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Getting the Most Out of Your Roof
April 2012

Welcome to Turner Morris' first quarterly newsletter!  We want to keep you informed on what's new with us plus keep you up to date on the newest roofing and solar innovations.  We will keep you updated with tips and tricks to get the most out of your roofing systems.          
Springtime in the Mountains is Here!!

Every year in our mountain division we always experience an awkward transition between winter and spring as we consider the best time to segue from wintertime repairs and maintenance, to spring/summer reroofing projects.  Over the last (nearly) 20 years we've found good ways to manage this period and are confident that this year will be no different as we move towards our reroofing season which is already looking very busy. 


As you manage this transition time for your buildings, we thought it may be helpful to offer a few friendly reminders on what you can do to prepare your roofs not only for this summer, but also for the 2012/2013 winter.  We're hopeful that next winter will be much more memorable in the mountains than this last winter.


  1. Make sure your heat tape is off so you don't waste $$$ or electricity.  It's unusual to need heat tape on past April 1st, particularly after such a slow winter.
  2. Compile a list of any problem roof areas that caused trouble during this last winter, or ask us for our records if you know we have serviced your roofs.  We can offer solutions to make those headaches go away.
  3. Request general maintenance inspections & reports.  We've completed hundreds of these maintenance inspections and the reports over the last few years that improve the performance and life expectancy of your roofs. 
  4. Ask for any potential 2012 reroofing proposals as soon as possible!  Folks finally seem ready to spend for much needed improvements on their properties and our schedule is already filling quickly.  If you wait too long to request help for your building in need, it may be too late for 2012.


Is the Life-Cycle Cost of your Roof Costing You a Fortune?

Replacing a low-slope commercial roof is a huge investment.   As a building owner or property manager, a roof replacement often represents a considerable expense that can significantly reduce your ability to invest in other key areas of your business.   Whether your property is fixture in your portfolio or a short-term real estate investment that you intend to market for sale, the cost and condition of the roof play an integral role in the overall value of your building.  


If you are considering replacing your roof this year, or concerned about getting the most value out of your existing roof, consider these three helpful tips to lower the over-all life cycle cost of your roof and keep your money at work elsewhere:


1. Don't Replace Your Roof!


That's right, you just heard a commercial roofing contractor tell you NOT to replace your roof.  Did you know that many commercial ply roof membranes can perform well for 30+ years in Denver's climate zone?  When your roof is beginning to leak or show other signs of failure, the majority of the issues occur at the vulnerable flashing components at walls and penetrations.  The field of the roof system is often still in excellent condition.  Repairing or replacing these flashing components is often all that is required to get another 5, 10 or 20 Years of service out of your roof.   Let Turner Morris evaluate your roof and determine if it would be eligible for Roof Restoration and our Weather Tight Warranty Program.  


2.  Wear Sunscreen


Whether you are skiing, hiking biking, fishing or otherwise enjoying the great Colorado outdoors, you always remember to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays we're exposed to at this elevation.  Your roof is exposed every day, all day, and damage from UV radiation is the number one cause of roofing product failure.  If you've just completed a Roof Restoration, or if you have a new roof, consider applying a UV reflective Roof Coating System on the roof and exposed flashings.  This will add years of longevity to your roof, and comes with some other great benefits too!  Did you know some coating systems come with a Labor and Materials Warranty for up to 10 Years, at 1/3 of the price of an average roof replacement!?  And, a reflective roof can earn you LEEDs points while reducing the heat-island effect and lowering your buildings energy consumption. 


3. If You Must Replace, Replace Right!


Not all roofs can be repaired, restored or coated.  If your roof has to be replaced, consider the life-cycle costs of the new roof system you're considering.  Not all roofs are created equal, and while a basic roof system can save you money now, the long-term savings of investing in a Premium Roof System can really add up.  If you intend to keep your building for a long time, or if you want to get the highest purchase price when you sell, installing a roof that is designed to last (and has a warranty to back it) can represent a lot of green.   Ask Turner Morris about life-cycle cost analysis and don't settle for the short-term value of a cheap roof. 



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