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Home Base Holidays Member - HE24343A home exchange trip report: Stintino, Sardinia to Edinburgh, Scotland

"Last summer I experienced my first swap: I exchanged my house in Stintino - Sardinia,  with a house in Edinburgh, and all my family really enjoyed it, though my husband was a bit doubtful at first about having unknown people living in our place.

Everything went smoothly, the children found new toys and new friends to play with, a new place to explore, new (however temporary) neighbours to talk to and ask for help or information. A plunge into the real life of a different country, much better than staying in an anonymous hotel or holiday resort, not to speak about how much you can save!

We also swapped our car, so we could travel around and see more of the place. Great!" - Sabrina

Sabrina's exchange offer: Comfortable independent house (130 mq) just across a little beach inside the cosy village of Stintino, world famous for the astounding beauty of its sea and sandy or rocky beaches. Read full offer and see more photos.
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Featured Listing
Loire Valley, Central France

Home Base Holidays member - HE19159Stunning 4 bedroom house. Partly built in 1830, originally as a wine farm. 13km from the beautiful Chateau de Chambord and in a region of fine wine and cuisine.

Exchange Request:
New York

View this home exchange offer...

Urgent Xmas Offer Urgent Christmas home exchange request
Perth, Australia for East Sussex, England

Liz and Melvyn arranged a house swap sometime ago in Perth for the 20th Dec-20th Jan. However their exchange partner in Perth has recently had a serious house fire and it is unlikely her house will be ready in time.

The couple arranged the exchange to visit their daughter who is currently in hospital having a baby and, with flight tickets already bought, are anxious to find an alternative home swap close to their daughter's family as soon as possible.

Liz and Melvyn's home would be ideal for anyone in Perth who would like to experience an English Christmas in a very attractive area.

View the full home exchange offer: East Sussex exchange offer and see more photos. If you are interested in taking up this attractive offer, please contact Guardian home exchange with details of your own offer in Perth and we will forward your message to Liz.
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                                                      Sheona, Spain. See current exchange offer, HE21239

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