Home Base Holidays: 1985 - 2010
Issue: 66October 2010

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Home Base Holidays Member - HE21764Why Stop at One Home Exchange When You Can Arrange Five in a Row?

"For our first venture into home exchanging, I arranged 5 consecutive exchanges with Home Base Holidays  members in Australia and New Zealand (I've always been an over-achiever) over a period of 3 months.  We got lots of coaching and encouragement from our many friends who are long-time exchangers,  but nobody has ever experienced what we did!  These were supposed to be simultaneous exchanges,  but only 2 of them worked out that way.

Our Adelaide hostess stayed with an old friend while her husband was off caring for an ill child.  She was near enough to introduce us to all her wonderful neighbors and we spent Christmas dinner with her family.

Our Melbourne hosts stayed in the home with us,  as Ingrid needed chemo and their house was large.  They toured us around for 3 days,  then went off to visit friends and left us their home for a week.  They returned,  to take us to her mother's birthday party and meet the family,  then stayed for the rest of our visit.  They are friends forever.

Our Sydney exchange went fine, but our Christchurch hostess ran off to Adelaide to help her son,  leaving us her house and her dog (not part of the agreement).  The Auckland couple came to Mexico and loved it, even having friends from England from a previous exchange come visit them there.  They came home 2 days early so we could meet.

After 18 months of regular emails to these 5 couples, I felt they were friends, and mourned that we would never meet.  Well,  be careful what you wish for!  We met 4 out of 5.  The other 3 couples will visit in the future.  It's a good thing we have a big house (and a big heart).  We are not deterred.  We have 5 more exchanges planned so far."  Ann Klestadt

See the couple's current home exchange offer (HE21764) in Ajijic (Chapala), Jalisco, Mexico plus more photos and location map.
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Featured Listing
Paris, France, Eiffel Tower Views!

Home Base Holidays member - HE23275Beautful 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Paris. Stunning views of the Eiffel Tower and only 50m to the Champs de Mars park.

Exchange Request:
New York, Florence, Venice, or another big city in Italy.

View this home exchange offer...

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