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Bulle, Switzerland    

Family-friendly neighbourhood with forest, sports centre (tennis, badminton, horse riding, climbing wall, open swimming pool, skating) just around the corner. Bulle is a fantastic starting point for hiking, cycling and skiing in the winter.

Exchange request: UK, Open to offers 



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A short break home swap close to home
London members home swap experience in Oxford

close up of me
"Who'd have thought that in the middle of October we'd be having a pre-dinner drink "al fresco"? We're sitting on Jean's beautiful canal-side terrace, our internet shopping stowed away, a fountain whispering in the piazza, (yes, we are in the UK) looking back on two years of home swapping.
Our first was in October 2009, not warm enough to sip early evening wine outdoors, but we were in a gentle fold in the Sussex countryside and sat by the window enjoying the view of mature trees glowing gold and orange.
The following March, in a week that was welcoming Spring and we could feel the warmth of the sun on our faces, with our borrowed Devon garden facing due west, we watched its burnished glow dipping behind the hills, setting the countryside alight.
A different experience in Barcelona. No quiet contemplation from this balcony while we drank our delightful, 3 euros a bottle fizzy stuff, but the chatter and bustle of other families preparing to enjoy the evening.
Loving our own garden as we do Linda and Ian's Dorset patch was to be enjoyed at the end of the day, glass in hand, checking the produce as it matured and pottering as we might at home.
And that's only half our swaps. I haven't even mentioned the delights of Dublin, the beauty of Bath."

Sandra Newnham 
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2012 Olympics: home exchange offers
close up of me Time to start planning your London 2012 home swap


Now's the time to arrange your home swap to London for the Olympics and Paralympics next summer when the city will be even more buzzing with activity than normal! As Home Base Holidays is a long established London based service, we offer the largest choice of attractive offers during this period.  


To quickly see some of the most recent offers, visit our dedicated Olympics offers page. This is only a few of the many offers available - do check for all offers as detailed on the Olympics page.


Note to members: if your exchange offer within easy reach of the Olympic Park or other events venues isn't on the special Olympics list, please let us know and we'll add it (also let us know if you have already arranged an exchange and your offer will be taken off the list). 

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