Home Base Holidays: 1985 - 2010
Issue: 65Sept 2010

Home Swappers Newsletter is published 6 times a year to provide information on home exchange vacations for current and recent members of Home Base Holidays and Newsletter subscribers.

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To celebrate our 25th year and to mark the launch of our new website we are offering a 30% DISCOUNT on both 1 and 2 years memberships.

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Home Base Holidays - 30% off!New Look Website - 30% off membership!

The new Home Base Holidays website (www.homebase-hols.com) is now clearer, cleaner and more easy to navigate. The site contains a large number of resources and information to help you arrange your home swap vacation, these include:

Resources: here you will find news items, members stories, useful links and much much more.

How it works: here you will find a step-by-step guide to help you organize your home exchange vacation.

Note to Members (current & expired): In the short time since launch the new look website has seen a big increase in membership and interest in our service which will benefit all members with a greater choice of exchange offers. You receive the standard (even better than 30%!) renewal discount rate when your membership is close to expiry or has already expired. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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Join Home Base Holidays
Home Base Holidays is now in it's 25th year of helping people arrange home exchange vacations all across the world.

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London, England

Home Base Holidays member - HE23532Georgian terrace block in very central Maida Vale that opens onto a beautifully kept 4 acre private communal garden. 

Exchange Request:
Open to Offers.

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Travel the Home Exchange Way blog - 6 years old!
Travel the Home Exchange Way Blog
This blog is a mere baby compared to Home Base Holidays with 25 years providing a home exchange service but still, blogs were just starting to become popular when Travel the Home Exchange Way was launched six years ago today, leading the way in providing regular information on swapping homes for holidays.

The purpose of the blog was, and still is, to supplement the information on Home Base Holidays by providing detailed, specific and up-to-date information on home exchange, along with drawing attention to particular exchange offers. We have published nearly 1000 posts to date on many aspects of home swapping.
We aim to cover topics of most interest to both current members and readers totally new to the home swap concept. Many of the ideas used come from questions received from members and enquirers. If you have a question, and can't find the answer on the blog, check out the newly launched Home Base Holidays website and please do contact us.

Check out the Travel the Home Exchange Way blog!

"I really enjoy Home Base Holidays, we are meeting new people and getting opportunities we would never thought were available."

                                                      Cliff, South Africa. See current exchange offer, HE22877

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