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Home Exchange London, England Featured Home Exchange

London, England    

This stunning 3 bedroom apartment is just minutes walk from beautiful Hampstead Heath. With Hampstead's lovely mix of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants and only minutes from the west end... it truly is the ideal base to explore London. The apartment also has aircon and a swimming pool.

Exchange request: Open to offers 


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One Year to Go to the London 2012 Olympics!      

Home Exchange London Olympics 2012 
Home exchange for the Olympics? 


With less than a year to go until the 2012 Olympics, now is the time to plan an exchange to London (or any of the other event locations in Britain) and to offer your home for exchange if you want to escape the crowds in London.


With the high cost of hotel rooms and short-term rentals, arranging a home swap in London is the ideal alternative for visitors at any time but especially during the Games next summer when accommodation will be at a premium.


Over the next few months we will be promoting home exchange during the Games and highlighting some of the many very attractive offers available. We want to hear from you if you have already arranged an exchange for the Olympics (and your reasons) as well as if you are still looking for an exchange at this time.


As Home Base Holidays is based in London and has operated a home exchange service since 1985 (as well as a service for the Guardian, a London based national newspaper), we offer the best opportunities for home swaps to London and throughout the UK. Do please forward this newsletter to any friends and colleagues who may be interested in home exchange.


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The Spice Family - Car Exchange?

A Swap Offer with a Difference      


Many Home Base Holidays members include cars as part of a home exchange. The Spice family from Hampshire, England offer a variation on the car swap idea:


'How would you like to use our car to tour the UK any time in the next two years? We can also offer you a tent, camping and/or child equipment, and a few days at home with us at the start and end of your trip.


In return, we are seeking a car in New Zealand from 24th Jan to 10th Apr 2012. We have our own tent and plan to tour the North and South Islands, camping with our two young children.' See the family's detailed exchange offer and contact them soon if interested (HE25896).


Check out the Spice families home (car!) exchange offer... 

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