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March 2012

March is Developmental Disabilities Month 

 Here are some facts when it comes to developmental disabilities:

  • Disability is a part of the human experience
  • 1 out of 5 people will become disabled in their lifetime, this equates to approximately 20% of the population
  • Disability does not discriminate.  It occurs in all ethnicities, all soci-economic levels and at all ages.
  • Given the right supports, individuals with disabilities can be successful, contributing members of society.
  • There currently are 2600 individuals waiting to receive DD services in the state of Nebraska according to the Legislature.
The Need for Education and Advocacy

NE State CapitolIndividuals that have intellectual/developmental disabilities, and chronic healthcare conditions often have to advocate to get the services they need.  One way of doing this is by having a good understanding of services that are available, the knowledge of what compromises best practices, having the skillset to obtain the services and knowing  what to do and where to turn when services aren't available.


Munroe-Meyer collaborated with Mosaic on their "Mosaic Educate and Empower-MEE!" grant. This was a project designed to do just that; teach the necessary advocacy skills to obtain services.  The "MEE" project recently concluded its activities, but archived the webinars and video that was produced as part of the project.  The project was funded by the Nebraska Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities. 


Through a series of townhall meetings and webinars, individuals with developmental disabilities and their families learned how the Nebraska legislative system works, effective strategies to develop collaborations and ways to develop relationships with their state senators.  Find out what the participants learned by clicking here.   


A video was also produced to educate legislators on issues related to developmental disabilities.  See it here.     


Right now the legislative session is in full swing.  Check out the legislature's webpage to see what's going on and how what they are deciding might affect you or your family members.  Click here to get the latest news.

Monthly White House Disability Calls  

white houseDid you know that every month the White House hosts monthly disabilty calls where individuals can particpate? 

To subscribe to these calls, send an email to disability@who.eop.gov and list your name, and email information.  This is one way to participate and be informed of policy on a federal level as well as have a knowledge of the White House's priorities when it comes to disabilities and the related services. 

The More Alike than Different Film Stream Series at the Ruth Sokolof Theater  

ruth sokolov theatreThe Meyer Foundation has partnered with other community organizations to offer a More Alike Than Different free film series to the public.   Following each film will be a panel discussion featuring parents, self-advocates and professionals in the disabilities field.  The following are films that will be featured during the month of March:   

  • March 12- Wretches and Jabbers 2011
  • March 19- Me, Too  (Yo, Tambien)
  • March 26- For One in My Life
For more specific information visit our Calendar.
Recreation Therapy 

Walk and RollOn February 19th, the Meyer Foundation hosted the "Walk and Roll for Disabilities" event.   The event was a great success!  The money raised goes to provide fun, recreational events and activities for adults that is not widely offered in the community.


Our recreation department offers many programs throughout the year. Past activities have included trips to the theatre, bowling, and an evening filled with dining and socialization.  Camp Munroe is a summer camp that runs for 6 weeks geared for children ages 2 1/2 to 21 years of age.  Trained student volunteers assist in the delivery of programs that rotate through coordinated centers throughout the day.


For more specific information regarding our recreation department and the services we offer,  go to:  http://www.unmc.edu/mmi/recreationtherapy.htm


For more information about the Meyer Foundation or to become involved  visit: http://www.omahadisabilities.org/ 


For more photos, watch out video below:


Walk and Roll for Disabilities
Walk and Roll for Disabilities


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Sarah Swanson

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The Munroe-Meyer Institute is a University Center of Excellence committed to unlocking the potential of children and adults with developmental disabilities and genetic disorders through exceptional patient care, education and research.  
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