February, 2012
The Kindle Farm School Newsletter
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The Power of a Good Book
The Kindle Farm Music Program
Preparing Students for the Future
The Synergy of Math and Science
Health Education
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Welcome to our February Newsletter!!  Thanks for taking an interest in The Kindle Farm School and our students. The third quarter is off to a bang with many new staff, new students and program offerings.  Take a gander and maybe you will learn something new!

The Power of a Good Book

Written By: Shan Millerthe hunger games


When a student starts at Kindle Farm, I often get the same response from them once I'm introduced as "The English Teacher". The student might tell me his name, or where he is from, but often, he says "just to let you know, I don't like to read". The knowing smirks and sighs from other students confuse the new guy, as he hears "you haven't read the book yet!"


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The Kindle Farm Music Program

Traveling the World Through Sound

Written By: Todd Roachmusic trip  

"When considering the sound
of any one particular room, you have to deal with the acoustic elements of absorption, reflection and diffusion." As I stood there listening to Gary Henry, engineer / owner of Northern Tracks in Wilmington talk during our recent high school class visit, I realized it was the students that were engaged with him in this incredible conversation about sound and music, and I was just an observer enjoying the unfolding dialogue. This was a moment that made me proud to be a part of the Kindle Farm music community and inspired me to reflect on how far we have come.


Preparing Students for the Future
Written By: Judy Carrierjob interview  

The goal of the transition program at The Kindle Farm School is to engage students in thinking ahead, planning for their futures, anticipating opportunities and challenges, and determining the steps necessary to achieve those dreams. The program centers on success attributes, helping students to understand their learning style, to deepen their awareness of compensatory strategies, to identify and utilize support systems, and to become effective self-advocates.


The Transition program focuses on three broad categories:

          * Career awareness and development of employment skills.

          * Building and maintenance of support systems.

          * Planning for post secondary education and goal setting.

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The Synergy of Math and Science

Written By: Brian Hydefrostdata graph.

Recently our Algebra 1 class had a great opportunity to look at Applied Mathematics in relation to an experiment they conducted in Biology. The experiment was a simulation of natural selection in the wild. They had taken 290 pistachios and colored the shells as follows: 100 Tan, 100 Black, and 90 Brown to simulate genetic variation within a generation.   Read More ... 

Health Education

Written By: Lisa HoldernessScience Class


What does it mean to be healthy? How healthy are you? Where do you get your health information? What do you see as the biggest local health problems? How does our perception compare to reality, and what explains the difference? What are your personal health goals when it comes to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, diet and relationships?  

The Mission of The Kindle Farm School is to provide a physically and emotionally safe school environment using a combination of diverse activities, and strong supervison so students can discard old patterns and habits, and discover new ways to communicate, problem-solve, and learn more effectively. 




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