relaxing massages, great food, beautiful beaches and ancient monuments that tell unique stories, there is nothing that you cannot experience in Asia and these are places that no one should miss out on. Tripvillas is a website where people list their rental vacation homes in Asia for travelers to book. The website uncovers many not so well known destinations - city getaways from the metropolises of Mumbai, Dehil and Bangalore that transport one to the British Raj and the setting of many of Ruskin Bond's books, beach apartments and Villas in Thailand which you can use as your resting place when you decide to bogey board or go wind surfing in some of the foamiest waters, sea canoeing adventures that take one to forgotten forests and more.  


If you're interested in visiting Asia or are looking to rent out your own property visit
www.tripvillas.com/owners. All the properties are also bookable without a swap partner.  


Where: www.tripvillas.com  What: Asian Holiday Rental website  What we liked: Beautiful, unique Properties that expose the real Asia. Used primarily by locals meaning you don't pay a tourist premium. 

"We love travelling and like home exchanges as they are so much more personal than an identikit hotel or villa rental" 

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Thank you to all Home Base Holidays members who have completed the short survey sent out recently. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us see what you most enjoy about the service, and your good suggestions. We will be addressing ideas for enhancing the service in future issues of Home Swappers newsletter. The draw for three members to receive a free one year membership extension will take place on 12th September so, if you haven't already completed the survey, check your recent email and take the survey before the 12th to be in with a chance of winning. Completing the survey should take less than five minutes.  

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