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Home exchange Italy Featured Home Exchange

Sansepolcro, Italy (2 bedroom)  

Traditional terraced house in the heart of a beautiful Tuscan town. Charming location, convenient for excellent restaurants and local museums and the train station with connections down the Tiber valley to Perugia.

Exchange request: Open to offers


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"We have had five successful exchanges in the past and really enjoyed them and are returning to house swapping after a gap of a few years." 

Travel Writer's Handbook

Tell us a (home swap) story competition winner!


We received some delightful entries in the competition to win a copy of the latest edition of 'Travel Writer's Handbook'. As the standard was so high, it was difficult to pick one winner. However, Judith Stafford, a long standing member of Home Base Holidays, has been chosen for her very unusual home swap story (see below). Congratulations Judith! The book is on its way to you.


Winning story: Anything can happen on a home exchange!


"The best thing about house swapping is, it gives you the opportunity of experiences you would NEVER get in a hotel!


We swapped houses to San Diego - perfect climate, gorgeous home, great food and welcoming neighbours, one of whom invited us to swim in her pool.


All the kids played, we sipped Margaritas and a few more ladies and their children turned up. Suddenly one of the Moms screamed "Rattlesnake!!!".


All hell broke loose - the kids were herded onto the trampoline and my husband was dispatched, as the only male present, to sit on the fence above the snake and make noises so it would get angry and stay there, coiled and rattling - and staring up at him menacingly.


More screeching from the Americans until "Bart", next door, rang the police who came and shot the snake. Hysterical screaming at the mention of the word "gun", while us Brits just stood calmly in utter bemusement, each thinking - well frankly I'd have thought they'd be used to this stuff.


When things had died down, the man of this house returned from his "work" of skateboarding. We thought., "Isn't he a bit old for that kind of thing?" and carried on supping his tequila.


The rattle from the snake's tail is in a jar in our kitchen.


Turns out the skateboarder was Tony Hawks!"


Judith Stafford, Magnac Laval, Limousin, France


Runners up, in no particular order, whose stories will be published in future issues of Home Swappers (all our winners have also received three months extra added to their Home Base Holidays memberships):

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Home exchange tip: local map with emergency details    


Local Map We published an article in the July issue, 'Home swap tips and pointers', and asked for your useful tips. John & Vivienne, who live in Deal, Kent, sent a very important reminder:


"On exchanges in Oz for the past two years we have needed emergency treatment at the local hospital. Easier said than done.


If we had been left a local map indicating where the hospital, doctors, dentist etc. were we would not have had the panic to find where the hospital was when needed.


So a plea to all exchangers - please leave a local map with clear instructions for emergencies and how to get there." 


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