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Arranging a Home Exchange for the Rugby World Cup
New Zealand, September 2011

Rugby World Cup New ZealandMajor sporting events attract much interest from Home Base Holidays members as arranging a home exchange makes particularly good sense at a time when other types accommodation will be at a premium and expensive. However, as there will be competition for exchange offers for major international events, join Home Base Holidays several months (a year or more ahead is not too soon) for the best choice. Also, if you live close to a venue but aren't interested in the sport, add your own offer early, mentioning that your home is available during this time.

To find members offering homes near RWC venues or wanting exchanges to New Zealand at this time, use Browse listings (and select "Show more options"). In the box beside Keyword Search, type: Rugby World Cup. Search.

Note: use Keyword Search to find homes available for any major international event, e.g. London Olympics 2012.

Featured Listing: Acapulco, Mexico

Home Base Holidays member - HE15767Wonderful Mexican beach house on a quiet street in the old part of Acapulco. The house has a spectacular sea view where the owners have watched 4 frolicking whales and have also seen sea-turtles, dolphins and leaping Manta Rays who made a sound like a bad belly flop!

Exchange Request:
USA, Open to Offers

View this home exchange offer...

Home Base Holidays Member - HE22742Bonuses that will keep you House Swapping

When we told friends we were thinking of home swapping they nearly all said something like, "But aren't you worried about strangers in your house?". However I think the fact that most insurers do not charge any extra for having your exchange party stay in your home is a good reassurance... I mean, what better way to ensure that your home and possessions are safe and secure while you are away!


Like most people it was the free accommodation aspect that had first attracted us to the idea. We have however always preferred renting houses or apartments when going away. We love the freedom it provides and also the ability to prepare some of our own meals. That was also one of the advantages of home exchanging, we had a kitchen not only equipped with the basic necessities but also decent knives, chopping boards etc, sometimes herbs in the garden and always condiments and oils in the cupboards.


But it is the unexpected benefits that have provided the most pleasure: the joy of viewing other people's books and the fun of learning about their lives and surroundings before you travel. I received an e-mail from one of our exchange partners, Linda, she wrote about the day she and Ian went foraging for wild garlic; and when we arrived at her home there in her fridge was a little pot of wild garlic pesto!


So thanks to Jo for the casserole, to Pat and Sylvia for the choice of a bottle from their wine rack and for picking us up from the station, oh and to Linda for the home baked bread.


We are now preparing for our trip to Barcelona by getting to know Jose via Home Base Holidays and, as ever, this is adding to the anticipation of our holiday. It's these bonuses that will keep you house swapping! Sandra Newnham

View Sandra's lovely Home Exchange offer in London (HE22742)

Travel the Home Exchange Way Blog

2010 has been a bumper year for the Travel the Home Exchange Way blog - with dozens of posts including guest posts, home exchange trip reports and home exchange offers.

Do have a look at the blog archives as well as upcoming posts in 2011 for travel tips and advice.

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"We have had great swaps and great swappers including one that has graduated to an open invitation to use their place whenever they are away"
                            Dan & Jane, Seattle, WA, USA   See current exchange offer, HE17283
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