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We hope that your school year has begun with bright expectations and that our learners are settling in well to their placements. 

It has been a little over a year since we opened our doors in Union, NJ. With this new coming school year, we have many exciting announcements to share with you as we grow! Our highly skilled staff is expanding and we are happy to have the ability to offer new programs and resources. Please keep an eye out in the upcoming newsletters for continued updates on our growing program!

We also want to give a special THANK YOU "shout out" to our dedicated families and friends who have supported us through our first year of business. We are grateful to be a part of your child's lives and appreciate your trust in us as clinicians and professionals. A highlight of the new year has been to initiate the process of becoming a non-profit organization and offer the highest-level quality of ABA services to all families, regardless of socio-economic status. Your continued support is important to us and as always, we welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have!

Happy New (School) Year!

Warm Wishes,

The Team at ABA 4 U

Still Room to Join the After School Program!
The After-School Program is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00- 6:00pm. The group is open to children with Autism and other related behavioral disorders as well as typical peers. The objective of the program centers around teaching students to become more independent in the after school hours by following a structured schedule/routine.

Learners complete their homework, have a snack, work on conversation and communication skills, engage in social activities, as well as follow tailored leisure or exercise/sports schedules. 

The program is lead by one of our four Board Certified Behavior Analysts in conjunction with therapists that have an MA/MS and are completing their supervised clinical hours for their BCBA. 

It is possible in some cases for insurance to cover these services. We also offer payment plan options as well as income-based financial assistance.
Time Magazine highlights Bullying and Autism


The National News has been flooded with stories of bullying in recent years. Parents and professionals range from demanding extreme forms of punishment for "bullies", to brushing it off as the newest "buzz word" introduced by the media. 

As professionals often working in school settings, we find this issue to be a timeless, but highly imperative one to address in children with autism. 

What does your child need to know about bullying?
Depending on the age and ability level of your child, there are some basic skills that should be taught as a foundation for friendship and social cues. Children as young as 2 and 3 years old can be taught to identify emotions and their associated facial expressions. Teens can learn how to choose friends and what qualities a friend would possess in contrast with qualities someone who is not a good friend would portray.

How do you teach children to pick up on social cues?
Our learners are often oblivious to subtle social cues and because they take things so literally, may not pick up on information that is pertinent to interpretting peer interactions. Not only does this create situations where the child may behave or say things that are awkward, but it also makes it hard for these students to distinguish whether a peer is a friend or a bully. Often programming includes role playing and learning to identify and comprehend sarcasm. We may use social stories to explain the difference between friendly teasing and hurtful teasing. We may also work with typical peers and have students learn to attend to and identify different facial expressions as well as body language.

What precautions should I put in place for my child?
As parents we want to protect our children and feel its our duty to ensure their lives are happy and carefree. Having a child with special needs may make us even more sensitive to the emotional pains of bullying. Our children already struggle enough, so we feel the need to protect them from everything else, understandably. It is often beneficial to teach your child that if they feel uncomfortable or attacked, where they should go, who they can call, or how to find help.

As Behavior Analysts, we want to address the issue further, on a much deeper level in some cases. The goal of Applied Behavior Analysis is to break skill acquisition goals down into simple steps, allowing a child to learn at their individual pace and be successful more frequently. This promotes greater levels of independence and self-confidence. Students can learn to handle "bullying" situations effectively and become more confident that they can solve their problems themselves, when given a skill set to:

1. Identify "red flag" situations
2. Choose friends wisely
3. Identify sarcasm and mockery
4. Remain calm and in control in volatile situations
5. Be Assertive
6. Learn Skills that Target Social Competency


Therapist of the Month
Kasey Edson


 Kasey Edson is a therapist at ABA 4 U, where she provides 1:1 therapy for children with developmental disabilities. She is currently studying for her Master of Science (M.S.) degree at Monmouth University, where she is studying to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her specialty area is in child and adolescent behavior, with an emphasis on play therapy for at-risk children. Ms. Edson plans on completing a post-certificate degree to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst upon graduation of her Master's degree. Ms. Edson has had a significant amount of experience in working with children with developmental disabilities and has worked in a group-home as a facilitator, and in an after-school program as a teacher for children "at-risk" in the Trenton, NJ area. Ms. Edson is also very involved in her community, and has been part of the Bonner Program in which she has completed over 300 hours of community service.


"Kasey takes feedback very well and follows through with instructions that she is given" - Lisa Rader, Director ABA4U


"Kasey always comes in with a bright smile, makes sure the kids are having fun, while still requiring them to follow behavioral expectations. She works hard and always stays an extra few minutes to help with anything needed." - Lindsay Chapman, Assistant Director ABA4U


If you see Kasey please make sure to tell her Congratulations!!



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Please Welcome....


Dr. Hannah Hoch

Many of you have heard Lisa or Lindsay refer to consultation services by a PhD level BCBA (BCBA-D). We thought you may like to know more about Dr. Hoch and the services she will be providing at ABA4U.
Dr. Hoch has served as the Director of Training and Research at Rethink Autism and holds the position of Adjunct Professor in the Psychology Department at Barnard CollegePreviously, Dr. Hoch served in the positions of Clinical Director at REED Academy, Consultant at Alpine Learning Group, and Behavioral Consultant at the New York Center for Autism Charter School. Dr. Hoch is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst specializing in the education and treatment of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.  She has published in the areas of functional analysis and treatment of severe behavior problems, as well as increasing language and social skills in individuals with autism. Recent publications include articles on reducing rapid eating and teaching joint attention skills to children with autism. Dr. Hoch received  her doctorate in Learning Processes Psychology at the Graduate Center of CUNY.  She has an MA and BA in Psychology, both from Queens College of the City of New York.

Dr. Hoch will be providing consultation bi-monthly at the ABA4U Clinic. She will participate in case reviews of both home and clinic programs and provide input and expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis methods. She will observe and review sessions at the Clinic bi-monthly, providing feedback on each individual case, as well as our program in whole. We are excited to have her as part of our team!
Other News at ABA4U:

Please officially welcome Ann Marie Agresti, BCBA, formerly a Director at REED Academy and Genevieve Williams- Vazquez, BCBA, who previously worked at Garden Academy. Our team is growing and expanding and we are pleased to have so many skilled practitioners on staff!

Kate Lowenfels, LCSW is now offering a unique opportunity for parents to receive private and confidential counseling sessions on a limited basis at the ABA4U Clinic. If you are struggling with your child's recent diagnosis, changes in IEP, medical issues, or any other burden and would like to talk to someone in a therapeutic environment, contact Josie at (908) 686-1505 or to inquire about appointments. Times are limited. Sessions are completely confidential and will not be discussed in any way with your child's provider.

Thank you for allowing us to be part if your child's lives! We look forward to a bright and blessed school year!

The Team at ABA4U
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Therapist of the Month
Dr. Hannah Hoch
Autism NJ Annual Conference
October 10-12

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will be attending workshops to stay up to date on the latest research and teachings. 


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In our first year open, 86% of our learners at the Clinic were offered placements at one of New Jersey's elite private ABA schools OR in a typical Kindergarten setting. 

ABA 4 U is an organization that uses the teaching principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, which have been demonstrated as best practice in the research literature for individuals with autism and related disorders for over 30 years.


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