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London, EnglandFeatured Listing

London, England 

Penthouse apartment in fantastic central London location. Easy access to shops, restaurants, museums, galleries, parks and cultural attractions. 10 minute walk to Covent Garden, Oxford Street, the National Theatre and the Festival Hall.

Exchange request: Open to offers 


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More good reasons to arrange a home exchange  


Expat Home Exchange

Expat Home Exchange

Whether it is to visit friends and family back at 'home' or to try out a country before a permanent move - home exchange is the perfect choice!

"I have a franchise from Spain and my company is called Andycraft Eu Ltd. The head office is in Spain in Malaga and I have been asked to move to Spain preferably to live, but failing that at least for one to two months to develop the website in conjunction with the Director of the Spanish company, I would like to trial it out by exchanging for a month or two before making a permanent commitment."

Exchange offer in Dublin, Ireland, HE25046 


Hobbies & Events

Home Exchange is the perfect way to visit events or partake in hobbies all around the world. A good example of this is the upcoming London 2012 Olympics. 


"We are both interested in vintage motoring and have had a hobby of restoring old cars for many years. These cars have given us a lot of pleasure in their use and have introduced us to some wonderful people over the years. There are many vintage motoring events in England especially in the Hampshire area, that we would like to visit again. As well, we have relatives who live in Meonstoke and we are keen to find an exchange home in Hampshire in that general vicinity." 


Exchange offer in Perth, Western Australia, HE25079  


New baby?

Expecting a New Baby in the Family?

Events such as a new baby in the family can require an extended stay. This could work out very expensive if booking a hotel or apartment - so why not try a home swap!  


"Having arranged a swap to New Zealand, we are now looking for an exchange to Moorestown, New Jersey, in June 2011 as our daughter who lives there is expecting a baby during June."


Exchange offer in Bradenton, Florida, HE23767  


Doing research?

Academic / Research?

Does your work or studies require you to travel overseas? Are you undertaking research: University? Journalism? Writing a book? Home Exchange could be a perfect fit.  


"We are a semi-retired couple of academics who lived and worked in Adelaide during the 1990s. We now visit Adelaide quite often to continue our research with former colleagues at the University of South Australia, and we are looking for accommodation for all or part of the periods June to August 2011 and October to December 2011."


Exchange offer in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England, HE23478 


More Ways to Use Home Exchange?

Have you found home exchange a good way to find accommodation for reasons other than a vacation or short break? We'd love to hear your imaginative ideas! Please email us here...

Member's Trip Reports

Members Trip Reports - we want to hear!We want to hear!  

Send us your home exchange trip reports and if published in the newsletter you will get 3 months free extra membership to your new or existing Home Base Holidays listing. If not included in our newsletter your exchange experiences may be added to the websites trip reports with a link to your listing to provide extra publicity.

"Our first year as swappers has been an amazing success. A real 'life changer'. Apart from the wonderful holidays, what a bonus to have made so many new friends across the globe."

Maurice, London (HE23851)
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